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swollen lymph node

Dec 09, 2009 - 1 comments



Lymph Nodes


swollen lymph nodes



im a 19 yr old female...i had a swollem lymph node on my griaon area on the left side i taught nothing of it taught it was from an ingrown hair...couple weeks later i got a cyst well thats what i taught it was i picked at it then it started hurting well that went away and now i have another swollen lymph node same spot as before......i did unprotected oral and i think he pre cummed in my mouth im scsared i might have like hiv or sumthing....i donated blood but i was takin an antibiotic then kinda scared like will that affect my results i taught i mite have folliculitis is that it i cant go to he doct until im reregistered for school :( just needa take the worry off any1 know what it is...o yah i had an abnormal pap and i did a cryo in august

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by nerakp, Dec 31, 2009
You absolutely need to see a doctor.  you could have anything from a viral infection to cancer.  Early detection of either can mean the difference between curing yourself or dying.

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