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dermoid cyst

Dec 07, 2007 - 3 comments


i m 26 years old and my left ovary is removed 1 year back coz of dermoid cyst i have a baby but now i have dermiod cyst in right ovary and doctors said after few years they will remove my right ovary but i m very affraid please tell me what will happen after removal of my both ovaries and what will be my health condition

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by sitwat, Dec 07, 2007
i have no words right now to say

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by mamabear68, Jan 18, 2008
If they remove the entire other ovary, you will go through menopause.  They may be able to save some of it if not most of it and you will still be able to conceive.  Saving your ovarian tissue should be their #1 priority considering your age.  I'm assuming you would like to have more children.  If they can't save your ovary during surgery, I would most definitely let them know that you wish to harvest your eggs.  My sixteen year old has have 3 dermoids removed   by 2 different major surgeries.   They did manage to save 10% of her right ovary and 50% of her left.  They have put her on a birth control to keep her from ovulating to save as many eggs as possible.  

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by Arah, Feb 21, 2009
Hello, When i was 18 i too lost my left ovary to a tumor; i was petrified because cancer runs in my family. It didn't make me feel any better when they said the type of tumor i had usually came in pairs or could return. When i asked what would happen if they took both or one after the other they said i would face early menopause and possibly be at a higher risk for osteoporosis. My best advice since i only know what i have been told, if u are content with your families size, have it removed and just be sure that your diet is healthy, you exercise regularly and take vitamins. I'm not saying my opinion is what will happen always check with a pro; but from one woman to another, health is number one and don't let the worst get the best of you.

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