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lots of spotting/bleeding

Dec 21, 2009 - 0 comments

I am now on cd20 - my cycle has been all out of whack since I started taking a "break" from the meds (mid October)- and I have had a lot of problems with heavy spotting and bleeding - it seems very random...  I "skipped" my period in November - but had one in December.   (Yes, I have PCOS)

Last night after intercourse it was very heavy bleeding (like a heavy period), but it only lasted a couple of hours...  I have had like 3 serious spotting issues since my last cycle too....  This is so annoying!!  

I am waiting to go back on the meds & trying to seriously conceive until after I have my HSG test - which will probably be February.  So, until then we are trying on our own - but not with any luck since I don't seem to want to ovulate on my own...  

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