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Just when I think I'm ok.......

Jun 23, 2008 - 1 comments

Went to Sydney, stayed two nights, saw Gordon Ramsay, fell down some stairs, starved to death, and my ears wouldn't pop on the plane...ah such joys of the traveller!
  I am gluten intolerant and you would think a big city like Sydney would have somewhere I could eat, but nah.....mutter, mutter, mutter...had to tell every chef to make me something basically boring, and many of them accepted that, which was nice.
  The worst thing though is my the pain of my knee! I have osteoarthritis in it anyway, (lovely gift of Mr Hashimoto!) and as I left the Gordon Ramsay presentation I was walking down some stairs in half light, when I felt my knee give way, nearly pulled another lady down on top of the man she was behind and half a dozen other people on my right! Needless to say, I felt PAIN! Then to add insult to injury, I had to stand in a very claustrophobic crowd for over an hour with one woman constantly standing on my foot! Then on the way home had to carry my heavy suitcase and run to catch our flight....(you'd think on a Sunday in a big airport with hardly any people I could find a trolley for my suitcase? Nope!)
   So, few days later I can feel my knee cap has slid sideways and up a bit and makes me walk like some pirate after a binge on rum for a week. I can see I will be having to go back to hospital and get it operated on again...for the third time! I got told recently that it is definitely an auto-immune osteoarthritis....lovely, I thought!
  My trip to USA has had to be brought forward from September 20 to mid this knee is going to be any better by then? It gets worse each time and gets more painful each time and the gaps between each attack get closer and closer...there is no way I am going to be able to go hiking and camp my way around Oregon like now I have to be really careful to not get depressed..(disappointment at not being able to do what I need physically is often a trigger for my depression) and try to come up with an idea of getting the doctors to believe it is as bad as I say it is.(Took me 3 long and painful years last time to prove my knee was as bad as I said.)
   NOW...I just had a spontaneous blood nose! Good grief, I am not having a good day, am I!!!

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by suec4558, Jul 01, 2008
WOW!! What an eventful time you had in Sydney! I hope you have a much better time in America with no injuries or catastrophies. I use to take the family to the Healesville Sanctuary years ago when we lived in Victoria.  The kids loved roaming around feeding the animals etc. That generation are all grown now but they still have fond memories of holding Koalas etc. Is the Sanctuary still flurashing?  Your knee sound sooo painful, I hope the Drs do something very soon for you.

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