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Husband abusive

Dec 30, 2009 - 1 comments



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My husband is extremely abusive today he wants to throw me out. He keeps telling me I am a disgusting person and no one likes me, he keeps yelling out that I am abusive and have attacked people. He is a cheater, adulterer, he has manipulated finances so that I have no rights whatsoever, if he feels like it he  can remove my ability to have any money by making one phone call to the bank.  Everything is in his name he says I have no rights and he can abuse me any time he likes, i am his fourth wife and he says if i tell anyone that he will make me suffer and he will tell so many lies about me no one will every speak to me again. I am kind of raving he keeps telling me I am crazy i imagine everything.  He says the most disgusting things to me and about me and then says he didnt say anything.  He calls me a filthy liar and a cheat in front of people and that I have thieved from our family.  He says he is a martyr putting up with my behavior and i should be grateful he hasnt thrown me out of the house.  He is a serial abuser, he lies, he spends money whenever he feels like it, he is a tireless charity worker people think he is wonderful. He is now commiting our home to exchange students accommodation, not saying anything to me and lying to his club saying that i have agreed to having them stay. He tells his club i am a rotten person who just wants to make other peoples lives miserable that he has such a bad time with such an erratic unstable wife.  We have a student with us at the moment I agreed to this one staying with us for three months.  He has been here now for three and a half months and will be here for another 4 weeks.  My husband tells me I am a filthy disgusting *****  because I do not want  this student here for another four weeks.  I have lost any privacy, it is demanded I do his washing, cooking, he requires a special diet, his cleaning, a large section of our home which was previously used for hobbies, storage, my sewing room, summer or winter clothes storage, my computer  has been given to the exchange student for his exclusive use.
He has his own private bathroom, his own loungeroom a separate bedroom and a small kitchen.  He is filthy.  He has dropped a cup of coffee on the carpet which is beige and left it there, the carpet is ruined, my husband says only a nasty ***** would complain about a poor exchange student.  This will be the third student he has forced upon me,
the last was here for a week or so and was bulimic, vomitted into plastic bags and left her dirty blood soaked tampons lying around on the floor.
I showed my husband her filthy messes he said i was just a *****.  Now he says I am just lying about the girl and hated her, she was lovely. If I try to leave I will have nothing not even 5 cents he monitors the bank account like a hawk he keeps telling people i am crazy and keeps telling me to pack my bags and leave but i cant have any money.
Then things will change I am the love of his life and his very best friend for a few weeks until he loses it again
I feel so very trapped. I am also partly disabled and unable to work.   I live in australia in an upper middle class suburb, abuse support doesnt seem too abundant.
I have been married to this man for 20 + years I used to think he loved me and had a funny way of showing it, he would tell me I am and was very important to him. His mother and sister and the previous wives and girlfriends are all dual personalities bordering on psychotic sociopaths, extremely, extremely nice and flattering to people who are useful to then and unbelievably, deviously destructive, and coldly and callously vicious to anyone who displeases them.   I experienced some of them and have spoken to many others who have come in contact with them and run a mile.  He believes people are just incredibly jealous of these monsters and they are really wonderful people because they suck up to him.  

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by hisscapgoat, Oct 24, 2010
oh my god this is my life.  i could of wrote this and would of said the same things you did. but that was 7 years ago . now it has another life and it was worse. get out, he will snap and it will look like its your fault. everything you said has happened to me. my name is victoria  im 48 years old, been married to joel for twentysix years for a total of 30.  

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