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Sad cases of Animal Cruelty

Dec 18, 2009 - 19 comments

You know, nothing irritates me more than individuals who find amusement and fun in torturing animals.   As I have been preparing news alerts this week, I have found multiple cases of some very sick and some very stupid individuals who evidently think nothing of causing pain to others.   NOTE:  There are some graphic descriptions in this post!

Phoenix AZ: Cat Doused with Gasoline and Set on Fire: Evidently, this trusting cat approached an unknown person or persons who then tossed gasoline on the animal and lit it on fire! The cat is now in the care of the Arizona Humane Society and is on the road to recovery.  She is reported to be very timid and scared, but should do well with time.

Montana: Three Men Charged with Animal Cruelty: In a similar gas, 3 young "boys" (even though they are 18/19...I won't dignify calling them "men") choked a pet cat and tossed it onto a bonfire. Furthermore, these three boys evidently had the gall to brag about the incident after they saw that the cat made the local news. This cat is also expected to recover.  What is amazing to me about this case is that the cat survived overnight and was found by people walking a trail the next day.

Florida: Dog Survives Being Dragged Behind Truck for 2 Miles: This may have been an accident, but it shows the stupidity of letting your dog ride in the back of your pickup truck AND shows that this person was in such a rush to take the dog to the shelter that he couldn't take time to clean out the cab of his truck and allow the dog to ride in there. She should also recover.  When the police stopped this guy, his truck cab was so full of crap, it was impossible for the dog to ride in there with him.   The pup (who is about 18 months old) was covered with "road rash" and the toes of her rear feet were worn down to the bone.  She will end up losing at least 3 of her rear toes because of this accident.

What's even more amazing to me is that I will bet all three of these animals will end up being adoring and loving pets to the right family.  The trust and love our pets have for us often knows no bounds and it is just so depressing to think that other people can't see that.

You know, we have talked a lot about meeting our pets at the Rainbow Bridge after we pass on and I recently had a discussion on Facebook about a columnist who didn't believe that pets go to heaven.   I can't help but hope and pray that there is a VERY SPECIAL place in the afterworld for people who abuse and torture animals like this.   AND, I hope that place is very, very HOT!!  (Yes... I know we are supposed to forgive others for their sins, but it's really hard to do in cases like these....)

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541150 tn?1306033843
by PrettyKitty1, Dec 18, 2009
My God....I wasn't going to read the whole thing because I'm in a very emotional state with my own cat suffering from Hepatic Lipidosis; but I read it all!!

It is so frustrating and sad that people would find abusing animals a form of entertainment. It is unbelievable the lack of feelings, respect for these creatures, and compassion that some people show. What's even more disturbing is when they brag about abusing animals. I do not understand. If I see someone abusing animals I will report them. I don't care who it is. If I see an animal alive and hurt in the midle of the road I will stop my car and go to that animal and care for that creature. I don't see how it'd be any other way.

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Dec 18, 2009
It's pretty sick alright. I think these people must not have a conscience. How could they? It makes you wonder if they were abused in their past to make them like this. Still, many people pull themselves out of an abusive past so I don't consider that an excuse. They say children who torture animals are more likely to grow up and become serial killers or abuse humans. Very disturbing.

I wish I could rescue all these animals. I really do. My best friend and I always said if we came into a bunch of money we'd love to open up a ranch and take in abused, neglected and unwanted animals. Gosh, I'd love to do that! I wish I could save them all. :(

746512 tn?1388807580
by Tammy2009, Dec 18, 2009
And we think we are superior to animals!!  

I beat all of those animals will learn to love people again.  That's the amazing thing and shows that animals are much closer to "ideal image of God", not us in any shape or form.  

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Dec 18, 2009
I think that's why God put these animals on earth, to learn unconditional love and forgiveness. We could learn a lot from these pets.

195469 tn?1388322888
by Heather3418, Dec 18, 2009
Hi Thomas,

Boy, this post was very hard to read through, to the end.  It actually chills up and down my spine.

Part of problem with these kinds of animal cruelty is the laws are not tough enough, when these people are caught.  Unfortunately, most of the offenders get away with this cruelty....never caught.  Many times, you can be sure that when you do hear of such stories, these people have already done such deeds to many other animals.

I have to believe in Karma, when these things happen.  "What goes around, comes around."  These kinds of people don't seem content with harming just one animal.  They look at animals as objects, that don't have any power over them, so they abuse something that is much smaller and so defenseless against these kinds of abuse.  If the animal survives, it's a wonder that they can have any trust or love left for anything that resembles a human, isn't it?  God Bless these innocent creatures.

I am the type of person that wishes I could go into every animals shelter and adopt every single animal.  Have millions of dollars to spend on their care and welfare and hundreds of acres of land for them to live out their lives, with a warm place to sleep, excellent veterinary care and lots of love and affection.  I have had dreams like that since I was a child.  I am sure that most, if not all animal lovers, have had the same thoughts as I have.  We want to rescue them all.

We need to fight for stricter laws to deal with animal abusers.  Not a slap on the hand, a small fine and 30 days in jail, with all of that suspended.  They should be treated as murderers and dealt with accordingly.

"God Bless all the creatures; great and small......."


I agree with what everyone is saying...often times the punishment does not seem to fit the crime.  And, you are all right...there is documented evidence that people who abuse animals at a younger age are more prone to inflicting violence on their fellow human beings as they get older.

The two cat situations bother me the most...I think the guy in the pickup truck didn't do anything on purpose, but he should still face some penalty because he didn't use common sense.   It reminds me of an old episode of Cops that was filmed here in Indianapolis.   The officer had to pull over a driver of a pick up truck because as he made a left hand turn TWO OF HIS KIDS FELL OUT OF THE BED OF THE TRUCK INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION!!!

The lack of common sense in some people just amazes me to no end!!

541150 tn?1306033843
by PrettyKitty1, Dec 18, 2009
That is exactly what I have in mind when I retire. I’ll open up a rescue center, and take in as many as I can, and rehabilitate them, and show them love and compassion. They deserve it, because they are innocent creatures. They are babies….

A good punishment for these abusers would be, to have law enforcement do to them the exact same thing they did to those poor animals, over and over…and over, and over….for a very long, long time. I would actually enjoy watching it.  I’d do it myself!!

My best animals come from shelters. They turn out to be great family pets even after all they’ve been through. It’s amazing!

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Dec 18, 2009
My dog and one of my cat's came from a shelter too. They make wonderful pets. I wish I could rescue them all too!

667078 tn?1316000935
by HVAC, Dec 18, 2009
I am not excusing it but most of these folks were not treated to well as children. When I worked at the SPCA we always called in social services when we had animal neglect or cruelty because often abuse and neglect happened in the family.

I grew up in such a family and yes I kicked the cat or dog because I was kicked and hit and abused in many other ways. Psychiatrists do not understand why with all I went through how I am sort of normal. My sister was not so lucky she is dead . Luckily someone care and taught me to control my anger. I went on to work with animals. Now I know how to communicate and never raise my hand to an animal.

I take better care of animals now than most people. All my animals are fixed. All my animals get all veterinary care. I do not over feed any of them. I groom and trim their nails weekly. I never let them off leash. I exercise them daily. All my dogs have been through years of group training. I take the animals no one else will.

People knew what was happening to me but looked the other way because I was only a human child. I know why. It is too hard to care about human beings. You want to help more animals start programs to help broken people. You can have broken people work with broken animals. It worked for me.

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Dec 18, 2009
I couldnt read this journal as i feel sick when i hear this sort of thing but i did read the last paragraph.  We just got a new puppy and she came from a ranch in a other state.  This little girl had parvo when she got here, was so skinny and just filthy.  She was in the hospital about 12 hrs after she arrived here.  I contacted the person we got her from and he was in complete denial of anything wrong.  My heart just ached for her other litter mates.  I wonder how many made it thru this devasting illness.  We were lucky.  Miss Cali is alive, gaining weight and is just a joy to have around.  This is also a form of animal abuse i dont understand.  If you are going to have animals then they need to be taken care of along with their surroundings........

I also firmly believe that our pets are waiting for us in heaven..........sara

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by 10356, Dec 18, 2009
My heart breaks and tears fill my eyes to read this.. I say a prayer for these Beautiful innocent victims.. I think the laws should be stiffer for this kind of cruelty.. all my pet companions have been cremated and when my ashes are spread theirs will be also and we will all go to that place where we can run forever.. lesa

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by stilltrying1965, Dec 18, 2009
Animal cruelty should not be tolerated what so ever i could not even read all of that it shocked us to the core stiffer penalties like prison terms would deter them and a life long ban on keeping animals Animal cruelty in SCOTLAND carries a £1000 fine & six months in prison and a life long ban on keeping any kind of animal even first offenders or not we have a lot of dog fighting here & they say they love there dogs what a joke this kind of thing disgusts us James & Kim

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Dec 18, 2009
Oh boy! This was hard to read!
Things like this hurt me so bad to read, but I did anyway.
Whyever we have the audacity to imagine we are superior to all the other Creatures on God's Earth, when our species is capable of producing specimens like the above-mentioned....I don't know.
Another species of creature will kill, yes, and it may kill quite brutally, but it would not normally kill unless threatened,(or its territory, young, or mating rights threatened) or for food.

It seems to me that only Humans do this other mindless stuff......

1032715 tn?1315984234
by narla, Dec 19, 2009
These people are not human,as for saying the perpatrators may have been abused and that's why they cruelly hurt animals is a crock of s--t.I was abused in many forms but I would never hurt another living creature.I was in tears once because a small lizard ran on to gaffer tape my husband tried to get it off but it was pulling the skin with it, I couldn't stop crying,I told my husband to kill it quickly to put it out of It's pain,This vision will live with me forever.My dog that lived to 17 that we had from 6 weeks old was also cremated,we had a piece of her fur cut off and kept it,we also 6 months before she died put her 2 front paws in plaster of paris,so we have her paw prints to keep forever as well as the fur and ashes.

Avatar universal
by stilltrying1965, Dec 19, 2009
I cant agree with you more. Im typing this for James as his hand has hardly any feeling in it and it always enrages him when people use the excuse "but i was abused". Then they should know better not to want to put anyone or anything through the horrendous pain they went through. It is a pathetic excuse and thats all it is an excuse to try to justify to people for what they have done. In our mind they are just sick anyway and would have done it abused or not. You hear it so many times in courts as well. "I done it coz i was abused" bull..it. They should just lock them up and throw away the key or stick them on an island together and let them all do what they want to each other or give them to us for 10 minutes. These people sicken me to the pit of my stomach. Kim p.s letakos please tell james he has to go to hospital for his hand

541150 tn?1306033843
by PrettyKitty1, Dec 19, 2009
You know, this angers me to the max!!

Attributing animal cruelty to the fact that you were abuse when you were a child is a load of crap. I KNOW, because I was abused as a kid, but I NEVER even had the small desire to abuse an animal BECAUSE I KNOW HOW MUCH IT HURTS. If abusers had the least amount of compassion, common sense, and respect for themselves they would know that physical abuse is painful!!! So why do it to others? Why do it to animals?

I have always owned animals, and I have a special place in my heart for each and every one I've owned. I can't stand to see an animal in misery. I can't understand why someone would even think of causing damage to a living being! It is sick! Sick I tell ya!

1118884 tn?1338592850
by 29sillygirl, Dec 20, 2009
We all agree.  Animal cruelity is heinous.  I'm 74 and recovering from anal cancer. For awhile all I could manage was to care for myself.

Over the 20 yrs I've lived in my apartment complex, I've befriended dozens of cats.  Now don't have one of my own, but an older male tabby visits frequently, so I feed and flea treat him.  He won't stay inside 24/7...the hard part.
Right now he is sleeping in my bed...one of his hind legs is jutting out in wrong place..so he has been injured within the last two days, and needs to be seen by vet.  I just can't let an obvious injury go...tho on limited income.  He is very gentle and uncomplaining.  Hope he is not in pain.

I think this: We need legislation to help stem the tide of abuse..whether caused by carelessness, or mean spirited individuals.  I know it would be hard to enforce.  Usually there are no witnesses to the more awful crimes.

I used to raise German Shepherds. Once two men came to our place and asked for the meanest dog in liter.
After I sent them on their way, I wondered what poor animal they would eventually find.

My next cat will be a mature one like me:) and will come from our local humane society.

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by medfree16, Dec 22, 2009
i hate animal torture or hunting for kicks, cosmetic and/or psychiatric experiments conducted on animals, etc. cutting up a dead mouse for no reason but releasing mindless aggression, or shooting a wolf from a helicopter, or burning a rabbit's skin with some cosmetic chemical intended for humans, cutting open a poor unsuspecting chimp's brain and putting electrodes in there. i mean hiding behind a gun or a knife or a lab technician suit and harming innocent creatures. thats stuff is for cowards. animals are like babies or children and should not be mistreated. btw one of the three warning signs of a child who may possibly later become a serial killer is animal torture. its like practicing murder and torture on smaller creatures before moving on to humans. the other 2 serial killer warning signs are bed wetting and pyromania. but its the animal torture and pyromania that i'd be most wary of, though.

637356 tn?1301924822
by Lonelymom, Dec 22, 2009
Most of you have read my posts on the mother dog and 7 puppies I just recently rescued. This is normal for me to pick up wounded and strayed animals doctor them back to health and either keep them or give them loving homes. I can't stand to see an animal suffer!

I read yesterday on our local news that a cat was supper glued to the highway! They didn't just throw this cat out like most but glued it's paws to the highway and when rescuers tried to save the cat they ended up pulling the pads off the cat to release it. The cat is now in the humane society recovering!

Why do poeple do this? That mother dog I rescued has been the most loving dog I have ever owned. She will let me do anything to her, which has been very good since I have had to doctor many wounds and infections on her. She is great with my kids and my pitt bull and her get along great! She doesn't harm my cats either!

I agree with most and probably already do rescue a bunch of animals. I came home one day with 7 dogs I found on the side of the highway! My DH doesn't like it but after 11 years he is used to it.

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