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25th June -  Ovaries

Jun 25, 2008 - 0 comments

Saw my GP today re the ovary pain, pelvic cramping, abdominal swelling, 4 days of discharge and tender breasts -  She didn't even examine me but siad because i always have a difficult time ovulating - ( in respect of it being painful and I get worse PMS symptoms when I ovulate than when I am actually on) -  that the best thing to do was stop me ovulating and then see if I am still getting the symptoms -  she suggested having a Mirena Coil fitted -  I cant use a hormone patch because of having breast on 14th of July I am having this coil fitted -  I can expect abnormal bleeding for three months then no periods for 5 years -  sounds good to me!
I am 35 so she was concerned about if I wanted more children -  bu I assured her that wasn't an issue as after my ex husband tried to kill me I have not let another man into my personal space let alone have a sexual relationship... so more childrena re not on my agenda.
When I have the coil  fitted I will get a thorough internal so she saw no point doing one today. I have a backward and left tilted cervix and uterus s she thinks I might be having a prolapse womb too which could account for the dragging and cramping pains.
I went in expecting an internal and an ultrasound referal so came out a little confused... but we will see what surpressing the hormones does - she calls it switching my ovaries off. I am to keep a daily diary of symptoms.

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