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When we disappear it's a good sign - sometimes anyway...

Jun 27, 2008 - 0 comments




I have been feeling well lately, in other words I miss my friends on the Forum.  I think about them allot.  Even though they are just phantoms on my screen we have so much in common.

My journey on Med Help came after a bad bout of Anxiety - I came here for support and answers to my questions.  I got everything I needed, felt better and went on my way and I am feeling bad about it.  I have been checking in often to see what my friends are saying and doing and will continue to do so.

I was sooooo scared to start on Medication for my Anxiety - and when I did, the info & advice I received here was amazing.  I'm still taking my Zoloft, just a tiny dose now and plan on quitting soon, it really helped me through this rough time in my life.  My friends here taught me about addiction, side effects, withdrawals - things my Doc seemed to just shrug her shoulders about.  I was prescribed 3 different meds including the Zoloft and something in my gut said it was too much.  My friends here told me to "proceed with caution" and that was the best advice I have gotten in along time - Thanks.

Because of the Forum I have started painting again and it feels great.  I have gained a great tool for coping with my anxiety (which I have had all my life) and am so thankful.  It was a long hard winter and summer is here and it's so nice.  So for now I am enjoying feeling calm and centered, I know I will stumble again - the anxiety is in me and always will be so the Forum will remain on my Google tool Bar!  All in all I am still here and watching you all, hoping your journeys go smoothly.  Have a nice weekend my friends, you are appreciated!!

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