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Hitting a Wall- How I got past my plateau...

Dec 17, 2009 - 0 comments





hitting a wall

“Hitting a Wall”

They say it always happens --- It does!   My body finally realized what I was doing, and I hit my plateau- and pretty strongly at that!  For roughly 10 days, I did not gain or lose any weight. (I have attatched what my Ticker looked like.  You can see from Nov 23-Dec 2 where nothing happend!) I thought that maybe I was finally gaining muscle from weight training while I was still losing fat.  Thus, it basically read that I was “plateau-ing,” according to the scale.  I decided that in order to get past it and see my weight drop again, I had to up my cardio and adjust what I was doing at the gym.  I was running about 2 miles a day, followed by weight training, and ending with a high-impact cardio to target fat burn (I call it power minutes or power stairs).  I know that may sound intense, but the scale wasn’t moving.  I decided to add another mile to my run, putting me at 3 miles a day.  Then, the scale moved. I am now down 29 pounds since the begining of the semester. It feels great!

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