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Left chest pain in pregnancy

Mar 14, 2015 - 0 comments

So I have seen multiple doctors multiple times for the same thing since I became pregnant (currently 37 weeks) Nobody can find anything cardiac related but I'm beginning to think they are all wrong. I have had super bad acid reflux for about 6 months and have taken and done everything possible for it and no help. I get very sharp chest pain on the left side and my left arm is very sore like someone is squeezing it. Now the doctors still think this is because of acid reflux/heartburn. I also have chronic hypertension and a very fast heart rate/pulse, ever since I became pregnant.  It has gotten worse over the last couple days and they still can't find anything wrong. My heart rate also fluctuates like crazy from one minute being 90 to another minute being 140. They have also done CT scans for PE and nothing. Could this seriously just pregnancy related or could there be something really wrong that they just aren't finding? I want answers!

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