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Jun 27, 2008 - 6 comments

finally, the sun rase! i feel happy! after all the pain & confusion & fear! things seem to start change! YES, i am still not sure if i want to complete my study"" although i am sure,  i'll regret the whole life for leaving it . anyway, for the mean time i 'll leave it to the collage to decide: do they want my majesty or not. i think it may be difficult decision even to them. i have a mixture of all grades! my .. for this semester is bad! otherwise my academic performance is good! but never mind, there is always a hole to login!

I meet my old friends this week! sleep normaly! love lonewolf cats" although one of them seem aggressive" but all cats are violent from my point of view! decide to but a cat in my lab! unfortunately cannot find any cat a round!
oh, my ears  hurt! for almost a week now! maybe I’ll go to see a doc tomorrow!

going to the capital today! oh, one more thing, a  i registered for  a fitness course! It’ll start tomorrow!

love you all

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460185 tn?1326077772
by lonewolf07, Jun 27, 2008
I'm glad you are feeling some better.

Just a minor correction - You said you loved my cats although one of them seems to be aggressive.  Where did you get that idea.  One cat 23 yrs old and not aggressive; Icepick chases mice and is shy with people till he gets to know them and Anakin has no meanness in him at all.  Where did you get the idea that one was aggressive?

There seems to be a lot of bizarre and incorrect information about me.  I wonder who it's coming from.  I don't think it's Oman.

343243 tn?1273346704
by omanlover, Jun 27, 2008
hey wolf
it is becuase of your lovely cats, i decide to face my phobia!  i was talking about the picture! it is hard to watch cats! but your cats are so lovely, that i forgot my fear tell i over look at one of them when i get scarred! sorry i know you love your cats! i do not mean to harm you or any one of them! you know i love u!
i am really very sorry!

take care...sorry again

424549 tn?1308515502
by ParamedFlorena, Jun 27, 2008
Have a blessed week Oman! I hope your ears get better :-)

477048 tn?1215567947
by Dana626, Jul 08, 2008
I have four cats now ..wonder if it could have been the wolf!  My name is with the first three digits of my birthday.
Glad you like it......How is your ears?

343243 tn?1273346704
by omanlover, Jul 08, 2008
I am fine! thankyou for asking! ^.^

I really like it!  2 weeks ago I meet a beautiful girl called Dana. she is a senior student in my collage. She is "half Omani, half American as she said! " This make me wonder of the origin of this word!

You know  I found that in Arabic the word " dana" means:
"Depending on how you pronounced it "
1) the pearl entirely free of defects or impurities, which draws consider their beauty and quality.

2) things "or person" that is close to the eyes & heart.
It is used for both male, female & as   family name

but i could not find the origin?

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by gator145, Aug 07, 2008
Hey Oman,
Justa Gator.....  I like cats .... Stray cats.....    you can check them out right here....You may change your mind....      Hope you like em....PS  So good to hear from you......Gator......

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