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day at the Aquarium!

Jun 23, 2008 - 2 comments

Since living in Virginia Beach the last yr + we have been to the aquarium about 4 times. they keep doing construction to it and stuff or getting new exhibits. but yesterday when we went i discovered that they just added the best activity for kids EVER! its called "little builders" and they pass out little yellow helmets and those orange construction vests and they have several "work sites" set up in the room. its AMAZING and we had so much fun! lol it was probably just as much fun for me as the kids. they have little rubber hammers and wrenches, pullys, cones, blocks, pipes, a crane! and all this stuff actually works the way the real thing would, like with the hammers you can actually hammer these "nails" found in wood in different parts of the room (i cant explain it because i dont really know names of tools but its like a "two sided" nail and it just pushes over to the other side of the wood) and they have a painting area too! not real paint but they have the brushes and the colors to "dip" it in and a wall with those colors already pained on it. they had different exhibits in the room too like baby alligators, and a beaver that was actually working on a little dam in his room. it was adorable. i dont know if they have "little builders" in any other childrens museums or aquariums but i highly recommend bringing the kiddos to it. its fun and very educational!

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199914 tn?1295890047
by Itlyncutie87, Jun 23, 2008
It is pretty neat! I was just in Virginia beach a couple weeks ago for my honeymoon. My aunt & uncle live in Virginia beach. My husband and I are thinking about moving down there. We just loved it when we were there, and I feel the same way about staying up late hours looking at tickers to see how far along I would be if I was pregnant. I had a miscarriage in February and have been ttc ever since. It's been a very hard time for me, I just want to be a mommy so badly. Do you have any tips for me? Your daughters are beautiful by the way =)

358455 tn?1277433619
by luv2bmommy, Jun 23, 2008
its very nice to be so close to the beach here. theres always something going on! im so sorry to hear of your loss. i dont understand why things happen the way they do sometimes, but it makes us stronger and more grateful i think. i hope you and your husband have the family you hope for one day and congrats on the marriage! i also cant really give you any tips lol i havent really had any success ttc yet either! my two ladies were very unplanned! but no less adored and appreciated. well i DO know if you want to be a mommy one day you WILL be! and whether that means ttc for yrs, adoption, surrogate, what have you, it will happen.

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