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Simple tool to Assess your Risk for Deep Venous Thromboses (DVT)

Dec 14, 2009 - 3 comments



Deep Venous


blood clot


Pulmonary embolus


Chest Pain


Heart Attack

Together Deep Venous Thromboses DVT and Pulmonary Embolus PE may be responsible for more than 100,000 deaths each year, but there is reason to believe that the true incidence rate could be significantly higher, as several studies suggest that these diseases are often undiagnosed. One thing is undeniably clear—DVT and PE are major national public health problems that have dramatic, negative impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands Americans each year.

Furthermore over 500,000 million people suffer from DVT or PE in the US each year. One thing is certain awareness of the risk factors for DVT can decrease the number of people that ultimately die from this disorder and increase the number of people who ultimately receive the appropriate treatment.

Did you know that simply stopping to take a break and walk outside your vehicle can reduce your risk of DVT during long trips or the use of medical grade compression stockings can be life saving?

Paste the link in your browser to get a free risk assessment the venous disease foundation.


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745975 tn?1258960922
by JenB12, Dec 16, 2009
500,000 million people??? :)

Avatar universal
by toby45, Dec 30, 2009
Give him a break...you know he meant 1/2 a mil and it's only a bloody typo! Dr. K is one of the smartest and kindest out there...we need more like him! :)
Happy 2010 JenB12 and to your good health!

1114714 tn?1264964278
by Jaynes, Jan 12, 2010
I had DVT twice. The second time the GP didn't believe me and sent me home saying I'd pulled a muscle. It was 6 weeks later when I could barely walk that I was admitted to hospital. I wish I'd seen Dr K then!

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