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Day 1 of cold turkey

Jan 02, 2010 - 5 comments

It's was going pretty good ealier but now starting to feel the affects of no meds.  Having two young children is extremely difficult right now.  They do not make this process easy.  My nerves are shot and they do not understand what mommy is going through.  It is all worth it though!  Besides irratible, i am also tired, but don't want to sleep because then i know i will have sleeping issues later.  We will see.  My skin is starting to crawl a bit.  Just my nerves...i guess.  I do have some xanax.  But trying to get by without that and only take to help me sleep.  Really hate all this.  

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by brum317, Jan 02, 2010
what kind of problem are you going through?

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by jlb191, Jan 03, 2010
I have been addicted to oxy for about 8 months now.  At the end i was up to about 5 30mg pills a day.  I have been taking them every single day.  Living without them right now is tough.  I am doing better than expected today.  Don't get me wrong...i feel pretty crapy.  But I have managed to take a shower and straighten up the house a little bit.  My nerves where completely shot so I took a xanax earlier and that helped a bit.  I know some may not believe in this, but I do have ambien for a sleep aid.  I think the fact that I actually slept last night helped.  Thank you for asking.  I hope and pray to stay clean.  This is a big milestone.  In the past when I tried to quit, i would not make it more than 24 hours.  It has now been 34 hours!!!!!  Need to stay positive.  Came back to bed and haven't been out in a couple of hours.  Feel like i need to do something but don't really want to.  Thank you for asking about me.  Please keep me in your prayers.  Thx.  

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by moonshyne777, Jan 19, 2010
Your in my prayers. Having little kids does make it A LOT harder. We don't have the luxury of just sleeping it off and taking it easy. All the responsibilities are there and it can be overwhelming. Is there anyone who can come and stay with you for a week or two? I have a one and two year old so I know what its like. I am going cold turkey in a couple days and my grandmother had planned to come help me and stay for a week or so. Then yesterday she fell and hurt her knee really bad. It's very unsure right now whether she'll be able to come and help me out. When she hurt herself I felt so bad for her but at the same time my heart sank. Having her here to help me out with the kids and just be here for support and encouragement really gave me a lot of hope and now, well it looks like I'll be going it alone. I'm here for you and we'll beat this TOGETHER ok? Whenever you want to talk I'm here for you.

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by KelleyMack, Jan 26, 2010
Hey there!!!! Hang in there GIRL! I know, the kiddo's make it dang near impossible, did your Grandma come in to town? Stay tough, tell the pain and aggravation to BRING IT ON! Today is my 5th day, and I just can't tell you how great I feel. Even though I have a horrendous cold, I haven't felt this good in a LONG time. That lovely light at the end of the tunnel is in your grasp, freedom is on it's way! One minute at a time Sweeheart, breath through the moments, We are chearing you on!!!! :)

1182411 tn?1265321044
by KelleyMack, Jan 26, 2010
Oh no, I just read the rest of your post about your Grandma... Yeah, that's a bummer.  Is your hubby by any chance able to get some time off? Man, if you can get through this on your own, you are going to be my HERO! Just think what an inspiration to so many you are going to be. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

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