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UPDATE...It is Sat & I am home!!!

Mar 28, 2015 - 7 comments

Hello my Friends. Most of you know my story for the past 2  and a half or more yrs. After those family losses so close together, I had to go through a lot of Heart Testing. I found out that some time in the past I had a small heart attack and I had two blocked arteries that lay over the Heart. 9 months ago I had seen a Dr out of town and he did put one stent in the artery that was 98% blocked. He told me I could be OK or I might still need the Bypass down the line.

After 9 months I went to a DR up here. He was really, really good and made me understand all of this better then any other. We did all the testing again from the ekg to the echo gram to the nuclear stress test. I did pass the stress test but he did see something different, that was done from the other Dr. WELL...

God Bless You Dr Jenkins in Sandpoint Id!!!

It pays to make sure you discuss everything with the Dr. I had him even call me back 2 days before I was to have the cath go up my 100% blocked one. We talked about all kinds of things and he explained to me why he wants to go up himself in my Heart. I made him promise me that he would not let me be in pain while I am there. After I go home I will be fine. I discussed all my concerns and he kept his promise.

This DR went WAY ABOVE & BEYOND his expertise. It took 2 and a half hours to try to get that one unblocked at the end just a little. He went behind, on top, on the bottom, he used dyes, different sizes of wires. As his team was telling him it is not going to work and pull out, he would NOT give up!!! He did get a small wire in but it would not push the balloon it would bend.He finally got a thicker wire that was able to push the balloon in and then he went further and further. He finally got a very large stent in. GOD BLESS ALL YOUR PRAYERS!! There is nothing better then the POWER of PRAYER!!!!!!!

So now I am Breathing better and my skin seems to be getting some better color in it. Our whole BODY needs OX so I am going to be just like a new person. I have been living with this disease for yrs and did not know because I was always jacked up on something.

I just stayed in the Light for all these yrs since I came clean. It was a very painful past from going through them losses, parents, friends and my Boy (whiteface) and others, to one heck of a detox to hitting a BAD mental in my 7th m all the way until my Brain Chems and such did flip back over and started to fire up. This did take a couple of yrs. I know 40yrs of using, even if it was off & on was enough to knock the brain out of whack.

I want to think ALL my MH Friends who have been with me all the way for Years..NOW it is all going to be good..I am going to be BORN AGAIN!!!

I want to put up a BIG PRAYER for our Lesa. This girl has seen more Darkness then anybody one this site!! My prayers our out to you LADY..I will get into your Journal soon..Have to rest, like I am sure you are


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4810126 tn?1503942735
by EvolverU, Mar 28, 2015
Thank you Dr. Jenkins of Sandpoint, ID!! (I'd like to nominate him for honorary-MH Hero of the Month! :)

'So now I am Breathing better and my skin seems to be getting some better color in it. Our whole BODY needs OX so I am going to be just like a new person.'

What an exhilirating gift this journal was! Hearing you like this is a joy. I'm so relieved & excited for you, Vic. I hope that this brings you added stamina, improved mood & better all-around health. Spring is here -- a perfect time to celebrate & explore that new you. :)

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by vicki595, Mar 28, 2015
Thank God and Dr. Jenkins!!  You sound good honey; thanks for checking in and I'm so relieved for you!  Love- NM Vic

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by 10356, Mar 28, 2015
I'm so Happy for you V !! I have been praying for you also and I'm just so thrilled that your Dr. Jenkins was so persistent !! I so look forward to your renewed strength and energy..
Thank you for the shout out my friend as always your words are very much appreciated. I wish nothing but health happiness and longevity for you V.. love with very tender hugs. lesa

242912 tn?1402543492
by Jade59, Mar 28, 2015
Oh Vicki, what Great News!!  You sound so good; so happy.  I am relieved to hear how well the procedure went.  Big hug to you!  XoXo

5986700 tn?1380791380
by spider6, Mar 28, 2015
On the edge of my seat....happy so happy for you! Wonderful j,  continued prayers warrior v. Hugs xo

6990909 tn?1435275816
by jugglin, Mar 28, 2015
So happy to hear that things went well - BETTER than well.  God was listening Miss Vic and was with you AND the Dr.  Rest.  Heal.  

6669309 tn?1462648142
by breezytoo, Mar 29, 2015
Happy news Vickie, we have to have our Vickie around here or things would NOT be the same. So happy that you are stitched, sewed, and stented up for ware. I got my stent in 2009 and I think you were there for me! Six  years later and I'm still doing fine so you have a good reason to be optimistic and I'm so glad honey! My co-worker at the time told me that he had nine stents in his heart and we were both still doing a pretty physical job. Keep us in tune Vic. God Bless and give you peace & continued happiness! Darla xo

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