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Mental Unstable and Mom

Dec 23, 2009 - 2 comments










I am not mentally stable. I can't deal with my mom the only person I have in this dark world talk about suicide. I talk about it sometimes but when mom does it really gets to me. Expecially today because her sugur was low since she is deabetic. Then she took another pill on purpose trying to get in a coma. Later she did eat sweets, but that ain't the point. I really think she might do it soon. I think about it myself but I haven't actually tried anything but she has. And I have anxiety. I'm bipolar. I am social phobic. I have anxiety. I'm not mentally mature. I can't deal with this! It's not fair I don't want her to die! I don't see why she feels so hopeless. She has some goals she has set that she may be able to do. As for me there is nothing. If anyone dies it should be me. I don't have any hope expecially if she is gone. I can't deal with it!

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by ILADVOCATE, Dec 24, 2009
You have done a lot to help her and you should not think less of yourself. That said she might be in need of immediate psychiatric help herself right now if things have gotten to that point. If she has diabetes and she is suicidal and tries to use the medication to harm herself, perhaps her psychiatrist should follow up and have a social worker assist her or if she is eligible a home attendant. You have to think of your own recovery first but she does need help but someone else should be set up to provide it.

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by innerchild09, Dec 24, 2009
Thanks for your post. I'll talk to her about it. She's feeling better now so hopefully won't have anymore incodents.

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