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New incision free treatments for weight regain after gastric bypass

Dec 16, 2009 - 5 comments

weight regain gastric bypass s




weight regain

Have you had a bariatric surgical procedure and the weight is starting to come back after all you've gone through? It does happen, and the ill effects on the health that come with being overweight or obese are just as likely to return with it. With a StomaphyX incisionless procedure, a correction can be made to your gastrointestinal tract with even shorter recovery than laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Elliot Goodman has performed bariatric surgeries at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, NYC since 2004, and been involved in bariatrics since 1997.

Sometimes, after a gastric bypass surgery or other bariatric procedure, the stomach can stretch itself back to its original size. Often, without the proper diet regulation and exercise, it is just a matter of time. Patients who have lost considerable weight through gastric bypass surgery suddenly regain the unhealthy weight they had previously lost. Obesity surgery does change and save lives, but it is not foolproof and adjustments are sometimes necessary. That's where StomaphyX comes in.

StomaphyX incisionless gastrointestinal surgery uses endoscopic tools that require no cutting of the body and even less down time than laparoscopy. Vacuum suction pulls the stomach wall into aUsing a series of fasteners that cinch up the stomach walls, the maximum volume of the stomach decreases and caloric intake falls with it.

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623083 tn?1295211081
by maycas72, Jan 05, 2011
I had a subtotal gastrectomy with lysis of adhesions due to my stomach issues they figured this would be the best way to help due to reflex and much more with my gi tract. I have had problems since. The surgery was in July 2008. I recently had a ct scan which showed these things:
Ct on abdomen and pelvis with contrast,which shows dilation and fluid on superior mesenteric vein?

I had a ct scan on my abdomen and pelvis with contrast. The ct scan had showed that several loops of mildly dilated small bowel loops. Distal colon and rectum remain dilated without wall thickening or evidence of acute inflammatory progress. Irregularly shaped Locaulated fluid collection in the superior abdomen just to left of midlind adjacement to the superior margin of the superior mesenteric vein. What does that mean?they put could represent a small postoperative seroma(which last surgery was july 2008).  Absecess is thought but less likely. Mild intrac and extrahepatic biliary ductal dilation.
I was told to go home and wait things out. Not to be eating to upset the gi tract. No iv fluids were given. I got major motility disorder in the whole gi tract. I have lost 12  lbs  since this started and about 5 lbs in a few days. The pain has been bad the last month and is not getting better.
Is this concerning?  

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by zennny, Jan 15, 2011
I weighed 370, was diabetic, uncontrolled was turning from type II to type I and allergic to insulin, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis and five foot three...had the roux N Y gastric bypass and the diabetes and blood pressure responded immediately, sleep apnea in weeks, arthritis went into remission for two years.  Lost 160 lbs. in four months then had a hernia, same Dr. fixed the hernia.  Lost down to 140 and was extremely depressed, affected me in negative ways..hanging skin ect.  Worked out and gained weight to 209 and leveled out a bit.  Got the operation in November 2003.  2006 began to experience awful nerve pain and insomnia.  Regular Dr. said the arthritis was no longer in remission, the diabetes and blood pressure were gone but high LDL's no meds for it either that would not cause internal bleeding.... but due to the gastric bypass I could not take any meds that might cause internal bleeding.  Was in intense pain and could not walk for four months.  He sent me to a pain specialist who proscribed gabapentin.  Was immediately responsive the pain went away but made me muzzle headed and unable to drive.  Now am worried about the neurontin and its effects on my kidney and liver.  Need to know how to get down to 160 or 180 without harming myself.  I have no hunger at all but maybe not doing the right things and need to know what this StomaphX incisionless procedure entails and how to access it...thank you zennny

1140722 tn?1266352679
by Elliot R Goodman, MDBlank, Jan 16, 2011
Call me @ 718 213 3407 for more info on stomaphyx
Dr Goodman

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by ladyinfinity, Jan 22, 2011
I am experiencing much of the same things as Zenny.  I am now in a wheelchair with spinal cord disease, neurogenic bladder, fist stage renal disease.  Severe Pernicious and Iron Deficient Anemia.  I take 3 B12 shots daily-1000mcg per.  I receive IVIG on a monthly basis.  My B12 is still at 156 and falling again.  I have been battling this way since 2006.  I had my Roux in 2003 and lost a little over 100 pounds and then i started getting sick and now I am back up to 300 as of yesterday 1/21/2011.  I want to get this weight off so badly.  I still stick to eating my 8oz per meal but i have no appetite most of the time and I don't eat but once a day, sometimes twice.  I drink water like crazy and crave the crunch.

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by jeanette9999, Oct 19, 2011
i had the stomaphyx with dr goodman 2009 didnt work  i lost like 3 pounds a that was it  u should try something else for me i had the gastric bypass the stomaphyx need help where are u dr goodman? can u help? jeanette

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