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tired of bleeding!

Dec 30, 2009 - 5 comments

Okay, so I already mentioned that my cycles have been out of whack - it's really getting annoying...  
12/20 - 12/24 Heavy spotting
12/24 - 12/26 Heavy flow
12/27  Medium flow
12/28 - 12/29 Light flow
12/30   Spotting

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by mborge023, Dec 30, 2009
wow bleeding for 10 days like that and all irregular and inconsistant like one day bleeding a lot the next day spotting, etc. Are you on birthcontrol at all or anything to change your hormones? Have you always had irregular periods? Could you possibly be pregnant? (unlikely) Also how old are you? Are you premenoposal at all? More information will help answer your question. thanks.

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by Hope_LS, Dec 31, 2009
I have been off of birth control for a couple of years now - we have been ttc.  I was doing some fertility treatments with hormones, clomid & injections, but decided mid October to take some time off.  My periods have been out of whack since.  I skipped my period in November, had one early in Dec, and then the one listed above .

I am 28 and I have been diagnosed with PCOS...  I think my body didn't know how to react to going off the hormones & treatments..  I am not sure, but that seems like the most likely to me...  I am just glad that today I did not bleed!  That really made my day!

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by ilovemyson23, Dec 31, 2009
\Wow 10 days Im sorry well mabey she is hitting you big cause shes gonna go away for 9

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by Hope_LS, Jan 02, 2010
The bleeding had finally stopped - then intercourse the night of  12/30 - and I've been spotting again yesterday and today... Seriously!?!

ilovemyson23 - I am really hoping that is what's going to happen!!  I am trying to stay positive! :)

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by Hope_LS, Jan 02, 2010
Oops, it was intercourse on 12/31...

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