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latest ct scan

Dec 11, 2009 - 4 comments

I just got off the phone with the nurse at my oncologist office and she briefly gave me the results of my latest CT scan. Since we were discussing my onging pain, she took a quick peak at the latest results of my CT scan and there was some good news. The tumor on my liver is stable and the tumor in my abdomen was no longer discernable. This is good news... the chemo appears to be working. The ct scan did show a mass in the right pelvic region, which is where I am experiencing strong pain. I am currently on a 75mg fentanyl pain patch and I take either 15mg of morphine or 7.5mg of hydrocodone ( I take take the morphine at night and the hydrocodone the rest of the time) for breakthrough pain. I am still in continous pain and am over not being able to walk much. I am not sure what the mass is but I am happy that one of my tumors is gone, my lymph nodes have decreased in size and the other tumor is stable. I am supposed to have another round of chemo on Monday and will meet with my oncologists then. Hopefully he will let me know what he wants to do about the mass in my pelvic ( hopefully it isn't cancer...maybe just fluid build up). So as of now I am in the mind set that I have been given a very nice christmas present early :)

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238582 tn?1365210634
by junamgen, Dec 11, 2009
Very happy for your good news at this time of the year.

349465 tn?1289081764
by Teresa222, Dec 11, 2009
Ahhhh! this is great news for you.  If you are still having breakthrough pain, I would ask for a 15 or 30 mg. won't hurt you and it might just help you get rid of your pain.

God Bless you for a continued successful battle with OVCA.

653618 tn?1260603643
by doicat, Dec 12, 2009
Good to have stable and shrinkage for the holidays...I'm not getting a scan till after the holidays and I'm glad for that.  I'm worried about the pain you are having....hope that your doctor will have an explanation for you and then we can deal with it also....

I am praying for your friend and think of you a lot during the day.

Hugs and hope we get this under control for you.


564735 tn?1263943526
by westajul, Dec 12, 2009
Thanks for all the good wishes. Yesterday when I stopped by my oncologists office to pick up a prescription my oncologist, called me in to his office because he wanted to talk to me about my pain. He had made an appt. for me to have localized radiation this coming Monday. I have a 2cm tumor in the pelvic right side musclewall area ( i think that is what he said) That makes some sense why the pain is much stronger when I walk. He also said I could take two 15mg morphine pills every 3hrs as long as needed. I have not done that because 1 pill knocks me out. I go back to my oncologist on Monday for a scheduled chemo treatment in the morning and am scheduled for localized radiation that afternoon. I will meet with radiation oncologists on Monday at 230p and he will determine if I have radiation that day. I am hoping my body can handle all that in one day. Also on Monday I am going to get a copy of my ct scan report, so I can see for myself what it says. My oncologists did hint that after my chemo this week he may be changing my chemo...I think that is because the tumor in my liver isn't shrinking and this new tumor in my right side. They both are small...the tumor in the liver is 1.5 cm and as I said earlier the one in my side is 2 cm.

I am praying that all of you have a merry holiday season and may the new year bring good news.
                                      Take care. Love Julie

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