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Sinus Problems are often Triggered by a Source(s) of Mold/Allergen/Bacteria/Dust/Pets/Moisture Spores

Mar 18, 2015 - 2 comments



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This is important message to be at the TOP.
I describe the smell as mostly like Honey and in conjuction I also describe it as a mouldy socks/perfumey/old garbage can/landfill/dump/rot-like smell. A perfumey smell could also be described by some but I consider it more like the first ones I mentioned.

All of them have very similar scents and It's definitely a fungus type of smell.
It smells exactly like what my refrigerator smelled like after I moved into this apartment and the last tenants left it in a mess. The refrigerators
drip pan was full of greenish, yellowish growing mold/bacteria. It stayed active and moist because of the dripping from the pipe of the refrigerator
to release the excess condensation. If you have any mold/bacteria/dust in your home, even after any medications/irrigations/surgeries/antibiotics/ETC
to attempt to or successfully remove this infection, it will always come back and potentially worsten, if you do not REMOVE THE SOURCE OF WHAT'S
CAUSING IT. After 2 weeks of trying to find the smell, I finally discovered, with some help, that it was from my refrigerator. Any area with mold/moisture spores/bacteria,
you must neutralize the problem with Bleach, as it will kill all of these things. Once you have let the bleach work in ALL areas of the source, you then must wipe
it all entirely, with an clean but not needed towel or rag, and throw it away without it droping anywhere! You may think you neutralized and removed all of the source,
but if it is for hard to reach places, THINK TWICE! It only takes a bit of bacteria/mold/spores to survive and the problem will escalate again and again! They are very
active lifeforms, with a lot of energy to quickly multiply when the conditions are right for them to do so! Unplug your refrigerator before doing any of this:
Take only your food that was frozen or in the fridge which is contained in thick containers, such as glass, to another Refrigerator/Freezer.  Anything in thin cardboard/plastic/etc, THROW THE REST AWAY! Don't take any chances!

For a refrigerator, make sure you wipe all around the compressor,
even where it is very hard to reach. Take a sponge with a container of mostly vinegar (2 cups to 1/2cup of water), less water, and a "load of baking soda", but pour it slowly at a time, so it doesn't
foam over, and pour it until you see a small layer of it at the bottom of the container. Also springle it on your sponge. It is also good to add a cap of bleach with that solution.

Clean every corner of that refrigerator with it, inside at out! For the inside, make sure you clean it with water, several times afterwards. Keep the doors open, with a fan blowing in it, if you want to speed
up the process. Change your drip pan to an entirely new one, throw the other one away and make sure it doesn't touch anything other than inside your garbage can. Use gloves to do this. Do not touch
door knobs, etc, with these gloves! Do not open the garbage can with these gloves, do not leave them resting on a counter or anything! Throw the gloves away by making sure the lid of the garbage can
is already open, or use your arm to do it, as hard as it may seem. These gloves are contaminated, and you must think about that at all times, which means you cannot touch anything with them,
without contaminating whatever you touch, especially yourself directly!

After around 8 hours of airing out your refrigerator/freezer, plug it in again. Depending on how powerful your fridge is, it can take around 3-4 hours or more to be fully useable again.
If you have trouble reaching behind the compressor, thoroughly pour bleach everywhere behind it, only when the fridge is unplugged! This will kill anything that has been growing behind it!
I hope some readers will be helped by this. If there's anywhere in your home you get a foul smell or someone elses home, for some people that specific smell that caused your fungal infection
will be the EXACT smell that you will smell in your nose, time and time again, for whatever time it takes for you to get rid of it, if ever.  You must address this source, whether the foul smell
is coming from your refrigerator OR ANYWHERE otherwise, whatever you use to relieve or cure your sinuses, will come back, and back again! If one of the sources is at your work, wear a mask!
If you enjoy the discomfort that sinus (fungal) infections causes for you, disregard everything I just said. I am here to help you, and it is better that you do it in the early stages, read all of this in the
early stages, before going through all kinds of complications and other medical problems after it has been prolonged! Most doctors, as stated below, will not provide you will all of this information, and
I may make a video about it and suggest it to doctors to provide it in a booklet for anyone who has accute/chronic and reoccuring sinus conditions. This informations should also be presented to people
who have only simple allergies, before it amounts to some of what I've read in here. My condition in my opinion and in comparisons, is only accute right now as I write this but you don't want to have
to go through surgery(ies) or anti-biotics, ultimately, you want to address this before having to resort to that! Neutralize and Remove the source which TRIGGERS your sinus problems asap, and THEN
address your sinus problems OR ultimately, address both the outer source AND your inner sinuses at the same time!
I hope you all appreciate this wealth of informations, as I haven't seen anyone here present it all, yet.

Others in relation said: VERY IMPORTANT AS WELL:
I had something similar to that except it only seemed to be noticeable when I put saline spray in my nose. The smell was kind of like moldy socks.

I've been through a lot of trouble with my sinuses too. Surgery and such, treatment for allergies, but didn't get much improvement until I treated myself for a fungal infection.

I have fungal sinusitis, which is chronic.  Most doctors will not recognize this as a condition because they assume that yeast infections are controlled by our immune system, unless you have HIV or another auto immue disease.  

The Mayo Clinic has done much research on this. It appears by their data, and other labs have verified it, that everyone who has chronic allergies and sinus infections has fugal sinusitis. The fungus grows, the esinophiles in your immune system attack it and kill it, but in the process the proteins released by the esinophiles tear tissue in the sinuses and opens them for bacterial infection.

When you think you are having allergies, it is the yeast being attacked by the esinophiles, not histamines.  So allergy meds often don't work well.  Then after your so called allergies stop, you are left with a sinus infection.

The use of antibiotics and steriods will make this condition worse.  The antibiotics change the body chemistry to the extent that the yeast can grow and the immune system cannot fight it off.  Steroids kill the immune system, so the yeast gets worse and often can go into the lungs and cause asthma.  The Mayo Clinic has also found fungal residue in all asthma patients.  They have shown that using anti fungals orally will greatly help asthma patients. It helps them so much, they don't even need their inhalers.

I use a nasal irrigation system at least three times a day. I also get nasal irrigation medications from Sinucare.  I use an antifungal wash and an antibiotic wash.  Both are used topically in the sinuses.  Unless you are dying and have no choice, do not use antibiotics orally and never intraveinous.  

  I have been off antibiotics and doing this irrigation routine for 2 1/2 years, and I am normal most of the time.  This condition is chronic and will never go away.  So I'm always fighting the yeast, then bacteria. The immune system gets tired and it always comes back, especially if you get stressed.

When I have fungal balls in my nose I can smell ammonia, garbage, or this weird hard to explain smell. Its like a waxy perfumey smell. But, they wash out and after a day, it goes away for a while.  

Also, probiotics, which antibiotics kill, are important to take on a regular basis.

Do some fungal sinusitis research on the web, and good luck finding a doctor to listen to you. You can go to Sinucare ( and they may be able to help you find a doctor in your area who understands. You need a prescription to get the sinus washes.  

I went to a doctor and took all my research data, papers, ect. and I gave her a presentation of the Mayo Clinic research.  So now she gives me prescriptions for the washes.  But she had never heard of the Mayo data until I told her.

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by Neisharochelle, Oct 21, 2015
Thank you this may be the root of my problem

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by Neisharochelle, Oct 21, 2015
Have you tried detoxing your body to reverse the antibodies and incorporating foods and supplements to strengthen the immune systems teas do that as well and I use kombucha and kevita for probiotics

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