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Day 7

Mar 16, 2015 - 3 comments

Woke up this morning feeling horrible. Was not expecting this at all! Thought I would be getting better and better each day and this *****. Feel like I'm gonna puke, shaking all over, barely have energy to move, Getting a horrid headache. Why Why Why? I have been pretty strong and positive thru all this (most of the time) but this caught me off guard and I'm not sure I can handle this. I just want it all to stop! Feel like giving up...

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by spider6, Mar 16, 2015
Please don't give've come so far and you're just going to have to go through it again.  This is your addict brain screaming at you ....get sick if you have won't hurt..prob feel better...remember to breath through your diaphragm and not your chest.  Praying for you.hugs

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by weaver71, Mar 16, 2015
Try to surrender to this process, it hurts to have the drugs leave the body, it hurts to feel the healing process, but that pain lets you know that you are doing the right thing. You are healing every minute you don't use, no matter how it feels, you are becoming a better person. There will never be a better or easier time than right now, keep your eyes on the prize. Detox cannot kill a healthy person, so you are safe, you just got to ride this out for now. You can do it.

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by qpatty, Mar 16, 2015
Realistically I knew it was going to take a while because of how long I was on them and the high dose. Just got excited yesterday cause I had such a good day. Thought maybe I was gonna luck out. I'm getting over the shock of how horrible I feel today and now I'm prepared for the battle. This enemy is formidable but I will win this war! I have decided to find some sort of counselor to go to one on one because I have started having some god-awful painful memories from my childhood that I had buried years ago start popping up and I can't make them stop. Things I know I have never taken the time to deal with,just always medicated them with one thing or another. And the mental torture is way worse than the physical stuff. Wish my father was still alive so I could either give him a piece of my mind or punch him in the face. My true solace is that I broke the cycle and raised 2 strong, independent daughters who have enough self-esteem to never have the issues to deal with that I have. And I thank God every day for that.

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