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global warming

Dec 30, 2009 - 3 comments

global warming

just worried about, where is this world heading towards??what future are we expecting??there's no awareness in 3rd world countries yet, people there are living below poverty line, forget about flora and fauna even human beings are deprived of basic rights..Let's Pray from Almighty to make things better for us and generations coming afterwards..

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by simba1959, Jan 05, 2010
Tks that there is a God................ we just have to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel to keep sane.  Learn to be patient and tolerant..........  Lets be grateful for small mercies.

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by Stalingrad, Jan 07, 2010
You've solved my dilemna, I won't run today, so my body heat won't contribut to warming ;)

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by zara800, Jan 07, 2010
so sweet!!! wish every one thinks like u and i want this msg to be spread like a virus specially in my part of world where even protests are by burning tyres.. feel SORRY for my "Mother Nature" :-(

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