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Involuntary jerking; shaking; rash... I'm so scared and feel alone.

Jun 20, 2008 - 10 comments


















I am so down right now, my spirit is not as usual. I feel very alone and not so positive today. I'm all but 31 and I don't know what this spells out for me & my life. It's robbing me at this point, I've been knocked down for some reason. I need my positve thinking back and my spirit. But I am scared....

I spent yesterday evening in the ER again, this time with an odd rash on one arm, b/p was higher than it's ever been, it was 188/118, my left leg was swollen, my hands, arms, and now feet are getting the pins & needles sensation with the numbness. I called my doctor and they said to go to the ER. So, I did- I was told there that I need to see my Internal Med doc within 2 days. It looked like a Lupus rash possibly, other test on kidneys and electrolites were good, and some other test were ran and the info was sent to my doctor. I already have a check-up booked for Thursday, I am just going to wait until then. The ER sent me home with a diagnoses paper saying "Fibromyalgia and Paresthesia. Please follow up with specialist as soon as possible and when making appointment please tell them the ER referred you..."

I've also started this jerking thing and I feel like I am shaking on the inside, my hands have a tremble. I feel really odd. I don't know what this is!!! I've noticed I am losing some cordination, I guess thats what you call it. It's hard to write on here or send emails, I make so many mistakes, and mispell so much or leave out words.

I am so scared... my days feel like they are slipping away from me. I want my positive attitude back and my determination, my safe feelings and just some peace of mind.

God please hear my prayers, I I need some comfort and peace. I need some good feelings to return, just long enough to get my spirits back up. I feel so alone and scared, please hear me.


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by jeanie_ram_4, Jun 20, 2008
Dear Jennifer,
I got online in hopes that I would find out what is going on with my father. He gots some troubles in his mouth, decided to read your story. I'm so sorry that you are having to feel what you are feeling. It's sad to hear that your husband doesn't realize what he is doing to you. But, you need to tell him what your feeling inside. Don't allow him or anyone else to bring your spirits down. God does things for a reason, and he nevers gives you an obstacle that you can NOT handle. Your stronger than what you are giving yourself credit. Keep your head up high. God Bless You ma'am


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by Cindee56, Jun 20, 2008
Hi Jen,

I'm sorry you feel so bad and had to go to the ER.  I'm not having a good week, either, but nothing like yours.  I do want to tell you that I also have HBP and I get that *shaky* feeling inside and the pins and needles also.  It could be just a bad flare-up of Fibro, and your BP went up because you are nervous.  I get those twitches and jerks also, it's muscle spasms.

I know you feel awful, but if you can somehow calm down it will help.  Please let us know what the doctor says, and just relax and try to rest.


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by kimpton, Jun 22, 2008
hi jen.  i had a back injury where i had to deal with chronic pain.  i'm not really sure what happens but there are theories (in the alternative and research world) that your chemistry changes.  i felt like i have PTSD.  my pain threshold changed & my anxiety skyrocketed.  once the anxiety started to take off i couldn't sleep, my pain got worse & i just couldn't deal.  here's what helped me.

Metagenics -'s my organic xanax.  it helps moderate the fight or flight response.   my best friend!
Montiff - Neuro-Balance....bottle says it erases the blues.  it helps
NeuroScience- Calm PRT.....neurotransmitter suppot.  smoothes the edges
NeuroScience - Kavinace....anxiety.  i notice more relief with the Adreset

also, i've realized that inflammation causes a lot of the pain.  pain meds don't address that.  alieve is an NSAID.  but, you can get stronger ones.  when i couldn't deal with the pain anymore i got a torodol shot (with lydicane!!!).  also, diet also has alot to do with inflammation.

just something to think about.  i hope this helps.  take care of yourself!!!!  kimpton

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by bevAnnie, Jun 23, 2008
Hi Jennifer, I pray that you are better this morning. You know, it can be so scary when your body starts doing it's own thing and you're no longer in control of it, but you are in control of your mind!! Do not allow fear to take over. This past Friday I was given the results of a bone density scan. I have osteoporosis. I do not know anything about it, but thankfully, there's information out here on the internet that will allow me to find out everything I can about it, and then use common sense and Godly wisdom(hopefully) to keep the good information and let go of the not so good info. But when the nurse called me on the phone and told me, I was not a happy camper. I was having a very difficult time accepting it! And then I realized, as I was talking with my daughter about it yesterday, that in every situation, God has His plan. I remembered that my normal way of dealing with life is to take on the trials head on and watch to see what He wants me to learn from this trial. I become so enmeshed with watching Him work in my life that I forget to be afraid!!! LOL! So ok, I can't go bungee jumping!!! Big deal, I never did before anyway!!! I'm not trying to make light of what you're going thru... I'm just trying to help you see that there is a positive way to deal with it, and it's all in the attitude. Tell fear to get out of your life! Tell hubby that you need his support, in more ways than one. Explain to him how this makes you feel, and why you need his moral support. You're not alone in this hon... I will continue to lift you up in my prayers! ((((HUGS))))

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by Lonelyaddict, Jun 25, 2008
Dear Jennifer,
I am so sorry to hear about the fear you feel and the feeling nonsupport from your husband. Could there be some medications that you are taking that could possibly be causing these side effects. I know Neurontin did it to me, and so did Prozac a long time ago when I first starting taking it. Talk all of the symptoms over with your doctor, it could be you are suffering from severe anxiety or suffering withdrawal symptoms if you have suddenly quit taking something, even if you were told it was non-addictive. I will pray for you to feel better, but most of all get to the bottom of the problem and pray that somehow you can gain more support from your husband. Lots of love

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by bebita777, Sep 11, 2008
Dear Jennifer,
Let me begin by saying that may God bring you peace and do not fear.  Then I will tell you that I have experienced similar symptoms. The trembling, confusion, and swelling.  For the swelling I used the Kinoke foot patches and It works!  The rest....well........For me, I realized that deep in my heart there was pain.  A pain that I kept inside so deep that my body was responding to it.  It started by my bad choice in company, and the stress I was under for having many domestic arguments and physical fights was breaking me down.  First emotionally, then spiritually, then physically.  After many years, the physical symptoms started. It was as if the stress I repressed deep inside was breaking my body down.  I knew I was becomming ill... I could feel it and still do.  So, with much time and agony and crying and praying.  I realized.   That whether I have a physical, emotional, or spiritual sickness...that only Jesus Christ can heal (with a spiritual healing from deep within). With a daily yearning and seeking the Lord, He will HEAL you.  WIth a relationship with Him, realizing that we are NEVER ALONE, and that He will carry all our Sins and Burdens if we allow Him to.  He is always with us and Loves Us.  Seek Him with all your mind, body, and soul.  He can DELIVER you from any bondage.  He is the Only One who can do that.  It's not about religion or doing good deeds.  Jesus wants a Relationship with you and me.  He loves us. He doesn't just want us to be Healed then forget Him.  He wants us to be Healed and remain In Him.   I am in the process of being healed and know that I must lean on, trust, and fully depend on Him.  I am a prideful person, as many of us are.  But I am learning that I can't do it on my own......without Him........I am nothing.  I am learning that I must lean on Him daily and walk with Him.  It is a relationship that grows, but I must spend time with Him to let it continue to grow.  He gives me the only LASTING Peace and Joy that this world can never give.   He fills my void, like no man, or drug, or alcohol, or money, or job, or anything in the world can.           Psalm 18 in the Bible.  It begins, "I love You, Lord, my strength.  THe LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my mountain where I seek refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvations, my goes on......The ropes of Sheol entangled me; the snares of death were wrapped around me; the torrents of destruction terrified me.  The ropes of Sheol entangled me; the snares of death confronted me.  I called to the LORD in my distress, and I cried to my God for help.  From His temple He heard my voice, and my cry to Him reached His ears.......He reached down from on high and tood hold of me; He pulled me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemy and from those who hated me, for they were too strong for me.  The confronted me in the day of my distress, but the Lord was my support....          Jesus doesn't only want to give you some strength for now,  He wants to be your strength every day, every moment.......FOREVER.  He Is our Doctor, our Friend, our Lawyer, our Everything.   Amen. God Bless You and May His Peace Be With you ALWAYS.                         Read John 3:16  

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by Saraja, Jun 21, 2010
Have you been exposed to any insecticide recently? I had most of those exact same
symptoms many yrs ago when i was much younger. I sprayed my whole house, rugs,
furniture, with a strong insecticide for fleas. A few days later i had symptoms. They
progressively got worse and i had to quit work for 6 months and a yr later i still had some
symptoms. I had pins and needles on my hands up to my elbows, little tics/spasms all
over my body, forhead got numb, pin ***** sensations all over my body, my arms felt
spastic, my arm cordination was bad. I even slurred my words for a short while.,but the
really scary part was when i woke up one nite and my whole body was trembling on the
INSIDE....and my teeth were chattering so bad. I felt i was gonna die that nite. I did all
kinds of research and i came to the conclusion it was the insecticide. I read Rachel
Carsons bk Silent Spring and she was talking about the birds dying from DDT and just
before they died their whole body trembled! It took me a good yr to get better and then
i still had some residual effects but minor. I stayed in that same house and i kept
getting worse not realizing it was the insecticide. I had more symptoms i can't even
remember now as it was like 30 yrs ago. I was freaking out too and went to three
doctors and no one helped me. I read that Atropine was the antidote, but no doc would
give it as they never believed it was the insecticide. A scientist friend told me to drink
some Tonic water as it had something in it that was related to Atropine. Yrs later i
got exposed to insecticide again quite by accident and i started getting those tics/
spasms all over my body again. I drank 2 bottles of tonic water and i didn't get any
more symptoms. Hope it;s as simple as this and not some more serious thing
wrong with you.

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by Saraja, Jun 21, 2010
I forgot to add that YES i had pins and needles on both feet and lower legs too for many months. Also, when i rubbed
my hands together or brushed my hands against my pant leg i got these like vibrations in my hands. Hard to describe.,
No one believed me and they all thought it was in my "head". It was so horrible i couldn't even work for six months.

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by kundalini28, Dec 14, 2010
This is worth looking at:

Hope it's of help!

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by sweave, Jul 08, 2011
       There is nothing worse than having all sorts of allusive types of symptoms, doctors not getting a definitive answer and feeling like there is no place to turn.  I notice a number of the answers suggest prayer.  Prayer absolutely can move mountains.  However, I believe God has provided interventions sometimes to help move those mountains, even though I recognize He sometimes moves mountains without any help from humanity.  Regarding your symptoms, you might investigate LYME DISEASE. If a person knows they have been bitten by a tick, can show the doctor the bulls-eye rash,get a positive Western Blot test results -- all in the span of about 2-3 weeks, the doctor will put the patient on an appropriate antibiotic and most likely that will take care of it.  HOWEVER, for whatever reason, MDs, in general, are not aggressively  looking for or treating Lyme Disease.  They appear to prefer "wait to see what happens," and when the symptoms continue, they give false diagnoses of MS, Lou Gehrigs, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia, etc.  It is my opinion that doctors are fairly useless in treating Lyme patients with traditional antibiotics once the Lyme has become chronic (after 3-4 weeks). I dealt with Lyme Disease for about eight years.  One of the problems diagnosing Lyme is that there are generally a myriad of apparently unrelated symptoms and everyone's list of symptoms is different from another Lyme patient's. My symptoms were extreme fatigue, weak muscles, sore joints, brain fog, poor sleep, neuropathy of my feet up to mid-calf, shaking hands and Parkinsonian hand-roll, double vision, sensitivity to touching, weight gain, cold body temperature, word-retrieval problems when speaking, etc., etc., Since my MD was no help and basically gave me a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I RESEARCHED on the net 24-7 for awhile.  I found an informative website:   that has symptoms and a lot of other good information.  If you even believe you might have Lyme, read Dr. Cowdens article on using various Nutramedix products to cure yourself. See .  During early research I found one of the main products he recommends - Samento, made from extract from a Peruvian vine that has been used for centuries in Peru for treating arthritis.  I took this for several years, along with a personally designed regimen of supplements I got from Dr. Weil's site.  (Dr. Weil is a vitamin guru who has written many books on nutrition/vitamins over the years).  A combination of these two seemed to cover over most of my symptoms.  However, whenever I would try to wean myself off of them, I would find my symptoms would reappear.  Seven years after getting onto the  supplements and taking the Samento, I found a naturalist practitioner who specializes in Lyme and took me on as a patient.  She applauded my personal efforts and said I actually had rid myself of the Lyme.  However, with Lyme Disease, one generally also gets one or more co-infectants.  She continued me on Samento one dose per day at that point, and alternated Quina for one month, than Banderol for one month along with the accompanying detoxes that are also sold on the Nutramedix website.  None of these products produce side-effects like you might get after taking high doses of antibiotics.  HOWEVER, when you start any of the main products for killing the lyme spirochite organisms, start off using VERY small amounts.  If you get flu-like symptoms, or your whole body hurts in an unusual manner, its not side effects of the Samento, Quina, Banderol --- it is probably a reaction to the killing of the organisms.  You start of small (1 drop to 4-6 oz. water) and building up according to your tolerance to about 30 dr./4-6 oz. water.  I hope this can help you.  Unfortunately, if you have Fibromyalgia or Lyme Disease, you won't get a whole lot of help from a general medical practitioner.  So you will have to be your own advocate and research to the hilt.  If what I have written can help you or anyone who is possibly suffering from the debilitating Lyme Disease, then I praise God for the painful and scary road I have had to travel and seek out my own help.  God Bless!

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