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March 31st

Mar 31, 2015 - 0 comments










Today, I am worried sick because of two symptoms.

My clavicle's lymph nodes have been swollen for a week now and I looked online to see if I should go to the doctor. Maybe that was a mistake. But every site said: it should not be ignored. This is serious. It seems to me they are getting bigger. I fear lymphoma, CANCER, especially because I have lost hair and weight recently. I'm very tired too.

Today, I'm having new symptoms: sharp pains in my chest, back and arms. Maybe it's myocondria aka heart infection. I know somebody that died from it, he was 23.

My parents, back in France, are not concerned at all. They think I'm overreacting. Maybe I am. Maybe my lymph nodes are only lightly swollen and I'm making things worst by rubbing them. Maybe it's anxiety, once again.

I want to go see a doctor, but I have no car, and the whole language barrier is making it harder. I think I'm going to schedule an appointment tomorrow, though. I'm at the end of my rope. I don't want to die alone in a foreign country. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow.

Let's hope it's not Adieu,

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