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can you get hiv from urine?

Jun 25, 2008 - 4 comments






in late may i had to go to the bathroom really badly
and the toilets in my school don't work properly i flushed the toilet a couple of times
but there was still some urine in the toilet
i couldn't wait any longer and i went to the bathroom even though there was some urine left in the toilet
when i was going to the bathroom some of the leftover urine splashed upward
onto me

is it possible that could've entered my bloodstream?

i hear that you get early symptoms 2-6 weeks after being infected and
i have tiredness, diarrhea, lightheadness, muscle aches and pains

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by margieville, Jun 26, 2008
Slim and none. Urine is typically sterile (clean) and unless it was real bloody urine and you had an open cut on your privates the chances are 0%. HIV is typically NOT transmitted through urine. It is found in blood, semen, breast milk.  Acute onset of HIV infection is usually a rash on your chest & back, and flu-like symptoms. If you are concerned go see your doctor right away or go to a health clinic.  I hope this makes you feel better.

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 26, 2008
NO risk whatsoever.  HIV is not transmitted via urine, feces, tears, saliva, etc etc.

You are perfectly fine.

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by marcell20, Oct 14, 2011
Can u get hiv if u fell in the toilet blood and pee

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by sugar2142, Mar 31, 2015
can hiv enter your body of you are homeless and walk in diseased urine with the disease in it the feet the socks and the shoes were completely soaked with the diseased urine for 6 months help

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