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Doxil .. Round 3

Dec 20, 2009 - 5 comments

Tumor marker went down after round 2 .. a very good thing.  However, have developed severe "foot" syndrome (Hand/Foot Syndrome).  I did nothing unusual after Round 3 (beginning of the month), but each day it is getting progressively worse.  Using ice packs and Utter Cream and that helps for a few minutes, then the pain is all but unbearable when I am on my feet.  I am going to call MD today for some advice ... Christmas is only a few days away and I can barely walk .. and the pain is intense.  

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by lvfrogs, Dec 20, 2009
Oh Judy,
I hate reading this. Everytime I read about that Hand/Foot syndrome, it makes me hurt for you (and the others). I hope that your doctor can give you some advice and hopefully, the other ladies on here will also offer advice! I know there have been several with this issue.  All I can do is pray for you Judy and I will do that. I just can't imagine. I hope you will be able to get help and be walking for Christmas. Sending lots of hugs,

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by jane65, Dec 20, 2009
Hi Judy,
I feel so badly for you, I know that Doxil had this side affect and I hope your oncologist's office can give you lots of advice and help you to feel better.
I know several of the ladies on the forum have dealt with Doxil and I'm sure they can also be helpful to you.

I'll say a prayer for you, and all of us dealing with this horrible disease, that the New Year will bring us peace and good health.

Love you,

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by bohan54, Dec 20, 2009
Judy,   Just went thru round 2 of Caelyx/Doxil.   Is the hand foot thing an open wound or inner pain?  Sorry you're hurtin' friend,

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by TrudieC, Dec 20, 2009
So sorry to hear.  I hope and pray you will get some relief soon.  Let your family take care of Christmas.  Sit back and take it easy and try and enjoy.  

Hugs, Trudie

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by Liza1977, Jan 06, 2010
Hi Judy,

I hope your hands and feet are doing better! I have just started Doxil + Carboplatin on 22/12/09. The CA 125 rose from 24.6 to 49.7. Did yours go up after the first dose?? I will be praying for you and stay strong! Thank you for posting your journal and allowing me to be part of your support team. Take care!


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