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Hives, Joint Pain

Jun 22, 2008 - 81 comments

It is 4 a.m. and I am desperately trying to figure out why I continue to break out in hives and have joint pain in my elbows, feet, hands and legs.  I too started breaking out in hives after taking the antibotic Solodyn for acne.  After a trip to the ER, it was assumed that I had an alergic reaction to the medicine. I stopped taking the medicine after only 3 weeks and needless to say, I am still breaking out in hives and have joint pain.  I have been tested for allergies and that was negative.  I have had bloodwork done and it was negative.  Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing same symptoms.  I am going insane trying to deal with this!

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by jbaum27, Jun 22, 2008
Hello, you are not alone. Hives are unfortuneately a very hard thing to diagnose as far as the cause of them goes. Most people with hives have Chronic Ideopathic Urticaria, which simply means you break out a lot and they dont know why. I was diagnosed that ten years ago. We have since retested me and the plasma skin serum test they do now is better than the serum test they did ten years ago and they found I have autoimmune urticaria, which means I am allergic to the histamines in my blood. I too had been tested for every allergy known to man and had numerous blood work done before this was found out.

Two things I would suggest If they have not been done yet is to be tested for SLE (systematic lupus). this disease causes joint pain and hives. I was tested for it seven times before they found out I actually have an immune deficiency that I was born with, MBL deficiency, which since it has gone unnoticed my whole life that makes me more suseptable to aquiring autoimmune diseases. Also, If they have not done a skin serum test on you for the autoimmune factor I would push it. Also it wouldn't hurt to get referred to a rheumatologist in regards to the joint pain, it could be something arthritus related.

I feel for you I once had hives covering my entire body for six months straight. Eyes swollen shut, the whole nine yards and I know it's very hard to live with. If I can be of any assistance please dont hesitate to email me :)



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by mmgarcia, Jun 22, 2008
Thanks for the info!  I am going for more blood work next week.  I apparently don't have it as bad as you have had.  It is just so weird, I've never had this before.  This all started on Mother's Day and has continued on in some form since.  It seems like I do ok after a steroid shot then after that wears off the hives come back.  I will certainly ask about the skin serum test.  I feel like I'm going nuts trying to diagnose myself.  It is really hard to explain to people who have never expierenced this.  I really appreciate the response and I'll stay in touch.

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by Rainn, Jul 07, 2008
You are definately not alone,  I too am currently broke out in hives and experiencing joint pain in my elbows, shoulders, feet, as well as my fingers.
I have been to the doctor twice, once for hives and the second time because of the joint pain that came with the hives. I had a urine test done as well as bloodwork. I haven't got the result of the bloodwork yet I am waiting until tomorrow.
Currently i am broke out on my chest and thighs. It itches like crazy!

We aren't sure what caused all of this. I was taking an anti-biotic 2 weeks before I first broke out, I ate something that tasted funny 2 days before i broke out, i got a new bed about a month before i broke out, i am taking amytriptyline which once of its side effects is hives, which is odd because it is also sometimes used to treat hives (i was taking this for a little over a month before i first broke out)

All of this is driving me crazy, it's hard to enjoy the things you love to do when you are itching all over and can barely get out of bed in the morning!! ugh! please keep us updated

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by CarrieJane, Jul 09, 2008
I have been having the same issue. In December I started breaking out in hives. Some would times it would just be a  little hive here and there. But sometimes I have had really bad breakouts. When I know that I am going to have a really bad break out, I get an intense headache and my chest starts to hurt. I have been to a dermatologist, allergist and a family doctor and they do not know why I have these break outs. I am starting to get joint pain too. Does anyone of the same symptoms as me, where your head hurts and you also get chest pain?

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by sdk04, Jul 12, 2008
I've been experiencing some of the same symptoms. I broke out in hives about a week ago with my hands and feet very swollen to the point it hurt to walk. I also had random swelling in some of the joints in my fingers and toes. After a trip to the emergency room and an i.v. with steroids the joint swelling went away and the hives weren't as severe. However for the past week I have been on prednisone (taking 60mg for 2 days, 40mg for 2, then 20mg for 2) I am on my last pill tomorrow and I am starting to break out in the hives again, especially on my hands and the back of my head/neck. Since I have been taking the prednisone I have  blurred vision in one eye and now tonight I just woke up with severe pain in my left shoulder joint, to the point I can't lift my arm. I started taking minocycline for acne about 10 days prior  to all of this starting, so the doctor thinks it may be an allergic reaction to that. But I had a blood test and it showed that my c-reactive proteins were elevated, showing a sign of inflamation.. i'm not sure exactly what that means. Auto-immune disorders run in my family, so now i'm starting to wonder if this may be something other than an allergic reaction to the minocycline.. especially with the severe pain in my shoulder and continuing to break out in hives. If this is an allergic reaction to the minocycline, does anyone know if it is possible for me to all of a sudden have joint pain to this degree and the hives to persist?

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by jjohns519, Jul 26, 2008
I am having these symptoms as well.  Mine began in early May after I took a course of the antiobiotic zythromycin.  It is not unusual for me to get hives after taking antibiotics but this particular one had never caused problems for me in the past. In addition to that, the hives did not go away when the med was out of my system.  I have been treated by a dermatologist who prescribed antihistamines and topical creams none of which have helped.  My internist has given me a course of prednisone but the hives came right back when I began weaning myself off of them.  This internist believes that I might be allergic to my blood pressure medicine since there is an ingredient in it that mimics sulfa which is the type of antibiotic that causes me to have hives.  So he took me off of the blood pressure medication and started me on another one but the hives continue.  

I am now experiencing joint pain and swelling in my left elbow.  Sometimes the skin around my elbow itches but the joint itself is very sore.  My fingers feel swollen as well.  

My hives are so bad that I have scratched the skin leaving scabbed over "sores' which I know sounds gross (and it is) but I have never had hives for this amount of time that leave sores on my skin that look like chicken pox.  

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by kdricha, Oct 13, 2008
I began taking Solodyn and after 3.5 weeks, I woke up in a massive hive break out. I took Benadryl but along with continuing the solodyn, because after taking it for weeks, I didn't think it was the cause. This combo made me feel like my world was spinning and I couldn't even see straight. I googled solodyn and found that many people had hives outbreak so I stopped the solodyn. It has been 2 weeks and while the outbreaks aren't as bad, they are still existent. I would think that they are out of my system but I don't know what the cause could be. I am due to the doctor in 4 days. I take Benadryl every morning and night if the hives are present. I can't live with the itching. I'd rather be a little sleepy.

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by mdavis69, Nov 19, 2008
Three weeks ago it started for me. It began with the hives, nothing severe but the itch was unbearable. Shortly after the joint pain began. First in my wrists and forarms, then my ankles, knees, feet and shoulders. I thought it may be lyme disease due the the shape of some of the hives I had but tests were negative. I have seen my docter twice and a dermatoligist once who put me on antihistamines. This stopped the typical hives but I am still getting small reddish areas on my arms that start with itching and turn into muscle pain and then joint pain. The pain last between 18 and 36 hours then seems to move to another part of my body. I am at a lose. If anyone gets any answers please let me know.


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by Kt747, Nov 26, 2008
I recently started taking Solodyn for Acne too. About 3 weeks of taking it, I started getting very itching and broke into hives. I spoke to my dermatologist and he said I should stopped taking it. However its been 3 days since i stopped taking it and am still scratching. My skin cleared pretty fast and I think the medication works so am tempted to start taking it again but am worried about going into an anaphylactic shock of some sort if this is a true allergy.

Has anyone gone through this? Its strange because it took 3 weeks to develop a reaction.


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by Leannrae, Mar 27, 2009
I have heard (or read) that an autoimmune overproduction of histamine can cause both chronic hives (urticaria) and joint pain.  Can you have your doctor check if you produce too much?

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by looking4answers73, Apr 05, 2009
Have any of you found long term relief to your hives and joint pain?  My husband started experiencing hives and joint pain 3 weeks ago after recieving antibiotics containing sulfa.  They go away when on steroids but return as soon as the drug starts wearing off.  He has seen an allergist, hematologist, and his PCP but no one seems to really understand what is going on.  They think it's an allergic reaction to the sulfa but don't know for sure.  They never focus on the pain only the hives (itching and bumps).  He stopped taking the antibiotic after a few days but is still getting recurring hives.  Can you live a normal life with the debilitating pain?  Has the hives and pain eventually gone away for anyone?  If it's an allergic reaction to a drug and you stop taking it do the hives still go on or will there be an end?

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by juditha, May 10, 2009
Try another allergist-You are in charge of your medical care and can go where you like. Find one that will test for auto-immune disorders. there are tests to preform to rule out auto-immune problems. If urticaria is chronic, don't stop till you get an answer. You are the keeper of your own health and the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Squeak!

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by Angie459, Jun 07, 2009
I to have this problem only my finger joints elbow knee and ankle joints are every day hurt more and i am itchy all over i am 20 and i feel old i dont understand this either you can e mail me at and maybe we can learn with eachother because this sucks and im getting worried if it may be serious!

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by Lesulee1, Jun 08, 2009
I went out on our new boat last Wednesday Jun 3 and got really burnt, I put tanning oil on, I got up Thursday burnt of course but was OK, Friday after putting shae button moisturizing lotion on, I broke out in hives on my shines, calves and forarms.  Saturday I was OK, the hives turned to red dots on my legs though.  Sunday (yesterday) I woke up, completely exhuasted and my joints for starting to hurt, the hives were still visible but seemed to lessen.  By mid morning it was clear the pain was increasing and it wasn't going away.  By the end of yesterday my wrists factored into this pain too and my hands and feet started swelling I had to take my rings off.  Today is Monday and I woke up again exhausted, fingers more swollen and joints still weak and painful.  I have a Dr appointment tomorrow already scheduled for soemthing else so I'm hoping to through this in there to becuase it's a yearly exam.  I'm not sure if it was from too much sun exposure or an allergic reaction to the lotion I used, I keep leaning towards too much sun.  If any one has any news or advice, please email me at, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks!

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by bar62948, Jun 30, 2009
I am a 40 year old female & have been dealing with joint inflammation & a rash/hives for about the last 3 months.  My PCP had me do a 21 day treatment of doxicyllin (sp?) along with Prednisone which helped a lot but I'm still not 100% & I still dont know the root cause.  My PCP was convinced I had Lyme's so he started this treatment while waiting for blood test results.  Results were negative, so my PCP decided (weeks later) I had a bowel disorder (not sure why) so he started me on sulfasalazine for 15 days.  Didnt see much improvement.  Yesterday I had a colonoscopy & EGD.  Found out I have acid reflux & gastritis, but the GI specialist said neither account for my joint pain & rash/hives.  My PCP is out of ideas, & I'm moving out of state in the next couple of weeks so I'll be starting all over with a new PCP.  I'm still on Predisone, down to 10mg but if I go down to 5mg the rash/hives is too much to take.  In the meantime, I'm scouring the internet looking for ideas on how to improve my diet & what supplements might help, thinking maybe hormonal imbalance.  I've also learned to listen to my body.  At the first sign of joint pain, I take Excedrin Back & Body & start 30 minutes on & off with ice packs, which seem to make the episodes shorter.  My rash/hives looks much like the "target rash" that comes with Lyme's.  No itching.  It moves daily from one place to another on my body.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.  Let me know if you'd like to start emailing back & forth as I would very much appreciate giving & receiving support & advice.  Thanks!!  BAR

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by cubslover, Jul 16, 2009
I am having some of the same problems you guys are, and I hate to say it, but I am glad there are others out there like me! I had an outbreak of hives on March 16, 2009. I have never had hives in my life. They were so severe, and the pain was so horrible in my feet I could not walk. I went to the ER and I was given steroids/benadryl yadda yadda yadda. The next day I was not any better, and I again went to the ER. steroids, Benadryl, you get the picture. FOLLOWING day I went to my PCP who IMMEDIATELY sent me to the ER where I went into anaphaylactic shock and received an Epiphenephrine injection. I was in the hospital for 3 days. I went home and then the joint pain began. It started in my left shoulder and it felt like it was going to break. Now, months later, when I have an outbreak of hives I can guarantee I will get the joint pain SOMEWHERE. I never know where but I pray each time it is not my shoulder or my wrist.

I have been to my PCP, a Rheumatologist, an Allergist and I am scheduled for 21 different types of lab work and also to see a Dermatologist. I have no idea what will happen but all I know is I am going nuts. I itch all the time. I know it is not stress related, because I get hives when I am calm.

From what I am reading we are in the same boat. Any tricks you guys have learned to cope other than pretty much OD'ing on Benadryl? If I am told to take steroids again I will scream!

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by TriniNeeNee, Jul 16, 2009
I have started breaking out in hives everyday this week. It started with light chest pain and then the hives. I have not had any more chest pains, but I have an outbreak everyday. I am getting tired of being drowsy from taking so much bendadry. I AM SCARED.

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by skinjane, Jul 22, 2009
Wow, this thread is very strange to me. I, too, have been on Solodyn for about 3 weeks now and just developed hives mainly on my legs, and some on my arms and back. They are so itchy and are driving me crazy. The strange part is that I was on Solodyn in the past and never had this side effect before.

As for those of you who are saying that after you stopped the Solodyn and still have the itchiness and hives, I was told by my dermatologist that the incubation period for Solodyn is 6 weeks, so it does take a while to get out of your system. So give it some time.

I'm calling my derm tomorrow to see what's up with this. It's so weird that you can get this reaction after being on the medicine for 3 weeks, but after reading this, it seems like it is very possible.

Thanks for all your help. I'll keep everyone posted when I talk to my doc.

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by bar62948, Aug 15, 2009
To Cubslover:
I hope you have found some answers.  I know what you mean by being relieved that others share your symptoms.  During the worst of the flare ups, I very much felt like I was the only person on the planet who had these issues.  I also understand your frustration with steriods.  My time on prednisone was miserable.  The side effects (anxiety attacks, weight gain) almost outweighed the initial symptoms.  But I am excited to say that about 2 weeks ago I was finally able to wean myself off the predisone!  Currently, the rash/hives have subsided & the joint pain is minimal (my new PCP has me on Naproxen 500mg 2x/day now, seems to be working).  
Still dealing with foot issues though, & now water retention is a new issue.  But I'm managing.

Wish I had some answers as to why my symptoms have improved.  My new PCP is reviewing my blook work history & should be contacting me next week with some information.  I'll keep you posted, & I'll keep everyone here in my thoughts & prayers.

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by ChitChatNine, Aug 15, 2009
I am not a Dr but what comes to mind is that hives can be immune driven in response to an allergic reaction and the joints can be a form of a reative arthritis.  I agree in post above to see a Rheumatologist, too.

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by sweetpea22204, Aug 26, 2009
I got hives 48 hours after using a cream hair remover (i cant remember if it was NAIR or VEET but i think it was NAIR extra strength). I know it was from the hair removal cream, it was the only thing i did different and when i had the cream on i felt some pain (maybe i left it too long?) and ever since, for the last 7 months i have broken out in bad burning hives when I get too warm or go into the sauna or take a hot bath, or during the day mostly when i wake up or early evening (probably when my zyrtec is wearing off). I am 90% sure my problem is that i cant' get whatever chemical soaked into my body, out of my body. I am taking vitamins B and C and evening primrose oil, its not as bad as it used to be for sure so somethign is helping. Problem is that last Saturday i was all swollen, inside my body (i could feel internal discomfort, pressure, swelling) and out (my lips looked like i had botox). I will never use hair removal cream again, and i try and stay away from all chemicals and use gloves. I may have taken a hot bath the night before i dont really recall... Im going to take special caution in staying away from creams, hot water, and seafood for now just in case. Good luck to all of you. There has to be a way to solve this!

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by leesie323, Aug 30, 2009
On Monday my husband woke up with hives on his back.  They looked like mosquito bites and he's never had hives before, although it was weird that he would have so many on his back.  They were extremely itchy but went away after a couple of days. Then the joint pain started, first in one of his knees and then both knees, his ankles, wrists and elbows as well. Our family doctor is so booked up that he couldn't see us, but at the walk-in clinic, the doctor thought that it might be some kind of allergic reaction.  He just started a prescribed antihistamine. They also sent him for some blood work, but we won't have the results for a few days.  If they find anything, I will post it on here as it seems he may be suffering with something akin to the rest of you.

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by margypops, Aug 30, 2009
You know if we wre all from California I would say that they had sprayed malathion and we wre allergic to it, or something enviromental, I have had mine for 15 months after Denistry , tried everything absoltely all I can think off, they did improve a bit but at presant driving me nuts, mostly around my neck, and the back of my neck and upper arms, hasnt caused it but the 110 degree heat isnt helping also scalp itching, I do use Scalpitch and that helps with that all the drug stores have it. ,I have given up trying to find out why it happened ,or how to get rid of it , just leave it alone as much as I can and hop[e for a miracle day it'll be gone ...Poof

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by margypops, Aug 30, 2009
PS Ever heard of Dermographism, well I get that, red lines appear out of nowhere , you coul;d write your name on my back, fades after a few mins and itches whilst its there.

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by Clintswife, Sep 05, 2009
Ok I am sitting here at the hospital with my husband. About a month ago, his bout with hives began.  They came out of nowhere!! Then after the hives, came the swelling of the hands and feet. We shrugged that off as "You need to eat less salty stuff" however, we didn't realize the swelling was associated with whatever was ailing him.  He went to a doctor, who in turn told him to get rid of your cat and dog, change your detergent,yadda yadda yadda. So we did ALL of that as hard as it was, washed all of our walls, vacuumed etc and still the hives. He also had a 5 day prescription for prednisone which basically just treated the symptoms and did not at all cure the problem. On Wednesday after church, his face started to swell and was messing up his breathing so we rushed to the ER where they admitted him and here we are. After all of this blood work, we still know nothing, yet they will be letting him out tomorrow. It is Labor day weekend and there is no allergist office opened until afte, so I pray they give him at least enough prednisone to last him a while. this is crazy and I just don't understand it!! Tonight one of the Pastors from our church came up here, read a few scriptures anointed him with olive oil and we both laid hands and prayed in Jesus Name. I will let you know if  my hubby gets healed because this has been an extremely trying experience.

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by Rocane17, Oct 15, 2009
Hi Clintswife,
I can very much relate to your husband experience.  I had Chronic hives also began with swelling.  It just happened out of know where.  I have had many test and doctors, went to the ER three times in 6months because every time i got off the prednisone my hive would get worse until my mouth would start swelling as well.  I have not found any answers.  I however have had constant hives but had decreased that last 4months without being on prednizone.  All i can say is it did get decrease over time.  I wish you all the best!

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by DDKing, Dec 21, 2009

I just developed hives all over my body over night. I had no changes in my diet, medications, lotions, soaps and no stress either. In addition to the hives, the joint pain is terrible! It feels like I've been beaten up all over. The joint pain is mostly in my knees, ankles, feet, hands, wrists and elbows. I have an appointment soon to be evaluated but one of the potential problems includes something called Urticarial Vasculitis. Secondly, I wanted to rule out lupus since this may be a presenting symptom for lupus. Anyhow, I just wanted to throw that out there in case that helps anyone to direct your next doctor's visit.

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by Syncyty1976, Jan 19, 2010
I too have the same problem. Mine started when I was 9 and I have been having joint pains and breaking out in hives since then. My condition got worst 2 years ago. My dr's told me I had fibromyalgia, had Cat scans and x rays. I am suspose to be on medication but I refuse to take any. I break out when I take Ibuprophen or Pretisone etc The only medicine I am comfortable in taking to control my hives is Allegra. Unlike Benadryl it doesn't cause drowsyniess. I break out everyday and it's irritating because it makes me worry about not having my medication when I need them. I know when my body is about to break out in hives, I normally can feel like an army of ants attacking me. Certain siliva breaks me out too. I'm breaking out so much I don't even know what I'm allergic to anymore .
I have spoken to some people who has fibromylgia and they break out at certain times of the day. Some of u guys said that it might be caused my auto immune, my mother is suffering from that so I need to check into that.
However I strongly recommend taking Allegra as I have just taken out 15 mins ago when I started to break out again. It does help! Oatmeal baths helps too. I was thinking about seeking a Chinese physician and see if they can prescribe anything for my problem. It would be nice to discuss further and exchange tips if any. My email add is ***@****.    

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by misery60, Feb 21, 2010
by ***@****   22 February 2010

Hi there fellow hives sufferers!
like many of you i too just broke out in hives for no explicable reason. they hit me like a bolt of lightening almost to the day that i turned 60. i have never had any health problems and have never taken any medication - ever. i have just recently had my blood works done and all was ok. i have had these hives for almost 2 months; according to the medical profession this categorises me as a sufferer of chronic urticaria (hives). they come up between 2-3 times every day mostly on my trunk and limbs.i too am going out of my mind to work out what could be the cause. my gp must know that it would take much complicated investigative work to try to find the cause so suggested an antihistamine. i do not believe in treating the symptoms but am firmly of the view that it is important to investigate the cause and treat that if there is to be a long-term or permanent cure of an ailment. well in most cases anyway. i can sympathise with those of you who have had hives on the soles of the feet; they are immensely painful. i have just started on an elimination diet - no wheat (gluten), no dairy, fruits with low fructose like apricots and peaches. i do not know which is worse suffering with hives or having to eliminate all the good foods like organic muesli, acidophilus yoghurt, honey and fruits, all varieties of fruit, even wholemeal bread, pasta. however, i am still eating wholesome vegetables like, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin (squash) etc. i have a third appointment with my gp tomorrow when i will insist on further blood tests to rule out celiac disease, helicobacter pylori (the digestive tract bacteria that can lead to ulcers) and anything else that could an underlying disease of these hives outbreaks.
if i ever get to the bottom of this riddle i will certainly post a comment if it could help any of you, my fellow sufferers.

good luck to all!

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by mamajessica32, Mar 17, 2010
Hello hives sufferers,
I feel your pain or itchiness I have had chronic hives for over a month went to the drs and of course had prednisone and benedryl to relieve the itchies. I know that the itching is driving me nuts where ever I stratch I get a weal but when I remember not to stratch it goes away but my skin feels prickly alot like a porcupine with the quills on the inside. I don't know what is causing it but I'm suppose to go to an allergist soon. I'm not sure when. But I've been living on both over the counter and prescription benedryl its the only thing that works. And when I shower I use oatmeal soap to kind of cool the itching down. Other than that I don't know if anyone has any suggestions post them. Thanks and good luck to all of you.

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by sonnepoet, Mar 19, 2010
Everyone in this message board needs to be persistant with thier doctors, I have had this problem for over a year now, I am in the process of being tested for MASTOCYTOSIS...a condition that cause ALL of these symptoms...Mine starts off with severe chest pain followed by pain that almost feels like my bone are craking, then within 24 hrs im covered head to toe with hives, I have gone in to shock 9 times in the last year, going for bone marrow biopsys next week and have had skin biopsys done....ASK your doctor to perform a test called TRYPTASE this will show if your body is producing too much histimine and then the doc will run more tests to verify, Ive been off and on steriods and every anti histimine you could imagine, this came out of the blue and just hasnt gone away, my hands and feet swell, my face swells i have hives every single day, some days i have 1 and others upwards of 200......

Im praying for you all, please know your not alone, I wish you all a pain/itch/stress free journey, but PLEASE dont be afriad to push until you get answers, I was told so many things b4 I finally snapped and forced the hospital to admit me and run tests!!!! BTW there is NO SUCH THING as Idiopathic Hives.....There is a reason our bodies are trying to let us know something is wrong...........SO listen to your intuition and dont ever give up!!

Good luck everyone

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by Ckamal, Apr 11, 2010
Hi Everyone

I can empathise with what all of you are going through. I am a recent addition to this Blog thanks to Urticaria. I have no idea what caused it. It started off as a rash for me that went away with anti-histamine and Emovate cream. But since the 2nd week of March 2010, have been breaking out into hives. Initially the cycle was every 3-5 days but of late it is every single day. My GP diagnosed it as Food Allergy and asked me to avoid protien rich food. But the list of "triggers" kept increasing making it difficult to just about eat anything ( am a vegitarian and so cutting out food was psychologically distressing and not working) I also changed washing powders,soaps etc thinking that change would being some relief, but in vain.

2nd Visit to the GP and I insisted on Blood tests as it was almost 4.5 weeks into this misery. I have noticed that my metacarpel joints ( joints where the palms join the fingers) and the other finger joints would become red and blotchy. Same with my wrists. Then the hives flare up within about 20 minutes of this. GP prescribed Fexofenadine Hydrochloride and Ranitidine. The former is a type 2 anti-histamine that has a longer effect. I noticed that as soon as the effect of this anti-hisatime was over, the hives would appear ( 16-18 hours cycle). Also have had laboured breathing and yesterday night lip swelling, scracthy forhead, scalp, de-hydration, scrathy throat and dizzyness...pulse was 58 hearbeats/minute.

Just prior to the appearance, sometimes get pricks on specific parts of the body, or hot flushes.

Benadryl made me nauseaous and very weak.

Since the last 3 days, I also have sore muscles ( like one has after getting back into an exercise routine after weeks on inactivity) and joint pain. Wrists, shoulder and right index finger hurt. Also notice a slight welling all over the body, especially on hands, legs and feet.

Food: what agrees with me - potatoes, bread, rice milk, pear, grapes....but only when the anti-histamine in still working in the blood stream.

Blood tests will be available tomorrow. This is impacting work and social life. Cannot walk long distances without puffing and panting. Feel weak and fatigued.

Hope we all have more informed discussions with GP/Doctors and are able to get some quick relief.

Will keep checking this blog.

Best wishes for a quick recovery ( if there is one)

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by Teabag819, Apr 14, 2010
Very interesting!! I'm in New Zealand and have been suffering with Urticaria and joint pain for years. I've been to a Rheumatologist who put me on Plaquenil & Ranitadine & Loratadine.  When I was taking high doses of all of these the symptoms settled, and I was able to come off all my medication after six months and was well for about a month - - - -  and then it all started again!  I just want to be rid of the unsightly urticaria and the joint pain forever !  I have also been in hospital when my face and throat have swollen so much I was scared I wouldn't be able to breathe much longer, been on high doses of prednisone etc etc etc.  I would love to hear from anyone who has found a solution to their problems. I'm happy to stop eating, or drinking or washing or anything which would help.  

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by MichelleWampler, Apr 20, 2010
My 12 year old daughter has some of the same things going on. In the summer of 2008 her lips and face were swollen from what we thought was food allergy or Ibuprofen allergy. It has happend on and off over the last 18 mths.  Swollen joints: ankle, knees, hips, wrists, or the face, lips, fingers, hands, toes and feet. Each time we took note( I keep a journal) as to what she ate or what she was around--nothing stuck out.  Recently in Dec. 09 she was diagnosed with a rare thing...the bone in her jaw-(condyle)...the bone that connects the upper jaw to the lower jaw---disolved and is no longer there on both sides. At this point I started researching more and taking her to doctors.  The bones were there 4 years ago seen in x-ray from dentist.  One dr. said that maybe she has rheumatoid arthritis that set into her jaw joint and disovled the bones.
So we started thinking back--In Jan-April of 08 she had a strange sickness that was with a fever off and on daily and acid reflux for about 4 months...went to her PCP and nothing was really found. Finally in April 08...she had a double ear infection so she was put on meds..and everthing stopped.  Then the 1st swelling started in July of 08. SO now I am searching for what casued all of this...which happened first.  It is happending more often now---almost daily for a week now. She is going to be going to a rheumatloigist...soon. But now she will need to have total joint replacements in her jaw.  She is a very athletic girl with lots of aches and pains for her age...but she keeps right on going. I'm just searching for answers, becasue the doctor don't seem to know...They say she had Idiopathic hives and idiopathic disinigration of the condyle bone--which means The drs. don't know what it is--so let's just say it is idiopathic!!!

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by melsd, Apr 23, 2010
Its been about 6 weeks now and I have had hives and random joint pain. Ive taken steroids and antihistimes and it seems to mask the problem. (even though my fingers look like sausages everyday) Every time my treatment is comming close to an end, the hives and joint pain returns. I'm in so much pain that Im having trouble doing day to day things.... Work, walk, cook, drive.......I've  had numerous Dr. visits and just about  every blood test possible.... Im told theres nothing wrong!  My Family Prac sent me to the allergist and he sent me to an Arthritis specialist to send me back to the allergist......Cant anyone help me? I want my life back!

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by Schnubber, Apr 30, 2010
I too have had the same symptoms, it's only been a week though.... joint pain, and really itchy hives. I just went to drop off my daughter at daycare this morning and there was a sign in the window talking about cases of Fifth disease in the daycare. I am pretty sure this is what I got myself, and probably what some of you had as well. My rash and joint pain went away, but now my hives are back. I'm just glad i know what it is. Google Fifth Disease.

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by krystalshores, Jul 28, 2010
Wow! Bless all of you! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I am 28 female. Here is my story. DONT TAKE IBPROFEN, ASPIRIN, only tylenol. It makes the hives 10 times worse. Mine started a few years ago. First my hands, red, puffy and hurt. Then the hives started and lips would swell, tongue. i was itchy all over with hives on hands and trunk.  After doctors, allergists, endochrinologists, i was put on allegra and some type of light anti psychotic! The allegra worked for a couple weeks but then my body grew immune to it and it did not help. I was weary of the other meds. After a few months it went away. i quit taking the meds. I thought it was over :(  1 year later it started with chest pains. I was under tremendous stress and not taking care of myself. The chest pains made it hard to swallow and breath. Then lips would swell. Everyday it seems like it gets worse. The hives now are huge all over my arms and legs this time, my back , chest, tummy. They get on my face and feet. When i wear heels especially a few hours later my feets will be swollen with hives and i cannot walk. It feels like i am walking on sharp rocks! Sometimes it is in my knees and i cannot put pressure on or bend my knee. It's the craziest thing. I changed my PC, my allergist and saw a dermatologist. Nothing helps except steroids that blow me up. My allergist said they are hives. They will go away. Most people will not ever know what causes them. I take zyrtec 3 times a day and zantac once a day. And about 8 benedryl a day. URGHHH why are there so many people with the same condition and not one doctor can figure this out?? Come on! I am going crazy!  Good luck to everyone. I live in Atlanta. i have an appt with one of the best doctors in the state in January. hopefully he is good if he is booked up for six months. God Bless

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by MichelleWampler, Aug 06, 2010
I posted in April about my daughter. She was recently tested for Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and that came out negative. This week she went in for her schol physical and blood work. Her thyroid numbers were maxed out. She has hypothyroidism and began meds this week.  The date does link hives to problems with the thyroid--hope this helps someone out there.

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by heatherbooth175, Aug 15, 2010
I have had the same symptoms for the past 5 years. I am also a Type 1 diabetic, when the hives started I thought it was neuropothy and they started me on neurontine. I usually dont go to doctor much so every time my feet would hurt I would asume it was  neuropothy, but it wasnt. I would get intense pain on my feet to the point i couldnt walk and it would be red in the affected spots with heat.It also happens on my hands. I get hives w/pressure and also if I change my enviorment like going on vacation or working my self to much I will pay dearly. I also have joit stiffness and fatigue. I have been on vistaril 50mg every day for over a year, it worked a little for about a montht. Then they came back, I dont think thay are stress related. My hives also cause pain, and they sting in the sun, and if i get burnt it will turn into a hive. I have been tested for lyme and lupus both were negative. and my blood work showed my C-reactive was at 5.4 which is high. At first they stayed on my torso, now they have been on every inch of my body, and i always have some on me. It would be nice for a answer, but i will continue to pray!!!
if any answers or feedback: ***@****

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by Chriswhit2, Aug 17, 2010
I've was brought to this forum as I was researching hives and joint pain because I had a hive breakout in the last two days from a new body mist spray I just bought the other day. It was the only thing I have used differently. I sprayed it on my arms and woke up with hives the next morning and again the next-I had to wash the sheets too- no hives today but I have residual pain where the hives had been on my eye and finger joints. Zyrtec is awesome! It gets rid of the itching within minutes-and it is now over the counter.
I too suffered for years-through my teens- with hives that got so bad I would swell (my eyes, lips, everywhere), itch, and be in pain anywhere with just a touch. I missed a lot of school. Then, I was on Benadryl forever with little relief  and tried all of the over the counter remedies: witch hazel, oatmeal, ice, eliminate yellow #5 and all other recommended products... I had all of the tests and no answers. The urticaria subsided through my late teens and early twenties and then after my first son was born I started getting them again for a short time. Again they subsided after awhile. I started getting them again several years later. This time I was so swollen inside and out that I needed a shot of prednisone, a z-pac of prednisone, and Zyrtec. The only thing I did different each of these times was use a laundry detergent that had color safe bleach in it. My mom had used a detergent for the baby clothes, Oxydol, and I used it when I had my son. This last time I had discovered Tide with Bleach and used it on everything I washed and later touched. Oxygenated bleach is in many many products on the market today. Since then, I once had to take Naprosyn and broke out in hives, so I steer clear of ibuprofin also and I am leary of some sunscreens. I have been hive free until the body mist (Healing Garden Tender Lavender) debacle.
Just thought I'd share my findings...I hope this helps someone else. Hives are miserable.

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by Chriswhit2, Aug 17, 2010
*I needed a shot of prednisone, a z-pac of prednisone, and Zyrtec

It was a shot of epinephrine

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by Chriswhit2, Aug 18, 2010
Hi! I'm back again...I have one more thing to add...I remembered using Visine also and researched the ingredients. Both the oxygenated bleach and visine have the chemical sodium perborate (in the bleach) and sodium borate (visine). Maybe it wasn't the body mist after all, but I'll never try it again anyway!
I'd also forgotten that after I start getting the hives, my system goes into hyper mode and it takes a couple of days to recover.
I've had these episodes of really painful, itchy, uncomfortable, unsightly, add your own adjective here, hives/urticaria/angioedema since I was 13 (I am 47) and even though I am fairly certain I found my trigger, I am still ever vigilant and afraid that they will recur. And, I am very grateful for the internet and these forums!

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by Mikki13, Aug 19, 2010
I have been having hip pain every morning when I wake up for about a year.  For about four months now I have been having hive-like itchy bumps on my outer, upper thigh, the same thigh on the hip pain side.  The hives are ALWAYS in the same place, every morning.  After about an hour the itchy feeling goes away, and about an hour after that, the bumps are gone.  Some of these bumps are as big as a quarter, and there is always four to five itchy bumps in the same place on my upper thigh, daily.  I know it sounds nuts, but it is totally driving me crazy.  Any ideas?

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by heatherbooth175, Aug 30, 2010
My doctor has now prescribed me Cingular 10mg, it seems to be working a little. I dont have as much joint swelling and the hives are 'nt as big and I have a little bit less of them, though now they wake me up at night sometimes. We will see how long this medication lasts.....hopefully a long time!

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by BahamaGirl68, Sep 16, 2010
This condition just started in late August.  First my feet will swell up just before my period and so I thought it was water retention.  Then while on vacation in Texas, hives appeared on the inner part of my arms, my feet was swollen and sore to the point that it was very painful to walk.I bought Benadryl and it provided some relief but just this morning I woke up with a stiff neck, hive on my neck and scalp, AND a lip as big as a mini hot dog.  I seeing the doctor today...I am scared and helpless.

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by 19866666, Dec 16, 2010
I am amazed at how many people have this.  I have been seeing doctors since January of this year!  I have been to the emergency room 3 times with my face swollen beyond recognition.  My joints ache, and I feel like I am riddled with arthritis, which started at the same time the horrific unexplained hives started.  I have had countless tests, seen allergists, dermatologist, family practitioners, and no one has a clue what is causing this.  I have a medicine chest full of antihistamines.  They help some, but I need to find the cause and deal with it, I don’t want to be a nap seeking zombie forever.  If I ever find out what is causing mine, I will post it here.

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by Coco1208, Jan 28, 2011
I have suffered from chronic hives for two years.  My skin has scars and scabs from me scratching.  I have been on 12 pills a day...including Prednisone...with no relief.  I have been tested for autoimmune disorders and have had skin biopsies.  My hives are your run of the mill hives and the deeper ones that hurt for days....almost like a bruise.  I have no answers but just sympathy for the many people that seem to have this problem and can't find a solution.  Whatever this is....I hope it runs its course so I can have a normal life again.

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by ginandjuice808, Mar 19, 2011
I am wondering if any of you started with the joint pain after take benadryl or any other such medicine for the hives?  I am stumbling on some info that says Benadryl causes joint pain and was wondering if the joint pain came along with the hives or after medication for the hives was started?  I take Benadryl for allergies and to sleep every now and again and notice severe joint pain the next day and for a few days after.  Just was wondering if this could be the problem

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by ssmmiilleeyy, Apr 28, 2011
On easter sunday just a few days ago I woke up to hives on my left arm. It was 5am the itch was tremendous I felt my upper lip swollen went to the er and said it was an allergic reaction to sometime I ate or touched but here I am four days later and two trips to the er on trip to my dr. And still feeling the same I'm on prednisone and benadryl and still feel the same however to answer your question I remember starting with joint pains on my ankles and wrist then weeks later I developed the hive and itch. I don't think it was related to the med. Please let me know of your outcome. Thanks

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by amareia, May 03, 2011
I am constantly surprised by the number of hive/joint pain sufferers out there AND lack of medical information. Once you experience something like this, you realize how little the medical field actually knows about illness. I feel like there have been a lot of posts without answers or suggestions, so I wanted to share my story and hopefully give everyone some insight into paths I have taken.

I have had autoimmune urticaria since October, 2008. I too, was on Solodyn and Doxycycline which "woke up" the autoimmune disease in my body. I hope that Doctors think twice about prescribing these antibiotics in the future. My illness started with hives on my palms only and intense joint pain in my elbows only.

I was immediately put on steroids - a low dose of prednisone, which works! But it is not a long term option for me and once I come off of the steroid, my hives always increase for a few days.

I went to see a Rheumatologist and Allergist. I was tested for everything from rheumatoid arthritis (negative) to hodgekins lymphoma (negative) with little results. My allerigist took a biopsy and discovered it was hives and nothing more than hives. My autoimmune blood test even came back negative (even though it turned out later, to be an autoimmune disorder). The test just tells you if you have 8 of these 12 things, then it is this. If you have 9 out of 12, it it this. The testing for autoimmune is not very advanced at all.

I was hospitalized many times for the hives and joint pain. Doctors would always be concerned with the hives and never the joints, even though I felt the complete opposite. The join pain only appears in my elbows and alternates. Nothing (NOT EVEN MORPHINE AT A HIGH DOSE) can get rid of the joint pain. Alternating heat and cold and distracting myself is what I do for joint pain.

It finally occurred to me (and not my Allergist) that I did not have a joint issue. My muscles and joints were fine. I had HIVES INSIDE MY JOINTS, causing swelling and inflammation common with a sports injury. The hives were the cause. I needed to put my focus on the hives to get rid of the joint pain.

At this time, my usual cocktail of antihistamines just wasn't enough. In fact, it was never enough. I was taking 10mg of Xyzal, Zyrtek, Singulair and Hydroxyzine (atarax) in some random cocktail per day.

My allergist decided we needed to take it a step further and he put me on Cyclosporine (Feb 2010). It is an immune suppressant. Essentially, we have T-Cells that are trained incorrectly to fight out skin every day. The cyclosporine blocks a certain number of those T-cells from doing their job, and they die. The hope is that over a course of 6 months to a year the t-cells will learn to not fight the skin.

The cyclosporine was amazing! I felt like I had my life back. No more hives, very very little joint pain- I was a happy camper. 8 months into the medicine, my allergist attempts to ween me off and guess what... the hives return. He claims that we did not suppress enough of the hives in the same way leaving embers at a fire can restart the whole fire. So we went back on the cyclosporine for another 6-12 month round.

Then I got pregnant (March, 2011). Cyclosporine is a class C medicine and I am currently off of it for at least the 1st trimester. I do have hives covering my body, but no joint pain.

I did notice that today (May 5th, 2011) my hives are not so bad, but guess what- I have mild joint pain in my left elbow. So it looks like my hives are just deep inside and not on the surface today.

What to take from my story:
1. If antihistamines are not working for you, talk to your doctor about Cyclosporine or Xolair (an injection that has show promising results in my hive yahoo group, but is not covered by insurance yet).
2. Keep a food journal. Write how bad your hives and joint pain are every day. Maybe you will be lucky and see a correlation between the items you eat and the severity of hives, even if it is an autoimmune disorder.
3. Get regular health checkups for everything else. Go to the dentist, OBGYN, have a physical done. Any additional symptoms you find can help you get answers or get better.
4. Challenge your doctor. I bring a list to every visit, no matter how crazy they seem. I have been tested for lyme disease and had my home checked for a natural gas leak.
5. Find support. This thread means you are looking, but if you want support- join a group. I found one on yahoo for chronic urticaria.
6. Report back. You were covered in hives at one point, but they went away? Why not tell this group and give them hope? What did you do, what happened? What did your doctor say?

If you have questions for me, or just want support- please email me at amareia (at) yahoo (dot) com. My name is Steph and I am always willing to listen! I am still looking for answers too!  

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by kris10leigh, Jun 30, 2011
This has been the most enlightening and comforting thread I've stumbled across in my countless googles for "hives and joint pain". I am now 27 but when I was about 12 I realized I was allergic to penicillin after getting "serum sickness". Which was basically hives, swollen and painful joints. A month ago I went to a doc in the box for your run of the mill sinusitis/bronchitis.  He prescribed my omnicef which is not penicillin but a cephalosporin. I've always been okay with those (keflex, ceftin, etc) but 2 weeks after I broke out into hives. They started on my flanks then spread to my stomach then onto the extremities. They had cleared up for the most part thanks to atarax- but I woke up with a dull ache in my left knee this morning, which is now severe pain in both knees, the my right heel(weird- but unbearable) and my left wrist.  I have an appt with my general practioner next Thursday so I will let you know the outcome..

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by Nikdan30, Jul 19, 2011
My son is 3.5 and took Amoxicillan for an ear infection. On his 9th day of taking the medication he broke out in hives. We stopped the meds and saw his doc. and were told it was an allergic reaction. That was 5 weeks ago. He has taken 3 days of steroids which made the hives stop but a few days later they appeared again. Every few days the hives are back, not as bad as before, but he itches and his knees hurt. A few times he has not been able to walk from the pain on the bottom of his feet. My husband and I think this could have been a reaction to the medicine but now we notice when my son eats Yoplait yogurt he has an outbreak. I looked up what would be similar btwn the medicine and yogurt and found Red # 40 is in both. Then looking up Red # 40, I see there are many people allergic to it and most don't know it's in their food. I'm not sure if this is the cause, but it may be worth looking into. I see a lot of people here saying they had blood tests, but none have come back with the results. Did anyones blood tests give an answer????

Desperate mother needs a cure.

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by magoo99, Oct 03, 2011
I just started getting hives about 10 mounths ago but only when i tan outside or in the tanning bed, what i don't understand is it dosn't happen every time i tan. I have been tanning all my life. I'm 47 now and my Dr. say it's hormones, I was breaking out with hives when i tanned from Oct. of 2010 to March 2011 but I would only tan once in a while,then I didn't break out again until Oct, of 2011, now i'm breaking out again when I tan,I just don't understand why I only break out sometimes, Has anyone else gone through this or know why this happens?                          PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND                   Thanks :) BY JANE OCT. 3rd 2011      

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by wendy129, Feb 15, 2012
My husband had what he thought were flea bites even though I tried to tell him that even the dog had no fleas. By day 2 the "bites" seemed to have spread and he now has moderate pain and swelling in his joints. He does have Type 2 Diabetics, and I wonder if this has anything to do with it. He's going to the doctor tomorrow- will keep you posted. Oh- he is also very fatigued-- unusual for him. He's 51 and has relatively few problems except for being overweight and diabetic.

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by margypops, Feb 16, 2012
yup me too , with out the joint swellings, since I posted in 2009 I have developed a dry cough that doesnt go away , I still have a rash round my neck and sometimes my arms, my eyes itvch and are red rimmed and sore, I feel tired a lot, I have now put this down to the toxins that are being sprayed . by the chem trails that are in the sky each day, no I am not kidding , Ginger the cl of the dog forum has ajournal up called 'What on earth are they spraying up with' it was a docu,entary recently the toxins are heavy chems .

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by TNT2012, Mar 12, 2012
I have SLE.. I get hives on my wrists and elbows from time to time.. A year ago I got an all over body rash that was horrible.. And I was on prednisone.. I had been on it for over a year and trying to wean off.. But everytime my lupus would flare.. He put me on 60mg of prednisone, 20mg of OTC zertec,benydrl 50mg every 4 hours for 2 weeks.. I changed my laundry soap to all free and clear the hypoallergenic soap.. Antibacterial body wash.. And it went way.. Now I think its coming back cause it usually clears up and hasn't in a few days.. I have joint pain as well but again I have lupus.. My disease is in remission so I think its just allergies..

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by klmnt, Mar 24, 2012
Did anyone get to the bottom of any of this?   It sounds like some of you might have just been having allergy attacks, but the others?   My husband broke out in hives 1 week ago.  They started in a small patch very itchy which we didn't even really think about, but the next day he woke and they covered his body.  Legs, back, arms, head, eyelids - everywhere!   We went to the doc who said he was having an allergic reaction and gave him a shot of steriods and told him to take Prednisone, Clariton and Zantac.   He felt a little better for the remainder of the day.   When he woke up the next morning he could not breathe and was so swollen, he took his dose of prednisone and he went back to the doc for a breathing treatment, which seemed to help for a little bit.   Later in the day the hives got worse again and he started getting terrible pain in his joints (which can be a reaction to the predisone).  Decided to go back to the doc again the next day because the swelling, breathing and joint pain was no better.  We were scared.    He stopped taking the prednisone and continued with the Benedryl which is the only thing that seems to really be working a little bit.   Then we ended in the ER because he woke two days later and couldn't move his wrist.   ER docs found nothing, they actually said they had no idea what it could be.   Now, the pain in the wrist is gone but it's moved to the opposite wrist and his shoulder.  He still can't breathe at all.  He has the machine for the breathing treatments at home now but can't even take a shower without getting winded.    Yes.  this all happened within 1 week.   Has this happened to anyone?  Does anyone have any ideas?   There have been no changes in our house.  No soaps, detergents, foods absolutely nothing new.    We did take a walk through the woods two days before any of this started happening so we started thinking of bug bites, but there is no fever or cold sweats.   We are at a loss and very scared.     Help???

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by ItchyBits, Jun 02, 2012
I know anyone with modern medical training will scoff at this, but the little I gleaned from Galen suggested to me that my hives (outbreaks for a little more than a month now) are the result of a hot, dry dyscrasia and I submit that I have found some relief by substituting as much watermelon (a cold, wet food) in my diet as possible, for other foods (three days and I can't face another slice! but the hives and irritation in my hands and feet are noticeably less irritated.)

I also read, but can't remember where, that a low-dose aspirin regimen (I find one dose, at eight-hour intervals seems to help) can slow the re-uptake of histamine by mast cells, making further outbreaks less acute.

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by WellAgain, Jun 22, 2012
I just watched "Under My Skin" on Hulu  and I highly recommend it.  It is an eye opener about Lyme Disease and the medical community and how many of us are being misdiagnosed.  Here is the link:  

For the last two months I've been severely bitten by chiggers, mosquitoes, and spiders.  I learned that you don't have to be bitten by a tick to contact Lyme Disease.  At best, I have an autoimmune reaction to all the venom circulating in my body.  At worst, I have LYME Disease.

Specifically, my elbow itches and hurts.  Itching and arthritis go together by the way.  But having an upper swollen lip that felt like I was shot up with Novocain one Sunday and the next Sunday having a lower lip swollen was too curious.  Then I've had swellings on my feet that I thought were from insect bites.  My fingers and wrists would swell up and go down.  After awhile, I broke out in hives and that is when I went to see my primary doctor.  I went to ERs before and they were useless. They give out predizone (sp) like it is candy.

When my body broke out in welts I went to see my primary doctor.  He thinks I Might have the early stages of Lyme Disease and that is why I am writing this post.  Please get yourself checked.

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by Gretalynn2, Jun 24, 2012
At the end of this past November, my 15 yr old developed hives on the top of one hand.  The hives came and went in about 2 hrs.  Asked her lots of questions about what she ate or used on her skin that could have caused the spotty, pink rash.  We couldn't come up with anything and didn't think twice about it after.  One week later I gave her two adult Advil tablets for a headache.  Three hours later her lips and tongue started to swell.  Ran over to the ER where she was given Benadryl and Prednesone.  She has been taking Advil/Motrin off and on since she was a baby with no problems.  I want to make it clear that I have never given her Advil or any other type of pain meds on a regular basis.  Only for teething or ear pain as needed when she was a baby and for an occassional headache as a teen.  In fact, while in the ER, my daughter and I had forgotten all about the Advil as we were focused more on what foods or cosmetics caused the reaction.  The doctor and I decided it was the cherry pie she had earlier as it was something she had not eaten before.  Okay, so now I think my daughter is allergic to cherries and we will avoid that.  One week later she asks for Advil as she was having cramps due to her period.  I gave her 2 adult Advils and three hrs. later her lips and tongue are HUGE!  Get to the hospital ASAP, more Benadryl & Prednesone.  We then make the connection that it's the Advil.  I'm told to never give her Asprin or any type of NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).  NSAID's are in many medication like Advil, Aleve, Alka Seltzer, Pepto Bismol and others.  

At the beginning of the year she starts noticing hives coming and going on her hands, wrists and arms.  They don't itch, but are either small dots or rash like with pink and red.  We end up going to an Allergist who explains that if you have chronic hives then you most always will be allergic to Asprin/NSAID.  She told my daughter to only use Tyelnol.  

I started keeping a food journal and connected the dots to food dyes!  Yes, yellow #5, #6, Red #40, Blue 1.  After doing a lot of research I've learned that food dyes are a common cause of hives!  I noticed that every time my daughter ate a food with yellow #5, she developes hives on her arms, wrists and hands.  I've also learned that an allergy to food dyes will almost always lead to an Asprin sensitivity!   You would not believe how many foods with these dyes in them!  I contacted her allergist and asked to have a yellow #5 allergy test.   Yellow # 5 also goes under the name, Tartrazine.  This past Wed.  my daughter had blood drawn for the Tartrazine allergy as well as to rule out any other conditions that my cause hives like Thyroid, liver and kidney problems.  I really believe it's the food coloring causing the hives and has caused the Asprin/NSAID sensitivity.

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by siujin, Dec 06, 2012
I have hives in the back of my upper thighs and they occur quickly after I've been sitting for a long period of time. I have itching in my hands, on my back, and arms but those areas have no bumps. They not only itch but are slightly stingy too. Any suggestions?

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by marski, Dec 23, 2012
Just read these posts to get maybe some kind of answers to how ive been for bout 2 wks now. Mine,unknowingly,began while eating something id eaten plenty of times. Got a weird feeling in lip,like a shot from the dentist.This puffed up just a tad(thought maybe i bit it). Took ibu and went to bed. Next morning my lips hurt..i didnt recognize myself in the i can describe it is a cabbage patch doll with lip and eyelid injections along with a few non itchy hives. Went to e.r. where i was given i.v. benedryl,pepcid and prednisone..and a script for benedryl and pepcid..everything cleared up. Next day..i developed hives on arms while working and bottom of 1 foot hurt..and hour later my lips began to swell and was sent back to another benedryl i.v. ..the docs told me it was an allergic reaction and to see an allergist..gave me a script for epipens then sent me home..i had started a new medication called dexilant about a month prior..the prescribing doctor told me an allergic reaction to that is a possibility because it takes a few weeks for antibodies to build up and to discontinue it..The following day is when i couldn't walk due to what felt like broken knee pcp said it could take a couple days to a couple weeks to go away if its an allergic reaction..the hives continue but dont itch..cept feet and hands where i have none..I'm waiting for results for bloodwork done last week(no doc could see me for a week!) I can now walk although its painful but not like before..the pain goes between hands to where i cant hold a fork,to the elbows and one knee or another..ive made countless calls to pcp and allergist..i was told to see an r.a. doctor and called in a script for pain..up until then i used hot and cold compresses and massage with heat which did help but just temporarily (i didnt do this first few days because i couldnt walk and was too painful to try to even move without screaming) and i also put cold compresses on my hives to help with the swelling. I hope that helps someone. If anyone has any idea how long a script med takes to leave your system and how much longer than that symptoms last please let me know. My heart goes out to everyone who is going through this.

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by catgirl13, Jan 02, 2013
Hi, I also had horrible hives and joint and muscle pain and weakness for about four months. Finally went to a specialist and fount out I have an autoimmune disease call Dermatomyositis. It can be very serious and is best caught early. Good luck

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by vanflelc, Aug 12, 2013
I went through this and I have a great answer for you. CARRAGEENAN. Look it up! I had the same problem for 4 months. Turns out mine is related to the intake of a food additive called carrageenan. I urge you to read about it, and search your home for any and all products containing it (mostly fake dairy products, sauces, frozen meals, and can be In Toothpaste and shampoo), stop using these products for 2 weeks and you'll see them go away!! I have had welts, joint pain, stomach pain.... And I first determined it was the coffeemate creamer I was drinking everyday, and the turkey lunch meat... And everything else! This is not a safe additive so spread the word to ppl you know who may not know they are being affected.

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by amareia, Jan 08, 2014
I posted previously and wanted to let you know I am one of the rare people who amazingly found the source of my chronic urticaria (hives). My allergist discovered a connection between my hives going away when I was on antibiotics (when I also had a bacterial infection). He then reviewed all of my blood work, and it showed that my white blood cell count was constantly elevated.

BINGO.... my body is fighting an infection. And it's bad... so bad that my body is covering me in Hives to get my attention.

But, I am not showing any other symptoms. So where is this infection. Hmmm... well I guess I do get headaches more than the average person.

He sent me in for a CT Scan of my sinuses. He wanted to start there.

BAM! My CT Scan comes back, and shocks the ear, nose and throat specialist. She hasn't seen such a bad case of chronic sinusitis in her 30 years of practice. She doesn't even know how I can breath through my nose! But, I can, and I hardly ever have nose issues (or so I thought).

We treat the chronic sinusitis with intense medical therapy (strong antibiotics, mucinex, etc) and redid the CT Scan after 1 month and 3 months. It didn't completely clear up, and needed Balloon Sinusplasty.

Once my chronic sinusitis was cleared up, so were my hives.

Listen to your body. Good luck. If you find your answer, bookmark this site and come back!

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by chaitea, Apr 10, 2014
by Clare 4/9/14
I have had years of reoccurring rashes that are on my face.  I am on minocycline (3 years) and spironolacone and every time I see the sunlight my skin turns itchy and red faced(flushed).  I am on prednisone for the swelling again ( 3rd time) was tested and ANA test for anitbodies last year (negative) and am very frustrated.  I wore a hat in the sun and 50 sunscreen (vanicream) I have a thryoid problem(hypo) so I am wondering if this is minocycline lupus induced or should I get a rheumatologist involved.  I have many signs of Lupus...fatigue, thyroid issues, sun sensitivity, rash.  not sure where to start as there has been no definitive answer


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by tamerica, May 09, 2014
Omg I am 52 I have had hives now for many years...I am now starting to have swollen wrists and hands with heat and pain .my knees kill me
When i step up a step or two I feel like my knees will give out. I have noticed I get hives with Pressure and when I get sun burned. Been to dermo no resolution...I am on aterax that helps with the itching...I get hives on my torso thighs arms hands some times feet back of neck rarely on my face. I am so scared that it is something serious. My doc says he believes it is stress...I don't think so I get them when I am calm. I need answers it is making me hands have swollen up to my elbows with heat and pain...they try to tell me it is cellutitis and put me on antibiotics ironically the hive stay through the 10 day course of the antibiotics. I get hives almost Dailey. Help me some one...I also had a stroke in October 2013. Is this related? I am frightened.

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by Capulette1, Jun 06, 2014
Wow! Glad I found this thread. I am a healthy 35 year old with no previous hive outbreaks or any known allergies to anything. I was recently diagnosed with H. pylori (a type of bacterial infection usually found in third world countries).  This bacterial infection did not bother me for a couple of months and the antibiotic to treat it was $200 so I decided to prolong my treatment. Two months after diagnosis, I acquired A fungal skin infection that I was given antibiotics for. Eight days into taking the antibiotic, I broke out in hives on my joints and all up and down the right side of my arm and leg. I went back to my doctor and got a steroid injection and it did nothing for the hives. I've tried Benedryl to ease symptoms but I am a stay at home mom that just can't function on that while trying to care for two toddlers. I ended up researching some of the effects that H. Pylori can have on our bodies and I was surprised to find that it can cause over growths in yeast (fungal infection) and interfere with our body's histamine levels (hives). It can also trigger auto immune disease (hypothyroidism) which opens up our systems up to even more problems! The scariest thing about this bacteria is that it Burroughs into the lining of our stomachs and can "hide" for YEARS wreaking havoc on our immune systems!! And is not always killed off by the insane combination of antibiotics that are prescribed. Needless to say after having hives for 2 weeks with no relief, I marched to pharmacy and threw my $200 on the counter! I start the antibiotic tomorrow and will post to let you know if it has helped with my other symptoms.  I need some relief and pray that you all will find some as well!

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by Capulette1, Jun 06, 2014

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by clhotmail, Jun 04, 2015
I've had hives/swollen lips for 7 months, lots of different tests, and finally today they found I tested positive for the bacteria Ricksettsia, which I picked up while in British Columbia.
None of my previous bloodwork showed any signs of infection, and my only symptoms were hives (no fever), so they weren't taking very seriously the idea that it could be an infectious disease. In all my reading about Lyme disease etc. I hadn't come across this, but apparently it is very widespread; the main symptoms are rash and fever.

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by Josamylyn, Jun 25, 2015
I woke up on Jun 5th itching the hell out of my body. I thought Mosquitos had come in through our ripped screen. My boyfriend woke up to me telling him how mad I was that I had been eaten up. But I realized when I woke up that I had hives everywhere. I went in and they gave me a shot of epinephrine and Benadryl. And they gave me prednisone, which I never finished because it made me so tired. I know that is weird but it did. Then the next day after all the hives were gone my knees and right hand began to hurt. I went in to the er. This all began after finishing flagyl which I had never had a reaction to. They thought I might have serum sickness before looking at me but just told me to take extra steroids which they gave me and sent me home. But my right arm and knees ache, and it is starting to bother me. No hives have returned and I haven't run a fever. My blood counts are fine. So do I just go back and demand to be tested for auto immune disorders or see a rheumatologist?

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by oscarmark, Sep 27, 2015
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by oscarmark, Sep 28, 2015

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by Misses_hippie, Oct 29, 2015
My goodness!  I have read this entire thread & even though I am covered in hives, I have "giant hives" on the soles of my feet that make it terribly painful to walk AND my knees hurt so bad that I don't want to get up anyway..with all of that I have had a tad bit of relief just knowing that I'm not the only one out there!!  I refuse to take anymore steroids or antihistamines bc all they seem to do is turn me into a swollen, fat zombie that STILL itches and has pain.  I recently saw a different derm dr & since I've had every blood test & medication that they throw at you for hives he suggested I try a monthly shot called Xolair.  I am just wondering if anyone has tried it??  I am scared that might just mask what is REALLY going on, whatever the *#&@ it is.  I am...or was a healthy 40yr old female that played tennis, was active in my community etc, and now I feel like I am 90 yrs old! I have never had any allergies to speak of, pollen, meds, food no problem!  I am a recreation therapist and I cant even enjoy my own leisure time- which is now usually spent playing solitaire on my computer ;). I just hope all of us find the answers we deserve.  It's scary & depressing to say the least.  If I have any luck with the Xolair shot I will let it be known...fingers crossed, if they aren't swollen that is.  

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by avi222, Jan 26, 2016
I am having a sharp pain on my right side hip then sometimes it moves to under my tummy.i do weight lifting but not too heavy like around 20 pounds. Whenever I try to rub the pains. I can't feel it

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by Lena7324, Apr 05, 2016
I have had chronic urticaria for almost 11 yrs. I've seen every kind of Dr, tried over 100 meds and have had every test anyone can think of with no results. I'm swollen, broke out and miserable. I wish someone, somewhere could help me without throwing steroids at me.

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by Itisme10, Jun 24, 2016
Hello! I am suffering every day with itching all over my body including my scalp, underarms, lower stomach mostly upper legs and more. I have an occasional cough and sneezing a little. I've had my PCP do blood work and he found nothing. The dermatologist found nothing in blood test. The allergy doctor found nothing. Are there certain tests they are missing? They are assuming it is allergies because an allergy skin test showed 33 allergies but yet the blood work shows nothing. The topical medicines do not help. Gabapentin(nerve meds) helps some. My inner and upper arm muscles are sore. My jaw muscles close to my ears and under the jaw where the lymphnodes  are located are hurting. The ENT said that I had severe immflamation of the ears, nose and throat and referred me to the Allergy specialist.  My question would be this. If it is allergies then why does a nerve pill help more than topical and prescription itching meds? Can somebody please help. Thank you

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by Sigfan, Sep 08, 2016
I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Uticaria May 2016 although it started in March of 2016
The only thing that gave me any relief for four months was prednisone
Saw a really good allergist she put me on Singulair my internal medicine Doctor put me on attarax and Alegra and then I went on Pepcid as well
The hives and angioedema are gone thank God
When I went off of the prednisone then the joint pain and fatigue set in
Also have had some swelling in my ankles that is finally starting to subside
I've been tested for lupus RA and other stuff all came back negative have had allergy testing via blood being drawn and tested all came back showing barely allergic to anything
I don't know if the fatigue and joint pain is from the four months of continuous prednisone or if it's just part of the Uticaria
It does help to know that others with Uticaria are experiencing the fatigue and joint pain as well though
Not that I'm happy to know that any body is going through this I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy
But it does help to know I'm not alone in this suffering
I believe that prayer has really helped more than anything else
The cocktail I'm currently on is Alegra Singulair and Pepcid
It is keeping the hives swelling and itching at bay but the fatigue and joint pain is almost debilitating
You know I like mysteries as much as the next person but this one not so much

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by saviabbie, Sep 08, 2016
I know this thread goes YEARS back all the way to 2008, but I just read all of this and wanted to post my story.
Separate from this, but I do want to add, I've had chronic migraines about 4x per week for the past 12 years.
I am a 22 year old female and 1 year ago, literally out of nowhere, I started having chest pains. It felt like I was having a heart attack! My heart area was so tender, I couldn't even lay on my left side. That day, I went to the ER. They did an EKG, X-Ray, Blood work, everything. The ER doctor said I probably have arthritis in my chest wall. To rule everything out, and because the chest pain was so severe, my PCP had me see a cardiologist to get more testing done. Every single test came back normal.
4 months later, it was like in an instant again, the pain spread into my entire body in the joints. My knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, jaw, elbows, wrists, and knuckles constantly hurt. 24/7. I began seeing a Rhumatologist who would only ever order the same bloodwork over and over and then tell me everything was normal and literally shoo me away. My sed rate (inflammation) was normal. The rheumatoid panel all came back normal.
Well the pain never stopped. I was prescribed Fentanyl because the pain was so bad everywhere, I literally couldn't get out of bed on my own or walk down or up the stairs. The Fentanyl eventually stopped working.
About 5 months later, I was hospitalized for severe lower abdominal/pelvis pain. I had every symptom of a kidney infection but nothing ever showed on any test. They took ultrasounds, cat scans, nothing ever showed. The pain while going to the bathroom has since gone away, but I'm still left with the nausea every single morning when I wake and the random abdominal pain.
I began seeing a Pain Management doctor who is wonderful! He's brilliant. He took me off the Fentanyl and put me on Percoset. He believes that I could be having a food allergy and if I'm eating something I'm allergic to, it's basically causing my body to attack itself, mostly the joints.
He had me cut out peanuts, meat, and more recently gluten. I cut gluten out about 2 weeks ago. Since cutting gluten out, and not changing anything else, I have gotten hives 6 times in the last 8 days. Benadryl and hydrocortisone don't help at all. HOWEVER, my migraines have completely gone away! The hives last about 5-7 hours before mostly going away. The only thing I've changed is cutting gluten out.
Okay so here's my theory... I still haven't exactly figured out what is wrong with me, what's causing this joint pain. But what if I was having some sort of autoimmune reaction causing the joint pain and it was being covered up by my body's own allergy to the gluten. Now that I've taken the gluten away, the autoimmune disorder is manifesting itself also through hives. I don't know. Just a theory.
I'm only 22 and I've spent over an entire year now being miserable 24/7. The Percoset does manage the pain enough so that I can move without help. But I don't understand why I have to live my life in pain and now HIVES!?
I'd love to hear from some of the people who have commented years ago. Maybe they figured out what it was! I'm still on my journey to figuring it out. I am going to look into how to go to the doctors at Stanford for further testing.
I will say I've found a lot of great suggestions from this thread to try asking my doctor about.

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by Raniso988, Sep 22, 2016
Hi Saviabbie,  A few things, blood test is iron low? Is WCB high? Or is Platelets high?  Please have a stool test for ova and parasite, please have urine culture to test ova and parasite, if hives persist see a dermatologist when u have them to have a biopsy of one of the hive bumps.

One of my children had the same problem 3GP's later a stool test was done came back negative but wcb was a little high.  Two weeks later another stool test was done.  This time the results were positive for a Protozoa parasite.  Mess were taken two cycles of it and still the Protozoa did not eradicate.  Another blood test indicated fat in blood, the hives still came and went.  After seeing a specialist who did the biopsy found a parasitic helmynth (worm). Which caries the Protozoa too and so my child was affected from two different kinds of parasite.  We are still following course of treatment,  it will take time now as this problem was left untreated for too long.  All we were told was idiopathic hives, your child is just seeking attention to its stress or it's an allergy to something.  If it's not parasitic it could be Lyme disease.  I pray you find a solution soon

In the states and Canada food has been recalled due to Protozoa contamination called cyclospora, some people have the illness and do not even know about the recall,

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by Currentlyinpain, Mar 05, 2017
Worth researching Adult Still disease, hives, joint pain, fatigue are main symptoms.

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