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Day 5

Mar 14, 2015 - 1 comments

Woke up feeling real bad this morning. Was hoping I might feel a tiny bit better today but thinking this is the worst it has been so far. Which is weird since I ate a very nutritious dinner last night (and kept it down) and actually got over 6 hours sleep-even if it was in 2 hour increments. Gonna allow myself a couple hours to curl up and pity myself and then I am getting my tired self dressed and going to see my grandchildren. I am very involved in their lives and haven't seen them in over a week. I am scared to death cause children can see right through all the bull. My daughter knows what is going on and she will be there with me to help me. We have decided to just tell the kids that I have something like an ear infection and the antibiotics are making me feel sick. Hate lying but really don't think the kids need to deal with this. God please give me the strength today to go see my babies, my soul misses them. Praying for strength today but resolve is still strong.

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by Catt_N, Mar 14, 2015
Hang in there, it needs more time. I was thinking exactly the same on day 5 also, and ended up disappointed and sad for the rest of the day. So I stopped expecting anything for a while and just focused on taking the vitamins, eating right, drinking as much water as I could, I couldn't eat solids so I had lots of veggie soup with chicken bones/stock. And took protein shakes. I made myself do that every day and gave up coffee & sweets which I loved & craved.   It took a while but it really does makes a difference once you've past the 2 weeks mark.
If you can remember from reading my posts. The guys and girls gave me all the information I needed to recover this quick. I was told age does play a huge role in all of this but also every body is different. All I could think about was my babies while lying there and it helps gives u strength to push through. I kept telling myself, "this life of mine is to live for my boys, now suck it up god dammit!"
It's only day 5 but hang in there it won't go away but it gets less intense and less painful every day.
Just thinking about what you're going through, reminded me of how I felt on day 5.... I couldn't stop the tears from falling. I still can't control my emotions but now when I look back, I've seen how far I've come thanks to all the guys on this site, I call them my guardian angels. I made a choice to take advice only from them over my doctor. He's a doctor but I don't think he's experienced any of this.
You're getting better every day even if it doesn't feel like it.
So hang in there

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