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One year later ....

Apr 01, 2015 - 1 comments



bipolar 2





Can't believe I wasn't here for a year....
I am completely different person now.
The therapy worked. It was hard, I cried an ocean but it worked. I spent 9 months with my psychologist. The result of it was a peace in my mind, rubbish out and all tidy and clean. The only thing I didn't know what to do with was my mother. I didn't feel I want to see her.I didn't want to get myself to dangerous situation and end up stressed and depressed. So I did nothing and waited. She has died on January 24th this year.
Her soul visited me before she died so we made it up and she could go in peace (pls note - I am not psychotic and never was. I am talking about real spiritual experience.) So she was happy and I am as well.

So I live normal life since I got Lamotrigine and went through the therapy. I mean normal - without anxiety attacks, depressions, crying all nights, being nasty and grumpy .. if you have bipolar 2 you have a picture.
None of this is a part of my life now. None, zero. Obviously I have my emotional moments, yeas I can be upset or even grumpy .. but not without a reason and not constantly for days ..
I am actually a nice person I always was but hidden in the fog of illness. Happy end ;)
There are many thoughts I could write here, hours of discussions .... but I don't feel like writing, it's just not important for some reason,. I am over it. I hope I will never ever get back to **** again.

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by Bubulous, Apr 01, 2015
It's not that it isn't important, you just have no reason to hold onto it because it seems you are looking forward to the future and not holding onto the past.  You should always remember and be proud of the work you did to get to this point because we can slip and depending on how far we let ourselves go, we could have to do it again.

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