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3 weeks after surgery follow up with surgeon

Jun 26, 2008 - 4 comments

after surgery

Hi everyone. I havent been online too much so i decided to get on and say hi and tell everyone how my doctors follow up went. I am happy to say that i got the patholagy results back from everything the doctor took out and no Cancer! I am so happy and blessed. I no longer have to follow up with the gyno/oncologist i now see my reg gyno doc two times a year and thats it. Its great news and i just had to share with you guys. I almost kissed the surgeon i was so happy!

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by TrudieC, Jun 26, 2008
Oh, Sweetie, such good news!!  You are so blessed and have so much to look forward to.  


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by Sharon2714, Jun 26, 2008
w00t wtg !!!
i hope to join u in the happy news club
may God speed ur recovery

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by Twilight_Princess, Jul 07, 2008
Hi Roshelle!

That is wonderful news!!!! Thank god!!! I have been thinking of you every day. I haven't been online much lately because we have been having daily thunderstorm threats - because of this heat :-(

I'll send you an email soon. I hope you are recovering nicely :-)

Love ya,

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by snoozies43, Jul 07, 2008
Hi Roshelle... :O)

So Glad all is good news!

I had this procedure done also. you will be on your feet in no time.

speedy recovery wishes!


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