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Dec 23, 2009 - 2 comments





slight redness



I have this one pimple which is below the waste which has formed in my pubic hair. Im really worried that it is std's but there is just one and it seems to be fine and its tender around it though and my right pubic bone is very sore. I dont know what this can be because i havent had contact with a guy for 3 months. And there is just one pimple and is a little red do you have any suggestions of what i can do or know what this might be? please let me know i'm very concerned.

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by dawnzlight, May 05, 2011
it may be just a pimple or ingrown hair that gets infected and looks like a pimple....after washing your hands good u may try to apply some pressure on both sides of it to see if it pops and any pus comes out of it---then most likey it was just a pimple or ingrown hair..If it is large, red, sore it may be a boil----often these will come to a head with warm applications of moist heat----then they can be gently squeezed to remove the build up of pus and sometimes it has to be squeezed several times as it can fill abck up just like a pimple can......If you find it too painful to do this i sugggest going to see a dermatologist and have them look at it...It doesnt sound like an STD----although genital herpes could be a concern---they are usually reddened sore like areas........Goodluck and let me know how it goes.....

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by mchina, Nov 23, 2015

my 5 year old kid has got skin peeling off on hands,finger,toes and feet. firstly we thought he was burnt by hot water but it doesn't seem so, it would make her body temperature rise and also complain about hi stomach. please advise


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