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Giving Up

Mar 26, 2015 - 0 comments

Ovarian Cysts






red hands


Burning hands


painful sex

Overall problems as of today:

     First experienced this type of rash on 10/28/2013 (thought it stemmed from Nyquil)
     Second very noticeable outbreak of this rash was 02/02/2015 (thought it stemmed
          from the Lamictal)
     Rash comes and goes often now (every one to three days)
     Has happened everyday starting from 03/20/15
     ER Visit on 03/26/15 indicated rash was an Allergic Reaction; was given prednisone
     Appearance: All over body, red, little macular dots, sometimes connected to look lacy,
          blotched/flushed skin, skin gets hot, sometimes skin gets itchy
     Rash is sometimes accompanied with itchiness, chest pains, fever, and headache

     Started recently (maybe three weeks ago from today 3/26/2015)
     Appears to only happen at night
     Hands first develop a numbing or tingling feeling (like it has fallen asleep)
     Hands then become a very deep red color (entire hand including palm, fingers,
          knuckles, and back of hand)
     Never reaches past the wrist
     Hands develop an allover intense burning sensation (more severe in fingers where
          it burns and tingles)
     When awake the next morning it is usually gone, but hands are swollen for a
          couple hours

Ovarian cyst/Endometriosis
     ER visit on 3/19/2015 after having intense pain in right pelvic area (after sex that
         morning with Dylan)
     Ultrasound revealed ovarian cyst in right ovary (hemorrhagic cyst)
     Pain still ongoing in waves of sharp intense pain (3/26/2015 -- one week later)
          right lower pelvic area
     Last period was 2/22/2015; expected period was 3/21/2015 (currently 6 days late)
     Experience pain (in ovaries) and cramping (lower pelvic area) while trying to poop,
          during sex (sudden sharp intense pain that feels like it fills the entire
          pelvic area, like it went in too deep and something was hit and its reaction was
          to send out pain to the entire uterus), and after sex (severe cramping-- similar
          to period cramping pain but with a lot more pressure and deeper which also fills
          the entire pelvic area) which is the worst pain and lasts the longest (hours).
          Sometimes, not often but sometimes, after sex genital area will be extremely
          painful (stinging, burning, itching, swollen, red); random sharp stabbing pain felt
          throughout the month in ovaries, more-so during ovulation and about to begin

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