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Down to 40mg a day from 300 mg

Dec 08, 2009 - 2 comments

Yesterday was rough, today feels little better so far but I am not counting on that staying that way...actually got some sleep lastnight, Took last dose of ten mg at 11pm when I woke with all the wd's raging..thats not bad cuz it was 6.5 hrs in between again so keeping the more then four its says alittle ahead of taper actually. I fell asleep round 9:30pm for first time in forever and woke once just at the 11 for my pills..then right back to sleep and slept till 6am...8.5 hours of sleep wow..thats a first..and 8.5 between doses...took my first dose for today at 6am when got up..its now three hours later and not feeling too bad..yestreday by thes time i was already counting hours till next dose..not so bad with that today...but its still early..could go back to being like yesterday again yet..and it was a hell day yesterday so hope not!!

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by bfour, Dec 09, 2009
how long has it taken u to go from 300mg to 40? I know I was on them for about maybe a year and got up to 240mg. I took me a good 6 months or so and my legs more so hurt like helllll! Are u feeling any of that?

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by oxyproblem, Dec 09, 2009
o yes I am feeling that..I have all the wd symptoms there is I think....I have a tracker and journal that shows it...I believe its been a few weeks now that I have been jumping down and down...I am very worried that the way I feel at the 40 mg a day must mean when go lower or off them its going to still be pure hell even with the huge jumps down I have done..was hoping this would of made it easier for my body to cope...

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