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BACK HOME.....IN THE SNOW!!!!!!!!!

Dec 09, 2007 - 1 comments

I have been waiting for the snow forever now!!!  I'm back home pumped back up and feeling pretty damn good! Me, Jeff and the kids (and 2 wiener dogs) went out and played in the snow for most of the morning and we took lots of pictures!  This has been the best homecoming ever!!! I couldn't wait until i got on here to tell ya we finally got snow!! we were supposed to get the snow last weekend, but now it has been worth the wait! After being back in the hospital 2+ hours away from my family and then coming home to the snow, its like God answered my prayer! And i know he wanted a special homecoming for me too!!!!!   Sunny-i'm sending ya pictures at the other place!!!     We are putting up the tree and throughout the week i'll decorate the whole house. This is gonna be our best x-mas ever! We havn't been able to have x-mas like this at our home for the past couple years due to me being too sick or just had surgery so this year is gonna be soooo special for my kids!!!!  I just wanna scream right now!  I couldn't be happier!!  Theres really no words to describe what kinda man my husband is and the bond we have. He totally treats me like a queen but at the same time his best friend. We have the same VERY GROSS sense of humor, and we have everything in common i swear! I'm not bragging in a bad way i just really wanted to share that because i am bursting with joy right now!!!

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by Sunny602, Dec 09, 2007
Awww Pink!!!!! YOU'RE HOME!! You sound like the energizer bunny bit ya LOL! I am so happy you got your wish for snow...we got some too (along with freezing rain bleh!). It was nice to see the stuff wafting down from the skies from my lofty hospital room. Peaceful is a good way to describe it. You sound like you have alot to do....where to begin, oh where to begin LOL! I can feel your happiness from here....finally a break for you. You deserve it my buddy!! I checked my mail, it keeps showing a red x and no pic..gahhh!! Try attatching them as a file, I can then open them up that way. That works all of the time with me. Give your family huge hugs for me (don't forget yourself too!!). and for God's sake, enjoy that snow!!! Will chat soon :) Love, Sunny :)

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