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Great day!!

Jun 23, 2008 - 1 comments

Wow today was an amazingly good day... I was active all day and felt wonderful. I had a few times where I got sob but for the most part I felt wonderful today... My boobs hurt like crazy though... I thin the progesterone is making them even bigger. I have already gone up a whole size in my bra and I am only almost 8 tomorrow... How crazy is that!! So today was my son's birthday and he turned 11 and I am so happy and pleased that I had such a wonderful day today... I pray I continue having good days like this!!!

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by sadiesmommy, Jun 24, 2008
Glad to hear it, I woke up this morning feeling pretty energetic myself and am going to put it ot use before I crash this after noon. Four more weeks to go - I pray it goes by fast!!

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