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200 DAYS

Jun 22, 2008 - 7 comments

this afternoon my tracker will change to 200 days clean.  woooohooooo, i cant believe it.  201 days ago i was at the end.  wanted to give up and die.....couldnt go more than a few hours with out snorting my oxy...198 days ago i thought i had reached the bowels of hell....i was so sick, and i googled withdrawls from oxycontin, boom i found medhelp.  i realized i was not alone in this battle against opiates, and became even more determined to get my life back.  and thanks to the wonderful friends i have made here...I AM 200 DAYS CLEAN.  i know beyond a shadow of a doubt without the support and kindness from you guys i would still be using.  thankfully i was welcomed here and ppl really helped me.  to all of you a great big THANK YOU.  to all those that are new here, YOU CAN MAKE IT.  if i can anybody can.  sure i have days when i crave, but they are geting farther apart.  i know now that i can and will win this battle against the drugs from hell.  keep me in your thoughts and prayers as i will each of you.  good luck to all who are in the batle f a lifetime.  if i can help anyone pleasse just let me know.
and thanks again.

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by dominosarah, Jun 22, 2008
Congrats on 200 days. You are a great help to many on this forum.  Simply amazing!!!!  great job.         sara

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by bobby139, Jun 22, 2008
Congrats my dearest Cathy, you are such a amazing women, not many like you in this world! You have done a amazing job with your addiction, your a insperassion to me and all on this forum, and i know if it wasnt for you there would be many out there that wouldn't of made it and i am one of them. Because of the women you are your little girl will also make it !
All my love

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Jun 28, 2008
You are truly AWSOME remember always @ the end of the tunnel there is a beautiful RAINBOW believe me I see it everyday  now that I'm 9 years almost to the day clean!!! I was on vicodin for 10 years 1989-1999 prayers and blessings jimi1822 PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY

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by sadinmichigan, Jun 28, 2008
Cathy, that is truly a blessing..I am so happy for you. Congratulations girl..much love to you  Lisa

460948 tn?1232302122
by Rose703, Jun 28, 2008

When I came here in March you were one of the first people to greet me, you see my DOC happens to be Oxy as well. I was snorting 8-10 of the 80mgs per day, but I remember you saying, "If I can do it anyone can do it!" Believe it or not I hung onto those words as the bowels of hell took over my life for a few weeks. I'm happy to say that because I found Med Help and because you were nice enough to give me your story, I'm still Oxy Free today!!

Congraduations on 200 days clean!! I can only hope that I'm able to post that I'm clean for that length of time. Thank you for your kindness and I know how most of the time you never even know that you helped a stranger, but today I wanted you to know just how much you helped this stranger!!

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by gator145, Jun 28, 2008
Hi Cathy ,
This is Gator .... That is such a wonderful piece to read this AM....I see you postted it a few days ago but I have always been late all my life....I know you will forgive me......But the wonderful thoughts I'm sending are for always.... So you keep up th good work and that is what it is WORK.....  You have to work at this to make yourself who you wish to be.... And you are doing a swell (Like that 1950's word?), job.....
God Bless Cathy,    Gator

402205 tn?1230481005
by mimi1313, Jun 28, 2008

You are truly an inspiration to all of us. You always have such supportive and caring advice. You have also been there for me more than a few times when I really needed it. And I;m sure so many others can say the same thing.

Congratulations on 200 days!!


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