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Vagus Nerve Problem

Dec 07, 2007 - 0 comments




I have been having a myriad of health problems. Feel I have Polychondritis, considering at the onset of my illness, every cartlidge in my body was being attacked. Now my stomach is in a constant state of spasm. I feel my vagus nerve is being affected since I have been having so much stomach pain and feeling like I am going to have a siezure, especially when any kind of stress happens. This is scary since I had not experienced the siezure type feeling before. I did have a vagus spasm (huge one) at the onset of my illness and it really frightened me. I had the squeezing pressure and then my brain stopped for a minute. I have been having heart palpitations for years and have been to a cardiologist and endocrinologist who could not find anything. My heart has been racing too much lately and my stomach is really hurting. Feel like I have a hernia. Going for colonoscopy, endoscopy tommorrow, if he finds nothing, I am going  to really be at a loss. Will go and have an abdominal CT scan next I guess. Also have endometriosis which has flared up in conjunction with all of this. Anyone out there have some comments? I am 48 and got "sick" with  "Fibromyalgia" at age 40 (which I think is Polychondritis). HELP!

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