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how long does hcg stay in your body after miscarriage?

Jun 23, 2008 - 32 comments



missed miscarriage

i had a missed miscarriage 5 weeks ago, i was 6 weeks along and everthing came away naturally and i stopped bleeding after 7 days. i decided not to wait untill i got my next period so i started ttc straight away. i have just taken 2 hpt which have shown me a positive result, could these be false readings because my body could still have the hcg hormone still in my system from my miscarriage? any replies would be of great help, thanks.

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by TheMarMar, Jun 24, 2008
Only being 6 weeks along when you did miscarry, it should only be in your system a few days after.  A week at the most. I was 14 weeks when I miscarried and that was a Friday night. By Monday and another pregnancy test it was in the low digits. Hope this helps!

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by kiddiechaos, Jun 24, 2008
sorry for your loss too but thanks for the info, it can just be very confusing as its an emotional time anyway, thanks.

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by Serena4, Jun 25, 2009
Hi all - I am in a similar situation & hoping someone can shed some light. I had a natural miscarriage April 15th, which lasted approx. 9-10 days. I was 9 weeks along but my HCG levels were only matching that of a 4 week pregnancy. I had what I believe was my 1st normal period following the miscarriage on May 20th, which lasted 6-7 days. I haven't gotten my period yet for June so I took a pregnancy test & it was positive. The line was kinda faint so I was wondering if there is any chance my body is still retaining the HCG leftover from my miscarried pregnancy or is it possible that I am pregnant again? I bought 2 more tests that I am planning on taking in the next few days to see if the positive result line gets darker, indicating my levels are increasing & more of a confirmation that I am pregnant again. I don't have medical insurance coverage right now so I'm looking for answers elsewhere before I take the next step & see a doc. Any help that may be provided is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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by JoyRenee, Jun 25, 2009
It can take 6 weeks. You should wait to TTC to reduce your risk of infection and so that you won't get these confusing signals. It takes an average of 4-6 weeks to get your period after a miscarriage. I'd wait for that and then start TTC again.

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by leanne305, Feb 05, 2010
I was 7-8 weeks when i miscarried, it happened on the 24th jan and i had to see my doctor the following tuesday, i showed signs of hcg so they could not discharge me until it had all gone, the following tuesday i was still showing levels of hcg so i have to go back again on tuesday so they can re-test me, i was told it takes about a week to go but now im not too sure.

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by bond75, Jun 03, 2010
i miscarried in january will i still carry the hcg hormone in my body, ive just done a pregnancy tst which shows positive.

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by napmiclaphamhotmailcouk523, Jun 04, 2010
I had a mc 4 weeks ago. i was doing tests after which were neg and now when i do a preg test it is poss im not due on till the 12th june. we have been trying is it the old hcg or the old? im confused please help!!

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by chaz1983726, Jun 07, 2010
ihad a miscarrage on the 3rd of june 2010 i started spotting on the 3rd and was having the pains on the 4th i lost the baby i know as i saw the sack, when i went 2 the hospital 2 have a scan i was told my utrus was empty but there was still a few blood clots there that would come out, its been almost a week now and befor i miscarried i had sex with my partner and i now have the bad boobs feeling sicky and is wondering if its possible that i could be pregnant again i was 8 weeks from the first day of my last period would the hcg still be in my system now????

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by beky545, Jun 09, 2010
how long hcg stay in ur boby i only have 3 shot it show i pregant.. so how long do i have to stay before i text agagin

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by chaz1983726, Jun 14, 2010
well here's the ans 2 my own question:it stayed in my system for 10 days and the dr told me that when the bleeding stops the hcg will be out of me and it was, another question i have is how soon after will i know that im ovulating as i will have 2 wait now for a few weeks for my 1st period again its all 2 confusing i asked the dr and she told me 2 take ovulation tests and i have been and i still aint ovulating yet!!!!!

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by KConklin, Jul 18, 2010
Can someone please help me my last period was June 8 2010 and on July 11 2010 I took three preg. tests and all came back postivie so I went to my doctors and she did another test and said it was a very faint line but I was pregnant so this weekend yesterday Saturday July 17 I had so bleeding when I wiped and I went to the hospital they did another pregnancy test also took blood and tried an u/s but my bladder was emtpy from my urine test so they could not see anything after I left the hospital I started bleeding more and I had small blood clots the hopital said my cervix was closed which is good but my hcg count was low only 499.7 did I have a miscarrage or am I still prengnat will anything come out to let me know that I did miscarry as of today July 18 I have very little bleeding my boobs are not sore anymore but I feel sick to my stomach is my body playing games with me now please help

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by CC444, Jul 21, 2010
I have the similar problem. I had my miscarriage on July 12 and the bleeding lasted about 7 days. I stopped bleeding on July 20, 2010. I took a test yesterday because my doctor told me to take one, just to make sure I had a miscarriage a week from the day I started bleeding. The test came back positive but the second line was kind of faint. I was only 10 weeks along. How long will the pregnancy hormone stay in my system. You can email me at jennifer.***@****

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by MIZComi, Jul 26, 2010
I am so sorry 4 everyones losses.... I know how hard it is"( I also had a miscarriage July 12, 2010. I started bleeding the day be4 as i was coming home from a vA/cA. I was 6-7 weeks the bleeding only lasted about 4 days. I know doc's. say to wait a full cycle 2 ttc but me and my partner started trying a week after. im hoppin we get some good new!

        GOOD LUCK 2 ALL OF U")

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by Nene1989, Aug 03, 2010
I am very sorry for all of your losses I wish you all the best.
Okay ladies I think I have a kind of complex case. I feel kind of stupid for even posting this due to the fact that all of you actually got positive urine pregnancy tests. But here it goes anyway. So my last period was the June 12th, my next period was due for July 10th, and I missed it. My boobs grew a cup size they weren’t really sore but just for a few days, I was very bloated, had frequent urination, was moody, crampy, and I had very bad diarrhea (I know very nasty). I didn’t think I was pregnant because all the women I knew and those on television always had sensitive noses and threw up so I thought I was fine even though I have never missed a period. My sister thought that I should have at least a urine pregnancy test, so I got one that said that I was negative on July 19th , and the doctor told me the most accurate way to tell if I was pregnant was a blood test. But before I could do that, I started cramping worse and passed a pretty big blood clots (which I thought was a little odd), and started bleeding pretty heavily by July 23rd, where I needed to change pads every 1-1 ½ hours and it was unusually clumpy. Even through all of that, the bleeding made me believe I was fine and that it was my period, but I was unusually exhausted, in pain, and nauseated. But without ever getting a positive result I don’t know what all of this is about. I stopped bleeding on July 31st and have an appointment set for August 10th. If I was pregnant I would have been about 5 ¾ weeks almost 6 weeks when the bleeding started. I had been on birth control for about 3 years and had kind of been messing up in the month of June after my period so I don’t know. Can someone please help me, I don’t want to be harming myself by not going to the doctor soon enough?

                                          Does anyone even think I was pregnant to begin with?

                                            Did that sound like what anyone else had happen?


                     Do you think that was a normal late period and I shouldn’t have anything to worry about?

Thank You Ladies

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by SarahLibbi, Aug 12, 2010
I experienced something very similar 2-3 weeks ago. I was nauseous; my boobs grew but were tender. After a while I thought I was pregnant, but took a test and it was negative. Two days later I started having horrible pains/contractions. I passed a lot of huge clots and bled VERY heavily. I just knew I was miscarrying because although I had heavy periods before, they were nothing like this. The pain was much like early labor pains when I had my daughter. Anyways 2-3 days after I started bleeding I took another P.T. just based on intuition. It was positive! I had taken a test a couple of days before I started bleeding and it had been negative. I went to the Dr. After doing a blood test they confirmed that I was pregnant and after another blood test two days later they confirmed that I was losing the baby. The  bleeding slowed and then came back heavy again. After bleeding for two weeks straight, it lightened. Now I think it is finally over. I took another P.T.  tonight to see if the HCG was finally out. It was faintly i will have to wait a bit longer.

So, you could have miscarried and the HCG levels were just too low for you to detect at first. That is what happened with me. However, I am certainly not a doctor and every woman is different, it really could have been an unusual period.

I hope this helped. And good luck to all of you. I know that miscarrying is truly a physically and emotionally draining experience. My heart goes out to you all.

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by cazweiner, Sep 06, 2010
I did a pregnancy test on fri 3rd sept which came back positive but i was spotting brown blood. i went to the hospital on sat 4th sept with bad stomach pains and had an ultra sound which showed nothing???! by my calculations i'm about 6.5 weeks gone.
When i got home from the hospital on sat my bleeding got a lot worse but i've not lost any clots as yet?
I went back to the hospital today mon 6th sept for another blood test the check my hcg but i couldn't wait for the results so have done another test at home and it's still showing positive??!
Do any of you think i'm having a miscarriage or a bad start to my pregnancy?
I hope i can keep this baby as me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 and half years!!



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by cassady, Sep 07, 2010
by Cassandra (AKA Cassay), Sept 07, 2010

thanks ladies for sharing. I too had a miscarriage Aug 29,2010. I was between 5-7 weeks pregnant. It started out light bleeding like a period. I went straight to the hospital after it started. They checked me and said that the baby was still in my womb and they saw a light pulse, but after the pap smear things didnt look so good. They swapped my cervics with a q tip stick and the blood was dark. Which indicated my baby was trying to detach itself from my uterus. She told me to make an appointment with my ob the next day. And as long as I wasnt bleeding thru more than 1 pad per hour I was okay. The next day the bleeding continued round 8:30pm I had severe cramping and passed two really big clots. They looked like livers. It was really the baby sack I was sure of it. I went back to the doc they did my hcg level and asked me to return two days later. I did and the level had gone down. To sum it up I lost the baby!! My ovulation time is Sept 8th-Sept 12th Ima try again!! I wish you all lots of luck!! Dont give up!!! Just take care of yourselves and pay attention to your body it'll tell you everything you need to know!!!!

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by crayd30, Sep 21, 2010
Well ladies.. my situation.. I had a very very very heavy period last month in which i though i was preggo but the tests came back neg. Now i took one 3 days ago 10 days away from being late. 2 positives.. went to the drs yesterday and had a positive also. I asked my dr about the heavy bleeding and she said that I was shedding my inner liner? to prepare for ovulation.. so i furtherly read up on it yesterday a little bit and come to find out that only 20% of woman ovulate monthly. So i guess its a matter of everyones own personal body... so as of right now im still currently preggo.. last period was 8/27 (the heavy one and mine are only 3 days  long this one was 8) but I will be taking another one in a week to dbl ck before I still think I am and Im not... Best of Luck to all of you!!!

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by momo24, Oct 30, 2010
my daughter is not sure if she's still pregnant or not because the sacs still their she hasn't had a period since 24 august she went 4 1 scan and they said they could see the sac but no baby and a week later she went for another early pregnancy scan and they said the sac had grown but could not see a baby she has had no bleeding or cramps they want to take her in on monday to take the sac away but i read on the internet that they usually wait two weeeks for the second scan she is devastated and she as all the pregnancy symptoms shouldn't they have waited for 2 weeks to do the second scan can anyone out their help please

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by Lauren2485, Dec 27, 2010
I'm 25 and have been trying 2 get pregnant with my husband since I was 21. I have only been ovulating everyother month. I missed my last period but thought it was just normal 4 me. I began 2 think I was pregnant 2 weeks ago ( I aborted a baby when I was 16, I hope no one judges me, so I know the pregnant feeling). 5 days ago I passed a few clots the size of my palm and was bleeding really hard. The clots have gotten smaller over the last few days but I can't take a test. I can't handle the answer either way. If I am miscarring, how long will the blood last? My periods only last 3 days so I am already scared. Any advice, I need help.

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by k199, Jan 11, 2011
i am 23 years old and was trying to get pregnant i took several test and they came back neg my cycle is weird its like 44 days so i got my period on the 28th of dec it was only 3-4 days on the 8th of jan i had one slight cramp and passed a large clot and some smaller ones i didnt think to much of it i stopped bleeding that day i went to the dr the next day and preg test came back positive he said probably a miscarrige and to come back in two days im so confused why i even had a period and why i only bled for one day

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by carla125, Mar 31, 2011
the same thing has happend to me i am pregnant they found a sack but no baby my hcg level has gone down a little so they say i am going to miss carry i feel pregnant and sick and the same as i did on my other pregnancys i have never lost a baby and am feeling like i have done something wrong every one keeps saing sorry but the doctor told me im still pregnant how is that possible when they only found an empty sack i am 33 and never thought this would happen anyway thanks for letting me moan

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by renae616, Apr 20, 2011
Hi, I have a little different situation, In March I found out I was pregnant, March 24th I began bleeding and went in to the dr, he did some blood tests and said go home and rest for the weekend we will know more after another hcg test on monday, did that test and on tuesday March 29th they called and said yes I had a misscarriage. It is now April 20 and I took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive, I have notice my boobs are sore also I dont understand what is going on if I have not tried to concieve after the MC. Any similar stories? Any chance I can still be pregnant?

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by jassmann, Jun 15, 2011
Hi, In May I found out I was pregnant, May 13th Doctor give me an abortion pill and I began bleeding and its last for 9-10 days, on june 13 result came positive . Any similar stories?  Any chance I can still be pregnant

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by ladytlc, Sep 02, 2011
some one please help me out i found out in august i was 6 weeks pregnant three days later i started bleeding i was not sure if was implantation bleeding or miscariage so i took a test and to my upset said negative. this was 4 weeks ago now and am having really bad pregnancy symptoms is there any chance i am pregnant again or that the negative was wrong and i am still pregnant with my first pregnancy and i did not miscarry.

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by 2012baby, Sep 28, 2011
Hi everyone, I myself miscarried almost 2 weeks ago with my first 2 children. I was pregnant with twins, however one was said to be 7 weeks the other 5 weeks. A week and a half after hearing this I had a natural miscarriage while babysitting. Lots of clots, pain, bleeding and vomiting..... to the extreme!!! When I was 3 weeks pregnant my HCG was 200,20, a few weeks after that it had dropped to 170,0, and the Friday my miscarriage took place, it had already dropped to 7,000. It has now been a week and a half since my miscarriage, and I have no more bleeding. I have only had sex 2 (which has been in the past 2 days) and I took a pregnancy test tonight, it was posative. Couls I be pregnant again so soon, or could it be the HCG still in my body?


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by angelbaby919, Oct 13, 2011
Hello every1 I had my natural  m/c on 9/19 I only knew I was pregnant for two weeks I was told my due date was 6/07 according to my lmp. I had an iud that slipped out on 7/14 after 4 1/2 years I got pregnant right away. I am getting symptoms now but im scared to test and scared to m/c again I am 30 and do have two healthy boys 8 & 4 I'm worried that the way the iud came out might of scarred me my Dr says not to worry but I can't help it

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by boonixom, Feb 10, 2013
i misscarried 4 weeks ago i was 9 weeks pregnant all last week i had neg pg test but for last 3 days iv had positive cud i be pregnant again so soon  if not how long will the hcg stay in my system

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by Snow1986, Oct 13, 2015
Can someone help me please.  I found out in august 29th  i was 4 weeks 2 days pregnant three days later i started bleeding i was not sure if was implantation bleeding or miscariage.  so ive been taking  a test everyday and it is still possitive . but still nothing shows in my ultra sound , my dr says it can be too early to show. so im going crazy now and i dont know if im still pregnant or not .
how long does hcg stay in my body if it was a  miscarriage and not implantation bleeding.

I appreciate if you post your comment. Thanks

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by geezergirl, Dec 02, 2015
So here is my dilemma. I had a miscarriage back in September. I was only six weeks along so it was fairly normal and painless. I haven't had my period since august. So haven't had one since the miscarriage. I was pretty positive that without ovulating I wouldn't be able to conceive yet. But to put my fiance and my own mind at rest I took a home pregnancy test. I was sure it would come back negative but it showed a faint line. Now I'm really confused. Is it possible that I am pregnant again even though I haven't had a period? Is it possible that the hcg hormone is still lingering in my body?? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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by Pcross, May 14, 2016
I had an miscarriage Feb 28th of 2010, March 31St 2010 I took a pregnancy test that came back positive. Doc thought it was hormones from the miscarriage so she had me do a blood test and a second one a week after. The hcg levels went up and I was for sure pregnant again I went to 39wks of pregnancy! So it is possible to get pregnant before you get your period after having a miscarriage

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by Tiff0888, Jan 27, 2018
So I was 5 weeks and 3 days when I had my miscarriage however it wasn’t for 3 weeks that it was noticed because I hadn’t had an ultra sound so I had a dnc done two days later and I dropped dhlesding the same day after the surgery so we had unprotected sex two days after the dnc and everyday since could I be pregnant ? I feel like I am . I’m just not sure if the hcg could still be in my system and if a home pee test would even be realistic. It’s only been 6 days since the first time we had sex after the dnc .

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