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Dec 16, 2009 - 1 comments

I went in for my followup beta on yesterday and my beta was still rising!  My RE actually called me himself last night to talk about the options of what to do next.  At this point he was concerned it was ectopic.  He explained I could have surgery but since he hadn't seen anything on U/S, that could be risky because they may not even find the ectopic.  The next option was the manual vaccum aspiration, similar to a D&C but less invasive as they don't use the metal instruments to scrape you uterus.  And the third was to just get the metatextrate shot for the ectopic but there was that chance that I didn't have an ectopic.  I decided to see where my numbers went and have the mva done if that was needed.  RE called with results and they went up so they wanted me to come to there office right away.  Before the procedure they gave me some IV meds to make me comfortable.  I was awake and felt some cramping but nothing serious.  They weren't able to get much tissue as I had passed most of the lining already.  From what they did get they sent to the pathologist to check the tissue.  There was no product of conception in the tissue.  So he diagnosed me as having an ectopic.  He gave me the methatexrate.  I have to go on Sunday to check my levels and then again three days later to see if they are going down.  He wants to see them down by 15% or more.  He said there is a small 5% that it doesn't work and I hope I don't fall in to that category.  It just ***** because now there is a 10% chance of having another ectopic.  I am going to try and not think about that though.  Even though it is much easier to be negative I just have to stay positive in knowing that I CAN get pregnant.  We now just need one that is going to stick!  I am looking forward to the new year and hoping there is a BFP for me and all my MH friends!!!

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by hudsy, Dec 17, 2009
That *****!!! Wow I'm so sorry. I'm glad it was painful. I hope your levels drop drastically, and 10% isn't super high! You're right to stay positive but it definitley is easier said than done :( I'm wishing you the best of luck next month and a super sticky baby!!!!

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