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Methylation defects the cause of desease

Mar 15, 2015 - 3 comments













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I was in treatment for candida for over a year. Over a 3 - 6 month period during treatment I noticed that my nerve pain was getting increasingly more painful and more frequent. My husband was having problems with his asthma getting gradually worse. I happened to stumble upon an article "Methylation Problems Lead to 100s of Diseases" by Suzy Cohen.

We had our genes tested through 23 and me and then went through genetic genie to have our raw data deciphered. Genetic genie sent us a panel on our methylation profile as well as our detox profile. It helped us to understand a lot of what was going on for the past 10 yrs or so.

We both have many defects including a defect in our CBS enzyme and this prevents us from braking down sulfur. It also causes us to produce to much ammonia along with histamine. All of the sulfur based supplements we were taking were slowly destroying us. Sulfur is suppose to be good for you but not when you have these active mutations.

We went on a strict low sulfur low protein diet. We take molebdenum (which we were already taking not knowing this was helping quite a bit), yucca to lower ammonia, L-carnitine to help lower ammonia and help with ATP energy, CoQ10 helps with the energy starved mitochondria, D-Ribose 3 times a day for energy, Hydroxy B12 because this is the only b12 we can tolerate until the sulfur and ammonia levels come down (we are deficient in b12), PQQ to help regenerate cells also an antioxidant,  Reversotrol - antioxidant, Pyridoxal 5' - phosphate B6, vit E, vit. D 5000, vit C, manganese, magnesium and potassium for electrolytes that are depleted, Creatine everyday, charcoal daily to help remove excess ammonia, bentonite clay and fiber to help remove ammonia and other toxins, Dandelion rt. in small amounts because it is a high in sulfur ( cannot take milk thistle because it is higher in sulfur than dandelion rt.) and histame or DOAsin to help lower histamine. We have other supplements but the ones I listed are the most important.

We have seen many benefits with the diet and supplements. It will take some time before we can actually start supplementing with methyl b12 and methyl folate. Once we are able to do this most of our health problems will go away. You can read more about these genetic conditions on DR Ben Lynchs Web site or go to Amy Yaskos web site on the methylation pathway.

I found out about this just when I was getting a little discouraged. Having the knowledge and treating these conditions has really improved my outlook on getting better . I hope everyone who has any kind of illness looks into this. We were very depleted in our nutrients. Treating this condition is going to turn it around for us as it can for many of you. Nerve pain, blood sugar instability, insomnia, fatigue, indigestion, migraine headaches, muscle sorendess, viruses, candida infection or other infections can all be signs of B vit. deficiency along with deficiency in other vitamins. Treatment of the methylation pathway is the future in medicine.

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by margypops, Mar 19, 2015
Hi donjoe..I thought I had Lyme disease a while ago, I seem to get all symptoms now and again, then I thought it maybe CFS ...I have been diagnosed with pre diabetes but dont think I have that .I am low in Vit D and thats all they have found other wise...I have had flu twice this year and it was nasty,one conclusion I have come to is that the aerial spraying they are doing here in CA is making many of us sick with allergy like symptoms that come and go, I am surrounded by a lot of Yucca and Joshua trees and cactus so thats another possibility..I was bitten by a tick about 20 years ago ,and 3 weeks later had a really bad headache and other symptoms the Lyme has always been in my mind .

1353650 tn?1429466974
by donjoe341, Apr 16, 2015
Hi Margy
I think it is all of the above.
I have problems in my methylation cycle. My genes for detoxing are defective along with my genes for absorbing b12 and folate.
This set me up for the health issues I currently suffer with. I treated lyme, babesia and micoplasma for 3 years with not much improvement. I also have been treating candida overgrowth. Every time I tackle any issue by taking supplementation to kill the bacteria or fungus I feel really bad. It is likely that I have a very difficult time detoxing the poisons these organisms are giving off. I decided to go very healthy.
My diet consists of complex carbs only, no flour, no sugar, no processed foods, no caffeine, fresh veggie juice only, lots of filtered water, probiotics daily, fresh veggies cooked or raw, organic as much as possible, kombucha, kimchi, supplements that provide electrolytes, d-ribose, l-carnitine, CoQ10, creatine, and molebdenum (molebdenum helps with toxins caused from candida die off), vit E, Vit. D, good fats, HCL with betaine and gentian (before each meal), have helped me greatly.

I recently ordered glutithione patches to help me detox. I think this is my missing link since I am so deficient.
This is something you should consider especially with the toxic pesticides in your area.
I too suffer with insulin resistance (prediabetes) along with my husband and son. Our doctor that discovered this was very concerned because she said that we likely suffer with some kind of bacterial infection causing this problem. She told us to go to an infectious disease doctor. We did that for 3 years and got no where. This is because most medical doctors today do not believe in looking for parasites or candida. They do not treat the body as though it all works together. Testing is very poor for most bacterial infections like lyme. They just want you to pop antibiotics and think that is going to take care of things. Well it sure as hell doesn't. If anything it made things worse and candida harder to kill.

We have been making progress but always go backwards when we try to attack candida or any other infection with herbal supplements. Our bodies can not handle it. So, this is where glutithione comes in. Once we have done the glutithione for a few months we will then try to attack possible parasites along with candida.  I will let you know how it goes.

Also, I know you think that you do not have prediabetes because it doesn't seem possible. Some things are out of your control. My husband is stick thin and eats very healthy and was diagnosed with this. Most doctors would pass this off as genetic until they saw us all having the same condition at the same time. They can't figure it out nor do they try. Whatever you do, do not ignore it otherwise you will be just like all of the other Americans suffering from diabetes.
The best thing I could tell you to do is to try the glutithione patches for a few months and see how you feel.


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by member123456, Oct 13, 2015
A deficiency in choline, which used to produce betaine as trimethylglycine, phosphatidylchloline, methionine, sphingomyelin, metabolize phosphatidylethanolamine, glutathione, supply the transsulfuration pathway, and produce 90+ percent of biophysiology including cellular membranes, tissues, hematopoietic factors, neurotransmitters, functional molecular pathways and structure.  

Until you reconstitute these pathways, not only through supplementation which provides only 5% bioavailability, through clinical administration as I.V. or persistent hypodermic instrumentation, you may as well be filming an episode of the three stooges.  The reason that the human biophysiology does not regenerate, repair, reconstitute any impaired aspect and why health conditions emerge, persist and progress, are deficiencies within these pathways or genetic impairment which prevents these from being transformed into 90+ to 100% biophysiology.

If you are obtaining L-carnitine and choline factors ingestively, an antibiotic, probiotic and prebiotic are required because les than optimal bacteria transforms these factors into trimethylamine, which hepatically is reduced to trimethylamine-n-oxide.  homocysteine and asymmetrical dimethylarginine as the principle incipient degradatory, vasoconstrictive and nitric oxide inhibiting and nitrogen factor inhibiting influences resulant of choline and phospholipid inadequacy. Obtaining L-carnitine, choline and phospholipids can provide relief of these ephemerally, while betaine, methyltetrahydrafolate, phosphochline citidylyltransferase can prolong the bioavailability through recycling, however only at 5 percent of the levels exhibited in the ingested foods.  Trimethylamine-n-oxide has many of the same effect of asymmetric dimethylarginine and homocysteine. As soon as bioavailability choline and phospholipids degrades, all cellular entitities exhibiting metabolism can immediately exhibit phospholipase mediated catabolism of their membranes, producing a circumstance in which choline  and phospholipids seem to be adequately available which is the bases of the complexity of treating human health conditions.  What is observed as a health condition is often so far afield of the precise reasons it has emerge, persist and progresses, that most therapeutics are not accurate, may affect only the observed aspects of the condition, and might be as harmful as they are helpful.  

Bacteria are an essential because they provide assured levels of nitrogen factors, and the principle manner in which nitrogen from atmosphere is integrated into root foods to enter the nutritional pyramid/hierarchy.  

An antibiotic followed by a good regiment of organic living foods and supplemented by prebiotic and probiotics can be beneficial.  Otherwise, have the bacterial and microflora, typically in the ingestive and digestive pathway, genotyped and phenotyped.  This can help you understand if there are too many less optimal microflora and what thier metabolic base may be, so that these can be counteracted.  

Specifically, however, diabetes may pervasively aspects of the progressive degradation of bioophysiology resultant of choline and phospholipid inadequacy.   Insulin, for instance, does not interact with sugars, instead interacting with transcription factors within cellular entities to cause increased expression of glut. Glut moves to the extracellular interface to enable more sugars to be endocytosed.    Choline and phospholipids, however, increase the throughput of sugar metabolism, with glycine depeleting glucose factors at later aspects of the pentose phosphate pathway. During choline deficiency, P53 is invoked causes cellular entities to pause in a hypertrophic phase and segmenting the pentose phosphate pathway at its earliest phase, inducing cycles of glycogen accumualtion.  This may be a principle cause of organ hypertrophy in humans and is a substantial reason that renal, cardiac and hepatic organs exhibited glomularization. Glomerulization is the compaction and degradation of extracellular matrix which provides the structure and shape for cellular entities of organs.  Extracellular matrix becomes degraded by asymmetric dimethylarginine, homocysteine and trimethylamine-n-oxide.  Extracellular matrix, however, can be kept healthy through beneficial matrix flux produced when metalloproteases degrade it and glycine factors are adequate enough to enable connective tissue factor synthesis by cellular entities.  Choline, trimethylglycine, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine and methionine adequacy are may be aspects of these pathways which can be supportive to in assuring glycine adequacy.  

During renal impairment, the production of advance end products, such as glycation, lipoxidation, and other factors, can increase and become integraded as non-metabolizable factors within tissues, membranes, structure and molecules.  Renal impairment and the circumstances described here, can all contribute to progressive impairment and degradation of genetic material within each cellular entity because choline, phospholipid and nitrogenous factors are required for dna replication, structure and the repair of genome which occurs in up to 1 million instances each day in each cellular entity.  These can cause essential enzymes and molecules to become atypical, as well as reduce transcription. Glutathione benefits biophysiology, along with superoxide dismutase, as well as  metformin, because these reduce the process by which advanced end products are formed in biological fluids and because these reduce detrimental oxidation of essential molecules.  

For more information,
review the information at

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