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Why am I dizzy?

Dec 08, 2007 - 2 comments

dizzy spell





today i feel dizzy and tired but this is not the first time that i felt this way. i thought it was because of the cold because everytime i go outside and the cold air hits me i get tired and dizzy. really dizzy. i ate breakfast and i got even tired. Yesterday i was falling asleep in the class.  These symptoms only happened when me and my fiance was pregnant. Every time lunch time came i would be so tired that i wouldnt be able to get anything to eat. I was 4 weeks. i didnt have nausea or anything like that. there was light bleeding for 5 days and then the miscarraige that took place around the end parts of october going into the beg of nov. . Now i have my period and its lasted for 4 days now, but im dizzy and tired and always falling asleep. even when i stand up in a crowded  train i sleep lightly but have to wake up because i could easly fall into a deep sleep.  i also have this dull muscle like pain in the lower right part of my back . kind of like the pain that i had when i had the miscarraige but 10x less pain.

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by Sunny602, Dec 08, 2007
Could it be that you are anemic? Anemia will do that...but after reading that you have low back pain, consider an UTI (urinary tract infection). An infection can certainly make you feel like you describe....If you also have urgency to pee or pain with peeing, then this could be the problem. If this keeps up, I would definitely see your doc so that he or she can run the right tests to figure out the problem. Sunny

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by cyn74, Jun 22, 2008

Could be that you have an inner ear infection or water behind the eardrum can do this as well.  I have also seen dizziness in pt's with packed cerumen (ear wax) blocking the eardrum.  This is the mildest of the possibilites.  Not sure if what you are experiencing is related to the backpain or not.  It could be two totally different problems.  Good luck.  Cyn74  

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