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We announced our news...

Dec 25, 2009 - 2 comments





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and it went perfectly!  We waited until the afternoon when my parents, Johnny's parents & Johnny's brother were all there.  Johnny brought out a special present in a box for our 11yr old son to open in front of everyone, when he pulled off the lid inside were baby clothes & toys, he turned to us and said "Is this a joke?" at that moment my mother-in-law jumped up and shouted "Are you, are you really?" to which I replied yes and then everyone clicked and jumped out of their seats.  It was magic...there were tears all round!

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769638 tn?1285022287
by yroagirl, Jan 14, 2010
How exciting to share your news with family on Christmas day. I just found out my sister in law is due the same day as me with twins so it's a double celebration for us all.

1105276 tn?1279073678
by Jaydensmum, Jan 14, 2010
That's very exciting!!  It's great having cousins close in age!

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