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March 30, 2015

Mar 31, 2015 - 0 comments



consistant cough and wheezing


4 days after asthma attack

Feeling overall somewhat better. I had a couple episodes at work. One of which, I would cough and cough all the while upon breathing in trying to gain air. There was fluid that I completed against when breathing in. I would wheeze. I have been ridding of yellow phlegm at times. I took some puffs on the train with my last episode. When I went to breath in I noticed pain in my centre of chest like my chest felt sore or tight.I am at home and said another bit of cough and some wheezing upon breathing in feelng like I am competing with some mucous inside. I haven't had any atrovent tonight yet but will take my peak flow first. My peak flow is at 420. I had a few tries and this last reading was a hard attempt with my blowing and blowing for a moment. It tired me out a bit.

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