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only me....

Jun 25, 2008 - 2 comments

so ive been completely stressing over what anyone else would think is something completely retarded but to me is a serious thing..and of course it is something that would only happen to me...this is just the type of luck i have...well my edd is jan 21st heres the issue wit first childs fathers birthday is the 22nd of january..and i know because thats just how things in my life turn out there is like a 900 percent chance i would deliver on that day because as per our court agreement he gets my daughter on his birthday every year..and then my daughter would never be able to be with her new sibling on their u think the doc would think i was seriously psycho if i mentioned this to him with the idea that if  i havent delivered by the week prior they could induce me??i know they dont like to unless necessary but isnt this an emergency to anyone but me???just wondering....i know i got plenty od time to stress it...

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422823 tn?1229740447
by Cheesecake7, Jun 25, 2008
I dont think that sounds crazy :  )  That sounds like a legitimate concern. I would talk to your doctor and see what they can do.  At 39 weeks you are considered full term and I would think that it would be more than fine.  Definatly talk to your doctor, I am sure they will work with you.  This is something that will impact the life of both your children,  birthdays are a big deal!  try not to worry, I am sure that the doctor will meet you half way.

486679 tn?1234579529
by lolagrl, Jun 25, 2008
thank you u made me feel like atleast i am not completely mental...i know i got plenty of time and tons of things although i hope not but can happen in the mean time so not to stress something like that right now..its just i know how things in my life turn thats definately something that would happen to me...

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