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Still Hangin in

Dec 12, 2009 - 0 comments

Well its been a few days since I updated and did a journal...and one of my new online friends reminded me today as that how they  check on me lol...So here goes
Feeling a little more human actually now..still follwoing Taper and am ahead of where the schedule would of had me so that is good I think.
I have had alot and I mean alot of triggers lately that I am surprised myself that I have not fallen off whatsoever...I do feel alittle stuck that I have not gone lower yet in dose but I am working on it...At least its not gone up..staying at the place in the taper is better then falling off and taking like I used too ...Yesterday did a lot of outside work, snow removal...over a meter in one night fell...the air was good and helped me moving which I had an issue doing lately.  Today I am going to do some housework/laundry, pull out christmas tree, and do some de cluttering of the energy is returning but we will see how long it lasts..sleep is better, once body adjusted to the 10mg doses every six hours I have been sleeping 11 at night till at least 5 but more 6-7 am...without any sweats or anything...I think tapering is working for me..seems I may have the will power as it is seeming to work...

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