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Dec 11, 2009 - 1 comments

So I got the results of my latest bone density testing.  Compared to 2007 results for reference (though it is a different machine).

Results from 2007 are:-

Lumbar spine L1-2 1.405, 119%, Z=1.9      
R. total hip 1.216, 123%, Z=1.9
L. total hip 1.199, 121%, Z=1.7                

New results from 2009 are:-    
AP spine L1-4 1.315, 103%,  Z=0.3
Right femur neck 1.100, 106%, Z=0.4
Left femur neck 1.084, 104%, Z=0.3      
Left Forearm 0.833, 95%, Z=-0.5

The Z score tranlates to % of bone.
This therefore means I have had a bone loss of approx. 15% from the 3 sites compared.  

The previous results from 2005 compared with 2007 showed an accross the board 2 - 3 % loss (so a total loss of just under 20% in 4 years).

Although the current actual numbers  are ok, I would think that the rate of loss is alarming.  If this rate continues unabated, I could expect to osteoporosis in 3 years, or less.  Considering we don't know when the rate accelerated from the 2-3% up to the 15%.

Sent results to my dr, but no word yet, and no schedule with him til next year. Maybe it's nothing and i'm over reacting.

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by Barb135, Jan 17, 2010
I see this is a relatively old journal, and I hope your doctor got back to you.  

I don't think you are over reacting.......Are you on a calcium, magnesium regimen?

I have had osteopenia (forerunner to osteoporosis) for several years now.  I began taking calcium (1200 mg/daily) and magnesium (400 mg/daily) and I've actually begun to rebuild bone that was previously lost.  You also need adequate amounts of vitamin D in order to use the calcium.  Exercise helps as well.

Also wondering what your actual thyroid levels are.  The connection between thyroid issues and osteoporosis is controversial but there seems to be one.  Most doctors are of the opinion that suppressed TSH is a cause for osteoporosis; however, studies are indicating that it's not the suppressed TSH, but instead having too high levels of Free T3.   Due to past symptoms, I now believe that I suffered from hyperthyroidism, alternating with hypothyroidism for many years before becoming permanently hypo and finally being dx'd.  Can't help thinking that's why I started the osteopenia and now that my thyroid levels are right, I am rebuilding bone.

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