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12/11/09 1st doc apt. yay!!

Dec 11, 2009 - 1 comments

12/11/09 so last night i had brownish discharge and it had a little blood look..i have cramps still  and same smpts. and im going to my first doc. apt today with john and were getting a blood test and getting a bunch of questions awsered also the big one I AM? or NOT? hehe i guess we will just have to be patient. i really hope so!!! im just still waiting for it to come and be able to raise him/her up right and love them and make him/her a servant of jesus!!! i cant wait its so amazingly fustrating because we want it soo bad we love already and we know god will bless us with a baby!!!! and a healthy baby at that!!!

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by nell23575, Dec 11, 2009
Hi i wasover looking for some one with the same symtoms as me well for i had very light pink bleeding that started on November 30th and lasted till the next day after that i hadnt seen anything sinceyesterday afternoon i felt something come down and when i went to te restroom it was blood with brown discharge it stopped then today its just brown discharge i'mreally worried but i dont want to get my hopesup of being pregant oh yeah ialmost forgot on the 29thi took a pgt and it came back negative but i think i'mgonna wait to see what happens

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