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Blood Pressure - reference ranges

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Blood Pressure


reference range



Blood Pressure


Systolic: less than 120
Diastolic: less than 80

Systolic: 120 - 139
Diastolic: 80 - 89

Hypertension Stage 1
Systolic: 140 - 159
Diastolic: 90 - 99

Hypertension Stage 2
Systolic: 160 or higher
Diastolic: 100 or higher

Low Blood Pressure

All About Low Blood Pressure Low Blood Pressure in One Site!
Abnormally low blood pressure, commonly considered to be levels below 100 diastolic and 40 systolic.

For most individuals, a healthy blood pressure is 115/75 mmHg.

A small drop in blood pressure, even as little as 20 mmHg, can result in transient hypotension.

Another, but rarer form, is postprandial hypotension, which occurs 30–75 minutes after eating substantial meals. When a great deal of blood is diverted to the intestines to facilitate digestion and absorption, the body must increase cardiac output and peripheral vasoconstriction in order to maintain enough blood pressure to perfuse vital organs, such as the brain.

It is believed that postprandial hypotension is caused by the autonomic nervous system not compensating appropriately, because of ageing or a specific disorder.

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