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Green Thumb?

Jan 03, 2010 - 4 comments










Okay, so this has NOTHING to do with having a baby. I just decided to re-pickup my houseplant growing. I figured it's something good to distract myself with. I used to have a philodendron plant that was about 15 years old. It was an amazing jungle. I think most of my family actually started their plants from the one I used to have. Three years ago my mother in law "plant-sat" for me for ONE week. I was excited to get my baby back, but VERY disappointed to see that she had SOMEHOW  killed it. After that I just couldn't even think about starting over.

Here three years later, I realized my lack of green plants is really bothersome. Since it's a new year I decided to start over. I went to Home Depot and got two Pothos plants. Overnight they wilted and almost completely died. According to the internet you cannot kill a pothos very easily. Go me. Must be karma?

Anyways, if anyone has any tips or wants to talk shrub with me, I'd love to hear from ladies! It's definitely something to distract from the whole TTC stress. And I really need some tips, my old philodendron was so tough I guess. I NEVER had a problem with that ol' girl. Now these two little things seem to not like me.

Any thoughts?

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by Heatherm4, Jan 03, 2010
Some plants have a difficult time with change of environment. Does Home Depot have a guarantee that if it dies after so many days you can take it back or anything?
I have tons of plants in my house. A house needs plants. They are actually good for you if they don't end up moldy. I have an african violet that a good friend of mine bought me. It was just a baby and now it's's a monster!! LOL My prob is that it get's little fruit flies living in it and I'm not sure how to get rid of them. They drive me crazy!!!

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by szw2008, Jan 03, 2010
Oh MAN fruit flies are the worst. Ha mine to come around for plants (obviously), but we ALWAYS have fresh fruit and our vegetable garden in the summer is HUUUUUUGE (we live in the country and own 40 acres) so we always have fruits and vegetables.

I'm not sure about a guarantee though. I'm going to call and ask. They were sort of wilted looking when I got them, but I thought I'd try to save them. I hate giving up on anything. One of them seems to be nice and strong, but the other I am seriously questioning. I don't know how it's going to turn out.

And I agree. A house does need plants. It's a necessity I had written off for too long!

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by MissClairee111, Mar 01, 2010
Hi Green Thumb! How are you plants doing. Don't give up. Try a different kind of plant. Get an indoor plant book and study!
You can do it Here are some tips I found on the i net good luck

Tips for Growing Pothos
What are the light requirements for pothos? The green variety can take low light, but the variegated ones prefer medium light. The variegated types will live in lower light, but their variegation may fade. Pothos can take bright light if necessary, but not direct sun- The leaves will scorch.

How much water do they need? Pothos plants prefer to dry out between waterings. Check the soil with your finger. If it is dry about an inch down, it is time to water.

Do they have any special temperature requirements? Pothos are comfortable in the same temperature range indoors as most people are. Just like us, they get a bit chilly below 60º and warm above 75º. During periods of time when the temperatures are higher than 75º, be sure to check soil moisture and try to raise the humidity.

Do Pothos need much humidity? They are not fussy about it, but they do not like it as dry as it usually is in our homes in winter. Mist them several times a week or keep the pot sitting on a humidity tray.

How much fertilizer do they require? Since they don't bloom and they grow slowly, pothos should be fed monthly with a liquid or water soluble plant food like Bachman's Excel Gro™ at half the recommended rate.

What type of soil do they prefer? Pothos prefer loam-based Bachman's Exceloam.

When should I repot my pothos? They seldom need repotting and the roots dislike disturbance. Repotting every other spring is enough. Be sure the drainage is good.

Will they need any grooming? Dust can build up on pothos leaves and should be removed. An occasional wipe with vegetable oil will help the leaves shine. Avoid commercial leafshine product.

1149221 tn?1304827966
by szw2008, Mar 03, 2010
Thanks for all the info! I have managed to not kill my two sprouts. I think I need to cut the two leafed one in two cuz it isn't growing anything. The single leafed start I cut has two new leafs sprouting out. I can't believe I haven't killed them!

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