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Total Control® for Top-to-Bottom Herbal Life Nutrition and Weight Loss

Dec 23, 2009 - 0 comments

Weight Loss




Losing weight

One of the new and most popular Herbalife nutrition products is Herbalife Total Control. It’s based on the now more than 10 year old and very proven Herbalife weight loss program product. I’ve tried a lot of herbal weight loss program ideas in the past and this is the only one that’s worked for me.

Herbalife Total Control is a revolutionary supplement that has all of the benefits of the original Herbalife shake and Herbalife weight loss diet product line, but without ephedra and better-tuned towards total nutrition. Total Control is now the foundation for most of the Herbalife weight loss product weight programs.

I was more than forty pounds too heavy when I started using this program. It begins working at the cellular level, with Total Control boosting nutritional supplementation and cellular level health and harmony. By bringing the body closer to balance nutritionally, the product Herbalife makes then promotes health and with that health comes and herbal life weight loss program. I lost my forty pounds in just weeks!

Adding to the Herbalife Total Control, you can include the Herbalife weight loss diet, helping you shed more pounds and inches in a healthy way. The Shapeworks Diet, the Herbalife vitamin supplement regime, and other products such as Termojetics all help your weight come down to healthy levels and maintain it there.

So using the Shapeworks diet, or targeted products like Prelox Blue for Men, I was able to start a diet program using herbal life vitamins in a healthy, natural, and with goals for the long term. Instead of thinking about how much I’d lose in a weekend, I was thinking about how much I’d lose. Total.

Starvation diets make you lose weight quickly, but they aren’t healthy and they are always short-lived. I tried them and ended up heavier when I “bounced back.” Herbalife’s programs will help you lose weight in a healthy way and for the longer term. Like I did. I lost those forty pounds and have kept them off for over a year!

With Herbalife, once your weight is under control, the herbal life vitamins and the Herbalife nutrition products keep it under control and help maintain a happier lifestyle. Try it! It worked for me!

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